Photograph provided by zigazou76

by Bonnie Joy Flamm, Interior Designer @

You’ve long heard the term, “the devil’s in the details” but what does that really mean? In the world of interior design, its the details that can transform  your room from blah to beautiful.  Here are some tips.

Style: make your room’s style reflects your true wishes, whether it’s modern or traditional or a combination of the two, decide upon this all important detail before you redecorate;

Lighting: make sure to include fixtures that just create ambiance, like decorative sconces;

Furniture: consider the proportions of your furniture by paying attention to the scale of the room;

Floors: use a hard flooring and then add a detailed area rug for drama;

Windows: floor to ceiling treatments with color and texture equals drama!

Finishing touches: formal moldings, artwork (consider a special piece of sculpture like the one pictured) and ornate candlesticks are all details that will do the trick to turn your room into something spectacular.