Photograph provided by Jude Doyland

By Bonnie Joy Flamm @

A “focal point” attracts interest and attention to any room and can be manufactured or natural.

Accent Wall: The focal point can be one wall of a room that is painted a striking color, like a vibrant red or it could be a wall with a fountain on it.  Any major work of art will also act as a focal point in any room.

The Fireplace: A fireplace is not just a focal point —  it can be a necessity for the warmth in a room. It is also a commanding architectural detail. A fireplace also adds a romantic interest to the living room, family room or bedroom.

The View: The view out of any room is a natural focal point. The view adds drama, light and has a stunning visual impact. Whether it’s a body of water, a mountain or twinkling lights, the view is one of the most sought after attributes of any home.