traditional home decoration

Photograph provided by Lenny Santamaria

by Bonnie Joy Designs,

Gracious and inviting, “traditional” home decorating remains the most popular style of design in the United States, despite being at the peak of its popularity in the early 20th century. Traditional style offers warmth and classical comfort – what many remember from their childhood homes.

But for the uninformed, traditional design can be equated with “stodgy,” “boring” and even “uninteresting” design. In-other-words, nothing to get excited about…

So what can you do to update your traditional living room?

For starters, never forget that traditional design still reflects fine woodworking, craftsmanship and graceful lines. However, the modern interpretation suggests a more relaxed, less formal style. Most importantly, “matchy-matchy” is out of style!

Instead, “mix things up” with a clever combination of old elements and features of modern design. Notice the cool ottoman in the picture above, with a different upholstery pattern than the ones on the chairs and pillows. Once you achieve this look, the essence of your traditional home will be preserved and updated!

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