Steel Door Adds Value to Home

Door Adds Value to Home

An article in USA Today lists 8 home projects that add value to a home includes “installing a steel front door”. Really?  My house that is worth $300,000 is going to be worth $301,000 if i pay someone $1000 to install a new steel front door?  First – most homeowners can not tell the difference between a steel, fiberglass or wood front door that is painted and in good condition.  So whatever door you have it should be in a good condition.  Second – a new front door is going to help the value of your home zero if the rest of the curb appeal is unattractive.  The front door is just a small, but important, part of your homes curb appeal.  Your home needs to have exterior surfaces that are in good condition – brick, paint, siding etc.  The landscaping and walk to the front door needs to be neat, The outside and inside of the entry needs to be in good condition – steel door or whatever – and appropriate for your home.

So will a  new steel door add value to home?  It depends on what you are replacing – but the door itself is just a small part of the entire curb appeal of your house so if you are looking to maximize the value of your home you have to look at the key portions of a house and make sure they look good.  The key areas are curb appeal, entry, kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom.  If these all look good you can slide a bit on the other rooms and areas and still get top dollar for your house.  If anyone of these are a mess, need repair or have visible problems the value of your home will take a significant hit

The original article is from USA Today –