Are rubber backed rugs OK for hardwood floors?

Yes, but not for all floor types. It depends on the finish of your hardwood floors.

Can you put a rug on hardwood floors?

It’s not recommended to put an area rug on hardwood floors because it can cause the floor to age prematurely.

Do cotton rugs damage hardwood floors?

Cotton rugs can damage hardwood floors over time. The fibers in the rug can act like sandpaper and wear down the finish on the floor.

Are latex backed rugs safe for luxury vinyl plank flooring?

Latex backed rugs are not generally recommended for luxury vinyl plank flooring, as the latex can cause the vinyl to deteriorate over time. If you must use a latex backed rug on your luxury vinyl plank flooring, be sure to use a rug pad designed specifically for vinyl flooring to protect the flooring from damage.

Is it OK to use rubber backed rugs on vinyl plank flooring?

It is generally not recommended to use rubber-backed rugs on vinyl plank flooring, as they can potentially damage the flooring material.

What should you not put on a hardwood floor?

Ahardwood floor should not be cleaned with water or other liquids.

How do you protect hardwood floors from rugs?

You protect hardwood floors from rugs by placing them on top of the hardwood floors.

How do professionals clean area rugs?

Most professionals will clean an area rug by vacuuming it first and then using a Rug Doctor to shampoo it.

How do I maintain my hardwood floors naturally?

Vacuum or sweep them regularly to remove dirt and debris. Place mats at all entrances to your home to help keep dirt and grit from being tracked in. Use furniture pads under all legs of furniture to prevent scratches. And be sure to clean up any spills quickly to prevent staining.

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