By Bonnie Joy Flamm

Photo provided by Chuck Cocker

If your idea of a “lighting plan” still consists of an incandescent light bulb, think again. Not only are these types of bulbs a thing of the past, they do nothing to set the ambiance or aid in the tasks required of your rooms. Here are the three basic tenants of a good lighting plan.

First, there is the obvious “general” lighting, which is also referred to as “ambient” lighting. This is the major source of light which illuminates your room and consists of both natural light from windows, doors and skylights as well as ceiling, table and floor lamps.

More intricate lighting comes from”task” and “accent” lighting. Task lighting is mainly functional and is usually the most concentrated for purposes of reading, inspection and function (i.e., cutting vegetables or slicing bread). Accent lighting is mainly decorative, whether it is used to highlight artwork, plants or simply to create a “mood.” Sconces are an ideal form of accent lighting and can be used in virtually any room of your house. Remember, proper use of accent lighting can make or break a room!