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Photograph provided by Simon Law

by Bonnie Joy Flamm

One of the most imaginative design themes I have done involved the use of a circle theme. This particular couple had acquired an unusual piece of artwork that consisted of circles, and it gave them an idea for the rest of their house. That’s when I was asked to step in with my own ideas.

Some of the circles I used are the most obvious: decorative plates and circular hardware and knobs on the cabinetry. But the more interesting was the semi-circular white leather couch with a coordinating ottoman used an a “coffee table.” Then I added circular pillows for a “retro” feel.

But the most interesting circular detail turned out to be architectural: I replaced a major window in the living room with one that is completely round. This not only added to the uniqueness of the circular theme but added a whole lot of drama as well. P.S Don’t forget to use the circle theme in the lighting (as in the picture).