Photograph by Craig Bishopp

by Bonnie Joy

Want to show off when you remodel your master bathroom? One of the best places to let technology run wild is in a new shower. Larger, more sculpted, and chock-full of futuristic knobs and sprays, the shower has gone beyond the traditional stall and the old, practical shower-and-tub arrangement.

For true luxury, nothing beats the walk-in shower with frameless glass doors. Bigger, and more an area of the bathroom rather than a separate enclosure, the walk-in shower opens up the space for more function than just showering.

How about installing a steamer and a fogless mirror? Bingo! You now have the perfect shave, in a beard-softening atmosphere.

Walk-in showers also have a very practical aspect for the Baby Boomer population that wants to Age-In-Place, as these types of showers are so much easier to get in and out of. Elegance has never been so downright practical!

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