by Bonnie Joy Designs

This season, serpentine shapes are slithering their way from the fashion world into home decorating. So move over jewelry design, shoes, handbags and belts, and bring the undulating curves of a snake  into your home decor. Here are a few tips on how to “up the ante” by using this fanciful reptile.

First, find a new area rug which features looping, scaly coils on a dark gray background to add underneath your coffee table. But don’t stop there as this will say, I like DRAMA in any room you add it to.

Next, find a “snakeskin” fabric, like the black and white one pictured here, and add this in a small amount for the most dramatic effect.

Do you dare to show off your creativity with a snakeskin seat? Of course you do! So take a clue from the photograph above and reupholster that old stool in your bathroom. Just one small “coat” of the snakeskin-style will add  jet-set glamour to your entire room.

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