Can a BBQ be under a gazebo?

Yes, a BBQ can be placed under a gazebo so long as the gazebo is properly ventilated. If the gazebo is not properly ventilated, the BBQ can cause the gazebo to catch on fire.

Can you put a gazebo over a grill?

Yes, you can.

Can you put a BBQ under a pergola?

You can put a BBQ under a pergola, but you will need to make sure that the pergola is properly ventilated so that the smoke can escape.

How much clearance do you need above a BBQ?

You should have at least 30 inches of clearance above your BBQ.

Is it safe to BBQ on a covered porch?

No. It is not safe to BBQ on a covered porch.

How far does BBQ need to be from house?

This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on the type of BBQ, the size of the house, and the wind conditions. You will need to experiment to find the ideal distance.

Can a gas grill be used under a covered patio?

A gas grill can typically be used under a covered patio as long as there is proper ventilation.

Is it safe to grill under a canopy?

It is safe to grill under a canopy as long as the canopy is made of flame retardant material.

How close to to the house can you be with a BBQ?

Typically, you should have your BBQ at least 3 metres away from your house.

How far from a wall should a BBQ be?

3 feet

Where should bbq be placed?

Traditionally, BBQs are placed outdoors in well-ventilated areas away from buildings and flammable materials.

Where should I put my grill outside?

It is best to grill outside on a flat surface away from the house.

What causes gas grill to explode?

But the most common is a build-up of propane or other flammable gas in the grill. This can happen if the grill is not properly ventilated, or if there is a leak in the gas line. Other causes include improper lighting of the grill, or using charcoal briquettes instead of propane.

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