Photograph by FuLinHyu

by Bonnie Joy Designs,

“Knock…knock…” Who’s There? “This old House!”

Unfortunately, this joke is not very funny, as we might agree that our homes may have lost their luster over the years. We just “get used to” seeing the same old furniture; and things that used to shine, now look a bit dated and tarnished.

We may do little about it because it would just cost so much money to update everything at the same time.

However, there are some wonderful tips to overcome this dilemma which are affordable if you are willing to supply a little bit of “elbow grease”and creativity.

1. Bring your old wood  furniture back to life with repair sticks. There are no excuses anymore, as there are so many color and tones to choose from.

2. Add new curtain rods and finials to your rooms. You will simply be stunned at how easy this is for you to do. Even more impressive is how beautiful this budget-friendly “trick” works!

3. Add a new shade to your lamp. Chances are, that old lamp shade has faded over the years, so update your look and show some pizazz with a new shade…

These three little tips will make a big difference in your home-life!

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