garage window needing shade

There are different options for creating shade for a window.

by Janet Akers


In the house that I am living, there is a large window in the garage.  It works really well for letting in light and because it faces due west, the sun warms the garage up nicely in the winter.  In the summer, however, the sun can send the interior temperatures sky high.  There are honeycomb shades mounted on the inside of the window, but they don’t block most of the heat.  So I have been thinking about different ways to create shade for a window from the outside.  Whatever I come up with will have meet two objectives.  First, I want something that will allow the sun to come through in the winter.  Second, I want to keep the costs low because I am renting the place.


I have found several options.  There are different kinds of exterior shades I could mount under the eaves.  Roller shades could be pulled up in the winter months so that the sun would shine through.  However, when they are down I’d have to secure the bottom so that they wouldn’t blow in the wind.  While functional, I’m not sure that they would add much to the look of the exterior.


Another thing I thought of was a plant of some sort.  First to come to mind was a smallish tree or a large bush – something that would be just slightly higher than the bottom of the roof when full grown.  (Don’t want leaves in the gutter!)  A deciduous plant would ensure that no leaves block the window in the winter.  My problem with this is that it may take a few years for the plant to gain enough size to shade the window.


sunflower-846995_640What I think I have finally settled on is planting a row of tall sunflowers a few feet in front of the window.   Some varieties can  12′ or taller.  They will grow quickly and since they are annuals, will die back in the fall to leave the space in front of the window open.  The sunflowers will add bright green and yellow to this dull looking space, with the addition of providing sunflower seeds in the fall.  A win all the way around!