Photograph by Kevin Shorter

by Bonnie Joy Designs, Home Stager and Interior Designer

If you have decided to move, rather than remodel your home, it has to look its best in order to stand out in front of the competition. The practice of home staging – where you hire a professional Home Stager to redecorate your home – has become very popular in the last few years.

And with good reason!

A well staged home can bring the price up by as much as 10 to 15%. But if you don’t want to hire a professional stager there are several things you can do yourself.

1. Unclutter: make your home look “white-glove clean.”

2. Place furniture, art, plants and lighting carefully and thoughtfully, for its ability to enhance the look of each room.

3. Stand in the doorway and ask yourself, does every object invite you – and your potential buyer – to enter the room? Once inside, will they feel “at home?”

Make the answer a resounding “yes!” in order to sell your home quickly.

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