There are a lot of shocked faces when the first discussions about the cost to remodel come up in most

island kitchen crown molding

Consider all of the variables to get the most accurate estimate of the cost of your remodel. Photo provided by J. Sarter

households. And for good reason. Why is it possible that new homes are built by the thousands for under $100,000 TOTAL and remodeling a kitchen in some parts of the country cost nearly that all by themselves.

The answer comes down to economonics and you – the homeonwer. When a builder develops property and builds 10, 20 or even 100 homes it is all about efficiency – getting the homes built fast and there is little to slow the builder down. There are few “suprises” compared to a home remodel. Also there is no homeowner that changes their mind or otherwise slows the process down. New home construction is optimized for cost effectiveness.

On the other hand home remodeling is optimized for homeowner satisfaction. I am sure homeowners agree that their satisfaction, within reason, is more important than money. Because of that and the risks and overhead cost and unpredictability of remodeling – home remodeling costs a lot more than building a new home.
There are many ways for homeowners to control costs – and that is a blog for another day.