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Second Story Addition Cost Calculator Questions and Answers

Q.   Are second story additions better than ground level additions?

second story addition cost calculator

Trusses for second story addition

A.  Second story additions and ground level additions each have their advantages and disadvantages.  The most significant problem with ground level additions is that they take space away from your yard. This may not be a problem if you live on an acre lot – but if you lot is only 5,000 square feet – building a second story addition has its advantages.   The most significant problem(s!) with building a second story addition is that it is difficult to live in your home during the work and you will need a staircase to access the second story which wastes 100 to 200 square feet of floor space and is not ideal for people wanting an accessible home.

Q.  Are second story additions more or less expensive than ground floor additions?

A.  The quick answer is they are more expensive.  Their is the cost and wasted space of the stairs – with stairs you have to build an extra 100 to 200 square feet of addition to get the same useable space when compared to a ground floor addition.  There is also the cost of the structure to support the second story and if you live in hurricane or earthquake country the cost can be significant.  There are some cost savings as well but most people build a second story and pay the extra cost to save the yard from being built over and the different look that a second story addition gives to the home.