The whole house calculator gives an instant remodel and renovation cost in seconds.  Remodeling a Kitchen? Adding a Bathroom or adding a second story addition – the whole house remodel cost calculator is a a great tool to get an estimate and create a budget.


Remodel Whole House and Second Story Addition Cost Estimate and Calculator

Whole House Calculator Questions and Answers

Whole House Calculator

Whole House Remodel Costs


Q: What rooms can I include in the cost estimate from the whole house calculator?

A: The Whole House Calculator can include the costs of Kitchens, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Family Rooms, Home Offices and Garages. Multi of each rooms can be calculated so you can get an estimate to remodel your kitchen and add a 2nd story which includes a bedroom, a bathroom and a family room.


Q: Is the whole house calculator accurate?

A: It is very accurate based on the information you are able to provide.  The calculate uses advanced algorithms and regional data and data you provide to generate an estimate of the cost to remodel your whole house.  The goal of this calculator is not to provide a hard estimate of the cost to remodel nor it is to replace a quote from a qualified builder or contractor after the plans for your remodel are done.  The goal of this whole house calculator is to provide an easy, private, free way to homeowners to get a ballpark estimate of the cost to remodel which is better than the common “that’ll cost ya $200 a square foot” number that is often used.


Q. Is a ground floor or second story addition better?

A:  A ground floor addition and a second story addition have a lot in common but there are some differences.  A second story addition will change the appearance of a home, require almost 100 square feet of floor space to accommodate the stair case plus a second story addition provides a view and saves some of the yard.  A ground floor home addition is often less disruptive – you may not have to move out of your house, is sometimes less expensive per square foot, is better for people and families that do not like or can not climb stairs.


Question: Cost to remodel a home?

Answer:  The whole house renovation cost estimator will provide an estimate of the cost to remodel home based on the 4 cost whole house renovation cost drivers: Where your home is located, who will do the work, the design of your whole house and the materials you will use will impact the cost to gut and redo a house.