second story addition cost

second story addition

Question: Should i do a second story addition or is it better to just do a ground level addition of a bathroom and 2 bedrooms and a small family room?

Answer: A second story addition has a lot of tradeoffs when compared to a ground floor addition. The good things about a second story addition – it really changes the look of a house. it saves the yard, it can save the cost of building a new addition. The bad things about a second story addition – the cost and space of the stair case can be high, a new or reinforced foundation may be required and often a second story addition is more disruptive than a ground floor addition and may require you move out of the house. is a free online calcultor that can estimate the cost of adding a 2nd story to give you an idea of the cost so you can decide if it is feasible for you


Second story home additions are a great way to make your home better fit your needs, change the look and style of your home and keep your hard intact.  2nd story home additions or creating a split level home from your single level home is a design challenge since the fundamental floor plans of 2 story homes are different than single story.  A typical 2 story home usually has the living space on the 1st floor and the bedrooms on the 2nd floor.  In contrast a single story home has the living space and bedrooms on the first floor.  So the challenge is how to rearrange the floor plan so it works?

The next challenge with second story additions is the location and cost of the staircase.  You will likely need to dedicate 70 or more square feet on BOTH the upper and lower floors to accommodate the stairs in a 2nd storey addition.  Stairs seem simple but are difficult to build and to finish with flooring and railings.  These difficulties and the space they take up increase significantly the cost of a second story addition.