Photograph and Data supplied by Ken Dychtwald

Photograph and Data supplied by Ken Dychtwald

by Bonnie Joy Designs, Interior Designer

As this chart shows, throughout most of human history people did not age, they just died.

Now that has changed; the majority of Baby Boomers — and even their parents — are living to ages not attainable only a few decades ago.  Accordingly, many of them are choosing to Age-in-Place, by making targeted modifications (remodeling) their homes so that they do not have to move.

But there is also a large and growing number – currently about 1.2 million households — that are choosing to move to 55+ communities. This data is significant because by next year – 2014 – the Baby Boomers will represent one-quarter of the population of the entire United States! This will greatly impact the choices available in the housing market, putting more pressure on industry leaders to address this growing demographic.

In fact, the Baby Boomer’s influence on the housing market has been profound for the last 30 years, and they will continue to have a huge impact on trends in housing for the mature market as they move towards retirement.

All of these statistics lead to an inevitable conclusion: the primary driver of the home-selling market is no longer the domain of first-time buyers, but maturing Baby Boomers as well.   This fact alone will redefine the traditional notion of the housing market.

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