Photograph provided by Chris Waits

by Bonnie Joy Flamm, Interior Designer, 949.706.3379

Sometimes the answer does not boil down to remodel or move. Rather, now that the kids are gone, you may just want to “repurpose” your existing rooms. Here are some helpful hints when you want to adjust to a new life style.

1. Turn a bedroom into a hobby space. This doesn’t mean you have to get rid of everything the room once represented; It just means adding some work space and storage room for the hobby you have always wanted to pursue but for the lack of time (and space).

2. Turn a bedroom into an office for a new business venture. Built-ins are a welcome and cost effective solution. Remember the “Murphy” bed? They have come a long way, so turn that old bedroom into one that has a dual (re)purpose.

3. Turn the old dining room into something elegant and modern with one wall devoted to your love of wine. Buy a smaller table with a wine theme and paint the wine wall with “chalk board ” paint. Now you have a truly repurposed space that your guests will envy for your creativity!

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