Photograph by Lewes

by Bonnie Flamm, Interior Designer @949.706.3379

If you really want a “new view” and remodeling or  moving is simply not a viable option, maybe it’s time to think of buying a small, cozy vacation home. With interest rates at historic lows and vacation homes more affordable than in years past, more people are thinking about this option.

Buying a second home can be enjoyable on so many levels. Not only will you get a second home, but you can opt to rent it out when you are not there. This is especially appealing in this economy because a weeks stay in a vacation home is much more affordable over a hotel for the same amount of time.

And, as the owner, renting out your second home for about three months out of the year could cover your mortgage for the entire year!

Be realistic when decorating your vacation home. Simple, refined furnishings should suffice,  especially if you also plan to rent it out. Have fun with this new venture and enjoy your new surroundings!

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