Should I Remodel?  Have you asked that?
Should I Remodel? is the first and maybe the most important question you should ask when considering remodeling.  Remodeling isnt for everyone.  Find out instantly if remodeling is the right choice for you. Our Should You Remodel? Calculator will ask you a series of questions about your likes, dislikes and goals and then provide you an answer.

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What is your goal?

Improve my home and quality of life – and also have the home value increase
Mostly as an investment – improve my home so it will appreciate substantially
Live in my dream house regardless of cost


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Should I Remodel?

A:  Unless you love the process or are a real estate investor who knows you will make a profit from remodeling a home then Should I remodel is a good question to ask.  It is not a

simple answer and you should consider both the emotional and financial aspects of the decision.  You should not only consider your answer to the Should I Remodel questions but others in your household as well who will be affected by the changes.


Q: Should I Remodel? What should I consider before deciding?

A: There are several important considerations.  Both financial and emotional.  Starting with the financial side of the decision.  This does not mean that financial aspects of the should I remodel questions are more important but we had to start the answer with one of the two! Consider carefully the NET cost of remodeling versus the NET cost of doing nothing or moving or your other options.  NET cost is the cost of what you pay to buy materials and have the work done minus the amount your home could appreciate due to a remodel.  The NET cost of a move is the additional cost of a home, the extra costs of property taxes, etc. Subtract from this the additional amount the new home could appreciate versus the old.   Finally when you ask yourself should I remodel doing nothing – not remodeling and not moving is an option.  This often is the decision that is the best from a financial point of view – but you have to consider the emotional as well.

On the emotional side of the question Should I Remodel are issues such as the stress of making so many decisions, dealing with the interruptions to daily routine for many weeks and possibly months and having to work with strangers and let them into your home on a daily basis.  None of these are trivial and for many people they are deal breakers and if any or all of these make remodeling too stressful or uncomfortable than remodeling may not be for you.


Q: Need help deciding if you should?

A: Try the should i remodel calculator consider your options and make the best decision to remodel or to move or may be do nothing.

Q: How the Remodeling Cost Calculators Work?

A: The remodeling cost calculator combines both methods to provide an estimate. The calculators use your location to estimate labor costs, your preferences for types of materials and fixtures as well as how much work you would like to do. Choosing economy, average or expensive materials for your remodel has a big impact on the overall costs for building your home. Use the Whole House Remodeling Cost calculator to get a quick estimate of the range to build your home.
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10 tips to start your Home Remodel right!

  • Determine your budget using a home remodeling cost estimator
  • Search, save, and share design ideas using the IdeaFile
  • Hire an interior designer to review your needs and your homes current condition and get their advice and design ideas
  • Update design and budget as necessary
  • If your hiring a general contractor begin interviewing – interview at least 5
  • If you DIY, check with the local government to see if a permit is required.
  • After talking with contractors – write out a detailed specification for your project.
  • If you DIY, begin looking for tradespeople and sub-contrators to do the work you won’t do.
  • Review quotes and do background and reference check on contractors and create a contract
  • Sign contract and begin work!

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