Top 13 Asian Decoration Ideas for Inspiring Your House Design

Asian Decoration Ideas

Asian-style decoration is an excellent choice of interior decoration that reminds us of the serene and peaceful ambiance of the culture and elegance of the Eastern part of the world. It is a perfect combination of beauty, nature, calm and includes all the styles of Japan, China, and India, but more importantly, the oriental designs of the ancient Eastern world.

Today, Asian decoration ideas are used both at home as interior and outdoor garden designs, and also on special occasions such as wedding ceremonies, family get-together, house parties, and so on. What would capture your attention most about the modern-day Asian decoration designs is that you can now add a touch of contemporary ideas to personalize your design to suit your taste, and it doesn’t even matter whether you are Asian or not.

Below Asian decoration ideas are awesome for you.

Why Asian Decoration Ideas?

Everyone loves the feeling of calm, coziness, and peace of mind that they get when they get back home after a long day at work. Imagine the perfect bliss that comes with getting home to shove off all the stress at work. Asian decoration ideas give you much more! With a unique appeal on the eyes, the Asian decoration designs give your home a special outlook right from the garden or your compound down to your bedroom. On the outside, Asian decoration designs give you the perfect serenity that comes with nature. If you’re a plant lover, the Asian decoration ideas will make you connect specially to the earth, and will form a good spot for meditation with all the green leaves and nature giving you comfort and keeping you company.

Why Asian Decoration Ideas

In the same vein, the Asian interior decorations are perfect for deep rest. Right from your sitting room to your bedroom, these interior designs connect deep to your soul and make you feel welcome and refreshed each time you’re at home. I have always loved to use the Asian decoration designs in my home, and I change the theme from time to time to make my entire apartment feel renewed. Whether you are interested in simple classic Asian decoration ideas or the really exotic ones, you will find DIY ideas and a guide to help you in this article. Asian decorations require attention, precision, and care so that you don’t blow it out of proportion and overdo it or make it look odd.

Exterior Asian Decoration Ideas

Exterior Asian Decoration Ideas

Nature, a calming pool, an optional wooden bridge or low steps and an Asian bell are some of the elements that combine to give you an incredible Asian-style garden. You could leave a wind bell at the entrance of your home to make you feel welcome each time you get back. Green plants, flowers and trees are a great combination to give your exterior design the appearance of a calming nature. Having a pool or water bowl around the garden completes the tranquility of an Asian-style exterior design. If your garden is small, you could use a simple well-cut lawn to usher you into your home instead of wooden beams.

Interior Asian Decoration Idea

Interior Asian Decoration Idea

While the exterior Asian-style decoration does a good job of connecting you to nature and reigniting your love for nature and plants especially, the interior Asian-style decoration helps you feel grounded and at peace with yourself and others, and they are also extremely elegant. Here are some guides and ideas as you DIY your own interior Asian decoration design.

The modern Oriental interior design is a way of creating a perfect balance between the new and the old. If you feel that the really Ancient Asian designs are too outdated for you, the modern Oriental design makes the interior of your home sit well in-between new and old, thereby combining all the suitable styles and beauty to suit your taste.

A Cool Background Color of Asian Decoration

Cool Background Color of Asian Decoration

As a rule of thumb, do not make your Oriental design too flashy. A background curtain with cream color or white does the job excellently well. In fact, if you’re brazen enough, you could choose to paint your interior completely with a select cool color. If you must use shiny colors, whine, gold, and light blue will serve. The background colors in your apartment will affect how well the other decorative items will look.

Use Asian Panels or Artwork

Use Asian Panels

Artworks are a major component of the Asian interior decorations. You should dot your apartment with artifice and artwork of Asian origin. Depending on your preference, you could use small statues of Buddha, figurines or even beautiful paintings of ancient Asian temples or places give your apartment the presence of Ancient Asia. You could leave the statues at strategic positions in your home such as the shelf, at a corner around your living room, and so on.

Incorporate Nature in your Asian Decoration Design

feng shui home ideas

Your interior modern Oriental interior design is never complete without the presence of nature. Nature is an important part of a perfect Asian-style decoration because it combines with other elements to give you a serene atmosphere. Nature, in this regard, must appeal to both sight and smell.

For sight, beautiful flower vases, potted plants, and shrubs are very helpful here. In some cases, some people use well-organized bamboo sticks, but just in case your apartment isn’t too big, you could leave it at tall plants. Position these plants and green shrubs at obvious spots in your home, at the base of your bed in your bedroom, right beside the TV area in the sitting room, or even between couches. The greenness injects life into your home.

For the smell of nature, you could use scented candles and sandalwood incense to level up the nature aroma already provided by the plants.

Use Minimalist Designs and leave room for space!

minimalist japanese living

An amazing modern Oriental interior decoration design is never over-packed. This style is influenced especially by Japanese culture. Never cluster your modern Oriental interior. As a matter of fact, space is a very important component here because it gives you ample room to breathe and enjoy the atmosphere created by your interior design. It also helps you to be able to keep a perfect blend between all the decorative items and elements you’ve introduced. Keep your designs minimal and spaced. If it gets too much, it would lose its beauty.

