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Get an instant cost estimate to remodel your entire house. Just answer a few questions below about your home, your remodeling plans and where you live and the calculator will give you an estimate of the cost to remodel instantly.




Frequently Asked Questions:



Questions:  How do Home Addition Cost Calculators work?

Answer:   Home addition cost calculators are great tools to get an initial – quick estimate for your remodeling and home addition projects.  The calculator here on www.remodelormove.com uses your home location, your material preference, the size and types of rooms you will be adding or remodeling and how much work you plan to do yourself to calculate an estimate of the cost to build your home addition.

Question: Are Home Addition Cost Calculators accurate?

Answer:  They are accurate enough for their purpose which is to quickly and easily give homeowners a remodel cost estimate with minimal information.  If you are considering remodeling it is very frustrating to try and start the process without even an idea of how much it will cost and most importantly how your decisions on design, materials and who you hire impact the cost to remodel.


Question:  Can’t I just use cost per square foot and calculate my remodel that way?

Answer:  Yes you can use remodeling cost per square foot to calculate the cost of your renovation.  But what cost per square foot are you going to use?  Professional remodelers estimate all the time based on cost per square foot but they adjust the cost per square foot by the room – for example kitchen, bathrooms, basements and garages all have different cost per square foot costs.  Then they adjust the cost per square foot again by the type of materials and finishes you are requesting.  Then the professional remodelers continue to adjust the cost per square foot based on how busy they are, how much of the work they and their employees can do and how much they have to subcontract out and how busy their are with other work.  As you can see cost per square foot is a great tool IF you know how to use it.  For most homeowners it is not the right place to start to get a remodel cost or home addition cost estimate.  Instead use the home addition cost calculators on this site which use cost per project methodologies and adjust automatically to your preferences for design, materials and location.

9 Responses to Whole House Remodel Calculator

  1. sid457 says:

    Does anyone have any insight into how accurate the remodel cost estimator is?

    • These calculators are accurate based on the very little information you input. Compared to a quote based on a design and provided by an experience builder the quotes from these calculators are just typical remodeling costs.

  2. Robert says:

    Just putting this out there – does anyone have experience and can tell me remodeling costs per square foot in the SF bay area? We’re looking at a kitchen remodel with cost not including countertops, cabinets and appliances…we’re pushing out two walls and adding 650 sq. ft.

  3. Costs per square foot for a kitchen in the bay area can range from $250 to over $1000 per square foot. The big range comes from the many components to a kitchen remodel – appliances, countertops, cabinets. If you go high end for all of these then the price can certainly be $1,000 a square foot. On the other hand – just adding the 650 square feet could be done for as little as $200 a square foot IF it is only the basic structure. Foundation, floor, walls and roof. Sorry that it is such a big range- but you will need to create some pretty detailed plans including specifications on what materials you want to get a good estimate

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