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Organizing Your Kitchen Remodel

by Bonnie Joy Flamm, Interior Designer 949.706.3379

So, you have decided to remodel your kitchen and plan on a modern, sleek design. What comes next? Organization in three main phases!

Sink/Cutting Center

Let’s say that you are going to […]

“There is No Place like Home”

by Bonnie Joy, Interior Designer and CAPS 949.706.3379

They are not just cliches: “There is No Place Like Home,” “I want to go home,” and “It feels like Home,” are all sentiments with more than a grain of truth to […]

Top Three Trends for 2013

by Bonnie Joy Flamm, Interior Designer and CAPS (949)706.3379

Here are my “Top Three Trends” in Home Design and Remodeling for 2013:

1. Counter tops: Move over granite! Quartz is on its way to replace the proverbial kitchen favorite. Unlike […]

Black is Back!

By Bonnie Joy Flamm  www,

The color “Black” has received a black name in the last few years  – but its been over-exaggerated — and I am happy to tell you that, black is back.

A few […]

Kitchen Remodeling

At the top of the wish-list for most homeowners is the desire to remodel their kitchen.

It’s easy to see why; kitchens are the heart of any home. This is where we create elaborate meals for […]

Remodeling a Garage to a Room

by Dan Fritschen

When an additional room is needed many people choose to convert their garage into a living space. The advantage of using this space is that you can save money and effort. The garage […]