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Fitting Your Blue Kitchen Cabinet into Your Kitchen Decor

It is not uncommon for the uninitiated to hold on to the belief that blue and kitchens do not go together. However, set your eyes on the serene tranquility of any batch of choice wood kitchen cabinetry with a soothing blue finish, and you will join us in vehemently arguing to the contrary.

When done right, a blue kitchen cabinet does not stand out strangely. Instead, the color brings muted accents to the decor that adds laid back feeling of relaxation to all your adventures with new food recipes.

Are you due for a much-needed kitchen upgrade? Or do you want to spice up your kitchen in time for the new year? Now maybe the perfect time to take the plunge and grab that piece of blue for your kitchen that you have always wanted.

In addition to making for great conversation starters in open-style kitchens, the blue in these cabinetry promotes a calm and peaceful mode in the home. Moreover, several studies agree that the color blue is the perfect stress-relieving color, and it helps to ease tension and lower blood pressure.

However, blue is not all magic, and you still have to pick the perfect cabinets for your kitchen before you can derive any aesthetic or mental benefits.


Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinet for Your Kitchen

Whether you are selecting a blue kitchen cabinet or another color, there are several other elements you must consider the select the perfect unit for your kitchen. Here are some factors to consider when picking the cabinets for your kitchen remodeling project.

1. Wood Type

Irrespective of how good a setup looks, a cabinet is only as good as its wood type. The type of wood used in the kitchen cabinet determines its durability, classiness, as well as how much weight the unit can support without contorting.

The wood finish will also affect the required maintenance and cleaning process, so figure out how much time you can dedicate to keeping the cabinet in order before pulling the trigger.

If you are relatively inexperienced with wood selection, you can easily defer to an experienced kitchen decorator for advice.

2. Cabinet Door Profile and Style

The cabinet door is the most visible part of the cabinet, and it is consequently the most important part of the unit when it comes to aesthetic. To ensure that your new blue kitchen cabinet matches the mood, take time to select a model that corresponds to your home ambiance.

When choosing cabinet doors, options available to you include contemporary looks like the recessed mitter design, or you can opt for a more classic design like the raised arch, one that mimics Renaissance architecture.


Alternatively, you can pick options like the recessed square that offer more of a middle ground hybrid design, or go full futuristic with the in-your-face slab doors.

Furthermore, another factor to consider is the style of the cabinet door. However, the prices of cabinet door styles vary wildly, and your budget can severely limit the options you have available to you.

3. Functionality

Lastly, your blue kitchen cabinet only becomes the right one for your kitchen if it serves all your home storage needs. The right kitchen cabinet has to balance aesthetics with functionality. After deciding on the style you want for your unit, next ensure that the kitchen cabinet has the right combination of drawers, shelves, and countertop space to match how you use your kitchen.

4. Space

You can only work with a cabinet that fits. Hence, before purchasing a unit, ensure that it meets the allotted space you have for kitchen cabinets in your kitchen setup. Furthermore, you want a kitchen cabinet that maximized every inch of kitchen space you allocate to it by offering you the most optimal storage capabilities

5. Color

The shade your kitchen cabinet comes in can make or break your kitchen aesthetic. Bright colors can lighten up your kitchen, but they can also be risque and hard to match. Similarly, dull colors are safe and comfortable to match options, but you also run the risk of ending up with a bland, lifeless ambiance.

This is where blue stands out. Since blue is a vibrant color, it can often add a touch of life and personality to any room. This is especially true of cooking spaces, which can typically become a sea of neutral tones with bland appliances and kitchenware. However, with several hundreds of blue shades to choose from, you must take care to select the perfect option for you.


Picking the Right Shade of Blue

You can get several shades of blue from the darker end of the spectrum like navy blue up to extremely light shades like baby blue. Hence, with blue, you have a wide range of options that can bring different types of personality to your kitchen.

The shade of blue you pick should depend on the style and mood of your cooking space. Shades of blue on the darker end like navy blue can create a luxurious presence that is hard to ignore. On the other hand, the lighter shades like cadet blue and celestial blue can create an airy, relaxed feel.

Alternatively, you can opt for the middle of the pack options like Persian blue or denim blue, or opt for one of the more unique touches like Nile blue and purple navy.

Fitting Your Blue Kitchen Cabinet into Your Kitchen Decor

The only way to get your blue kitchen cabinets to fit right is to match them with the appropriate complementary colors that will accentuate your kitchen aesthetic. Since many of the shades of blue are relatively muted, you can often mix and match them with a wide range of colors. However, the key here, like with any other colorwork, is moderation.

