Can a bedside table be lower than the bed?

A bedside table can be lower than the bed, but it is not ideal. It is better to have a bedside table that is the same height as the bed or slightly higher. This way, you can easily reach items on the table without having to strain.

What is the standard height of a nightstand?

The standard height of a nightstand is 24 inches.

What should be the height of bedside table?

20 inches

How do you raise a short nightstand?

There are a few ways to raise a short nightstand. One way is to use furniture risers or blocks. Another way is to use books or magazines to prop up the nightstand.

Should my nightstand match my bed?

It is not necessary for your nightstand to match your bed, but they can complement each other if they are the same style.

Are end tables and nightstands the same height?

End tables and nightstands are generally the same height. They may vary slightly in height, but not by much.

Do nightstand lamps have to match?

It is not necessary for nightstand lamps to match.

What to do when you don’t have a nightstand?

If you don’t have a nightstand, you can use a small table, a stack of books, or even a milk crate. Get creative!

Are bedside tables necessary?

No, but they can be convenient. Bedside tables can provide a place to put a lamp, alarm clock, or other items.

Can you use side tables as nightstands?

Side tables can work as nightstands, but they might be a little small. You might want to get a nightstand that is a little taller so you can reach it easily from your bed.

What’s the difference between a bedside table and a nightstand?

There is no difference between a bedside table and a nightstand. Both terms can be used interchangeably.

What do you use side tables for?

Side tables are most commonly used as small end tables next to a couch or armchair. They can be used to hold a drink, a lamp, or a decorative item.

What is table next to bed called?

The table next to bed is called bedside table.

What can I do with an extra bedside table?

One option for an extra bedside table is to use it as a nightstand in another room of the house. Alternatively, the table can be repurposed as a small end table or accent table in another area. Another idea is to use the table as extra storage space in a kitchen, bathroom, or mudroom.

Where should I put my nightstand?

Your nightstand should be placed next to your bed, on the side that is most convenient for you to reach.

What should I keep next to my bed?

Water, a book, and a lamp.

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