Decorate with Asian-style Furniture

Decorate with Asian-style Furniture

In addition to the rule of minimalist designs, your furniture shouldn’t be typically low, comfortable, and should blend with your cool background color Your bed, cushion chairs, stools, and other related furniture especially in the living room, bedroom, and dining room if you like, should align with the ancient Eastern world. Keeping them low and cozy gives you a lay-back relaxation when you sit in them. Plus, your furniture could be wooden or made from mattresses. They just have to give you comfort.

Create Balance and Harmony with your Style

Create Balance and Harmony

Creating harmony with your Oriental decoration is as important as the design itself! At every point in time when you have to make decisions relating to textures, colors, elements, etc., make sure they’re well blended and balanced. All of your decorative items should work together to create a unified whole. Your blinds, artworks, colors, sofas, glass partitions, and other related items must be connected in one way or the other. This why cool colors are always recommendable; they blend easily.

Fusion of Styles

Fusion of Styles of Asian Decoration

No, an Oriental interior design is never monotonous and boring. It allows you the opportunity to test out your creativity and preferences. What’s more? You can try out one or two styles together, and still have a great, cool design that suits you well and makes your home a good place to host friends, family, and colleagues at work. You could choose to blend the minimalist Japanese concept with the Chinese grand design and still get a beautiful Oriental interior design for your apartment.

Sculptural Lighting, Candles and Paper Lanterns

Sculptural Lighting

Your Asian-style decoration wouldn’t be complete without lighting. Illumination is a big part of the Asian culture, and your Asian interior design shouldn’t lack it. The best part is that your lighting doesn’t have to be expensive. Simple paper lanterns and candles are excellent choices if you’re watching your budget. Otherwise, you could try out the sculptural lighting. Sculptural lighting looks very much like the modern chandelier and they have a way of making your home look radiant. A sculptural lighting system hanging over your dining table or hanging in your living room adds a touch of completeness to your Asian decor.

Introduce Strong Elements

Introduce Strong Elements

I like to recommend the use of strong elements in Asian-style decoration designs. Apart from the colors it adds to the apartment, it puts your personality as confident and affirmative. In addition to the lighting, you could choose to inject the water element into your design. If you have a pool, it is an excellent idea to leave elements of nature such as live plants in vases and pots, as well as candles around the pool. At night, the lights will be reflected in the pool to give off a calming atmosphere. If you’re low on budget, you could try out large and small bowls. Fill wide ceramic or concrete bowls with water and leave them around the entrance to your apartment. On the other hand, you may also use small bowls and put them at strategic points in your home. Remember to empty and refill the bowls from time to time to regain the freshness.

Try out an Ornamental Wind Bell

Try out an Ornamental Wind Bell

Mind you, your ornamental Oriental bell doesn’t have to be too big especially if you plan to use them indoors. You could get small steady ones, designed specifically to fit into your choice of interior design. Otherwise, you could leave a big one somewhere around the main entrance. Note that the bell should be just ornamental, and not necessarily made to ding.

Asian-style Bedroom and Living Room

Fabulous Orange Bedroom Decorating Ideas And Designs intended for Chinese Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Much of the design that goes into your interior design applies to both the bedroom and the living room as much as every other aspect of your home. However, your living is where you not only step into when you’re back home but also where you receive your guests. So, you might want to infuse a little more of Zen elements of your taste to personalize your living room Asian look. As for your bedroom, I specifically like to recommend lush Oriental rugs that feel good on the feet. You could also use strong Japanese hues to brighten the room. Finally, blend your rug design with the other elements in the bedroom, and you would have for yourself a perfect Asian style bedroom decor.

Asian Decoration FAQs

1. What is the Asian decoration wall style?

What is the Asian decoration wall style

Designing your Asian-style decoration wall could follow different patterns. You could choose to leave your wall with one simple cool color, or go ahead to design it with wall arts, artistic paints as well as prints and handmade painting of your choice. Some persons go the extent of leaving plants such as bamboo leaves hanging from their wall, or just placing a tall green plant in a vase close to the wall to add color to it. The creative choice is all yours to make!

2. How long does it take to DIY an Asian-style decoration?

This is very relative, and it depends on several factors such as the size of your apartment, choice of design, and the extent you want to go to beautify your apartment. For some, collecting the decor elements may be more time-consuming than the design itself. A simple design could take you about 2 to 3 hours while a more complex Asian-style decoration could take you a few days.

3. What should you pay more attention to when decorating?

There are several factors you should put your heart to while doing your Asian-style decorations, ranging from the hue to the blends of your design. However, I like to emphasize that irrespective of what design you choose, ensure there is perfect harmony. Most importantly, always ask yourself if you’re satisfied with the decor. Remember that the Modern Oriental decoration is meant to add peace and tranquility to your life apart from the beauty it offers. Make sure you feel at peace with any element you’ve used in your home decoration.


Asian decoration ideas are pretty awesome designs for anyone in any part of the world, whether you’re Asian or not. You will find the modern oriental interior designs very useful for all of your indoor activities, ranging from friends get-together to family reunion to a house party with your colleagues. More so, you can never run out of ideas with Asian-style decorations. In addition to the Asian decoration ideas suggested in this articles, you can personalize your own ideas. Allow your creativity flow freely, and you will be amazed at how beautiful your apartment will look at the end of the day.

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