The most traditional way to implement blue cabinetry in your kitchen is to contrast it with grey, off white, or other similar colors. This color combination pays tribute to the natural color blend of grey clouds in a blue sky. The colors in this mix blend smoothly without overshadowing each other or the rest of your kitchen decor, and leaving your cooking space look like a taste of heaven.


Alternatively, you can create a more vivid contrast by pairing duller iterations of the blue like navy blue or deep blue with bright colors like cream and yellow or with the white of marble countertops or wood-browns.



With blue, the possibilities are endless. Other popular combinations include baby blue or rustic blue and white, teal and cream, and cobalt and silver.



However, be careful not to overdo blue, especially the darker shades, as they can easily overwhelm your kitchen and give your cooking space a dull melancholy vibe.

Best Blue Kitchen Cabinets

1. OP18-PP02 Traditional Style Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinet


If you are looking for a traditional blue kitchen set that reeks of royalty, no kitchen cabinet does it better than the OP18-PP02 from OPPIEN. This feature-rich cabinet set sports a calming navy-blue finish that creates an elegant, tranquil kitchen aesthetic.

With the OP18-PP02, the cozy navy blue finish contrasts nicely with a high-quality granite top that completes the traditional look. In line with the brand’s preference for quality materials, the granite top contains up to 90% quartz and ranks a 6.0 on the Mohs hardness scale. The top is also stain-resistant, resistant to chemical products, non-porous, and extremely heat resistant.

OPPIEN does not skim on the quality of the wooden parts of the cabinet, either. The particleboard doors are free from heavy metals and are completely food safe. Durability-wise, the doors feature a BLUM Hinge that is rated for up to 50 years of continuous use and up to 200,000 open and close cycles.

The ball-bearing slide and the hanging brackets are from HETTICH, a trademark of high-quality construction. The ball-bearing slide gives the door a soft, satisfying closing, while the sturdy hanging brackets can bear up to 65kg weight.

The entire unit is easy to set up and adjust, and a straightforward concealed assembly lets you complete the installation process without the need for any extra room.

Furthermore, like with other OPPEIN products, you can fully customize the styles, sizes, and shapes of all aspects of the unit.

2. OP17-M04 Blue UV and White Wood Kitchen Cabinet


If you would instead opt for a more contemporary, even futuristic clean design, the OP17-M04 is the complete game-changer for your kitchen. This unique set combines a Blue ultraviolet lacquer with a white wood grain to create an instantly welcoming feel.

The relaxing architecture of the OP17-M04 is excellent for open kitchens as the unique blend of colors makes this kitchen cabinet perfect for setting a homely mood. The matte melamine blue surfaces contrast nicely with the fine-grained white wood for an exquisite finish.

Quality-wise, the unit is stable. The HETTICH ball-bearing slides that allow the doors close in a smooth, satisfying motion, while the hanging brackets are sturdy enough to support up to 60kg. Furthermore, the included BLUM hinge is another mark of supreme durability as it guarantees up to 50 years of use thanks to being tested by the company with 200,000 cycles of opens and closes.

Also, the unit features a straightforward concealed assembly that limits the amount of space needed for the installation process. Plus, the OP17-M04 is easy to set up and should typically take less than an hour.

Like with their other units, OPPEIN allows full customization on the OP17-M04 that lets you adjust the size, shape, and styles of the unit’s components.

3. PLCC18051 Transitional Style Blue Kitchen Cabinet



Whether its fashion, architecture, or home decor, the look of the 21st Century has been to go against the grain. Hence, it is no surprise that transitional style kitchen cabinets like the PLCC18051 are coming into vogue of recent.

A transitional style kitchen stands out thanks to its different setup and the many different directions you can take the finish. Furthermore, a well thought out transitional unit is timeless because it is one of a kind and does not stay strictly in the box of one particular era. The timelessness factor is where the PLCC18051 stands out.

This light blue kitchen cabinet is a simple one-color piece, complete with a minimalist setup and elegant square cabinet knobs. The serene mood of the materials creates a natural balance that gives your kitchen a clean, uncluttered, yet inviting feel. The muted looks and the clean lines make the PLCC18051 a truly unique piece that will fit in any home aesthetic, whether classic, contemporary or any hybrid setup.

The fixtures on the PLCC18051 are also on point as it features parts from quality brands like HETTICH and BLUM. The hinges for each cabinet door is a BLUM hinge that can last for up to 200,000 cycles, while the HETTICH hanging brackets are suitable for up to 65kg of added weight.

The unit is super easy to install, and the concealed assembly means that you do not have to factor in any additional space when setting up the kitchen cabinet.