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Can a seller deny a refund Mercari?

Yes, a seller can deny a refund on Mercari as long as they have a valid reason to do so. According to Mercari’s Refund Policy page, in order for a seller to deny a refund, they must have a written justification stating why the item did not meet their expectations or why the item was not as described in their listing.

Furthermore, the seller must provide photos or video evidence to prove the item is in the same condition as when it was sold. Sellers are also allowed to offer a partial refund or exchange the item instead of a full refund.

If a seller denies a refund without a valid reason, then Mercari will look into the issue and decide if the seller is liable for a refund.

Can you get your money back if you get scammed on Mercari?

Yes, you can usually get your money back if you get scammed on Mercari. Mercari’s user agreement states that if the seller does not send the item after payment, or sends an item that was not promised, the buyer may request a refund from Mercari.

If you have experienced a scam on Mercari, you should reach out to Mercari’s customer service team for assistance. To do this, log into the Mercari app and select “Customer Support” from the App Menu.

You will then be prompted to fill out a form with details about your issue and submit the form to Mercari’s customer service team. The team will reach out to you with instructions on how to proceed and may issue you a refund depending on the circumstances.

Additionally, you can usually ask your payment provider, such as PayPal or Apple Pay, to investigate fraudulent activity and help you get a refund.

What happens if a buyer requests a return on Mercari?

If a buyer requests a return on Mercari, the return process will depend on the return policy set by the seller. Some sellers may offer free returns within a certain period of time, and other sellers may offer a money-back guarantee.

Buyers should contact the seller directly for questions about their return policy.

If the item is eligible for return, the buyer can create a return request in their Mercari account. The return request will include information about the specific item the buyer would like to return and the reason for returning.

The seller will then have 48 hours to either accept or reject the return request, or if after 48 hours a decision has not been made, the return request will be automatically accepted.

Once the return request is accepted, the seller will provide instructions to the buyer on how to get the item back to them. Typically, the buyer will need to package the item up with all original parts and accessories and ship it back to the seller with either the original shipping carrier or one of their choice.

The seller will cover the return shipping costs if the return policy specifies that.

Once the item is returned and accepted by the seller, the buyer will receive their refund in 3-5 days. If you have any additional questions about returns on Mercari, please reach out to our customer service team.

How long does seller have to accept return Mercari?

Collectively, Mercari and its sellers must adhere to the Return and Cancellation Policy outlined by Mercari. This policy states that all sellers must notify a buyer of their intent to accept or deny a return within three (3) business days of receiving a buyer’s request to return an item.

After this three day period has passed, the seller will then have an additional seven (7) business days to issue a full refund for any item classified as “returnable. ” Buyers should check their local laws and regulations, as the timeframe for returns may differ from state to state.

Who pays for returns on Mercari?

When an item is returned on Mercari, it is up to the buyer to pay the return shipping cost, unless the item was not as described. The buyer is responsible for the cost of the return shipping regardless of the reason for the return, unless the item was not accurately described or the item damaged or broken during the original shipment.

The seller has two options when it comes to return shipping: they can either pay for the return shipping (or part of it) upfront, or they can offer only a store credit or partial refund. If a seller decides to pay for return shipping upfront, they will cover this cost and they can state this in the listing description.

If a buyer has a legitimate return reason, the buyer is responsible for the cost of return shipping when sending the item back. If a buyer does not have a valid return reason, then the buyer may have to bear the cost of return shipping when sending the item back.

It is important for both buyers and sellers to read through Mercari’s returns policy as this outlines what is and isn’t covered when it comes to return shipping costs. Ultimately, Mercari does not pay for return shipping.

Are sellers protected on Mercari?

Yes, sellers on Mercari are protected. Mercari’s Seller Protection guards you against any unauthorized purchases or chargebacks. As a seller, you are protected from liability, provided that you are following the platform’s policies and guidelines.

Mercari also offers a 14-day return policy with an item return guarantee. This allows you to get your money back should a buyer return an item and you cannot find another qualified buyer for it. Additionally, each item sold on Mercari is insured up to $2,000 so you can rest assured that your items are fully covered.

What happens if seller doesn’t ship Mercari?

If a seller does not ship an item purchased through Mercari, the buyer can contact Mercari’s customer service team for assistance. Mercari will review the case and may refund the buyer’s money using the original method of payment.

Mercari also has a dispute resolution process that both the buyer and seller can use if they cannot agree on a resolution; this process is managed by Mercari’s dispute resolution department. In addition, if a seller fails to ship an item they are liable for a fee of up to $200 as provided in Mercari’s terms and conditions.

Depending on the nature of the dispute, they may also face other penalties, such as having their account suspended or a permanent ban from the platform. It is important to note that the safety and convenience of the buyer is a priority for Mercari and the company works diligently to ensure that any disputes are resolved in the best interests of both parties.

Is it possible to get scammed on Mercari?

Yes, it is possible to get scammed on Mercari. Many of the sellers on the platform are honest, but some may be dishonest. Scams may involve sellers not sending items after receiving payment, charging more than the listed price, or sending items that are different than what they advertised.

To avoid being scammed, buyers should always make sure they do their research before buying, only pay through the Mercari website, read the descriptions and reviews carefully, and be aware of the risks that come with buying online.

Additionally, buyers should contact the seller with any questions and review any payment or shipping instructions closely.

How long does it take for a Mercari refund?

The amount of time it takes for a Mercari refund to process depends on a few factors, such as the method of payment and the bank or payment processor involved. On average, most Mercari refunds are processed within 4-7 business days after the buyer has initiated the return request.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the payment processor or bank may take longer to process refunds, and the refund may take as long as 15 business days. If you’re still waiting for your refund after 15 business days, you should reach out to Mercari customer service for assistance.

Is Mercari safe?

Yes, Mercari is a safe online marketplace. The company has taken measures to protect its customers, such as using secure checkout and payment systems, requiring users to confirm their identity before listing items, and having a dedicated anti-fraud team to monitor suspicious activity.

Mercari also provides safety tips to protect against fraudulent activities and promote secure buying and selling. In addition, if customers have any questions or concerns, they can contact Mercari’s customer support team.

With these measures, customers can feel confident and secure when selling or buying items on Mercari.

Can you sue Mercari?

Yes, you can sue Mercari. If you have been wrongfully treated or have suffered damages at the hands of Mercari, then you can potentially sue them. This could be due to an outrageous breach of contract, or if Mercari has engaged in deceptive or fraudulent business practices.

If a seller or buyer has suffered monetary losses, emotional distress, or physical harm due to Mercari’s negligence, then they may also be entitled to file a lawsuit. Before filing a lawsuit against Mercari, it is important to speak to an experienced attorney in order to understand your rights and determine if a legal claim is the best course of action.

Additionally, knowing precisely how the dispute must proceed, according to the policies and laws of Mercari, is essential.

How do you get free shipping on Mercari?

The easiest way to get free shipping on Mercari is by using a Mercari promo code. Mercari promo codes are released periodically, usually during certain times of the year or after large shopping holidays.

When you enter the promo code during checkout, you will be able to get free shipping on your order.

Another way to get free shipping on Mercari is by joining their loyalty program. With the loyalty program, you will get a variety of benefits like free shipping for orders over a certain amount. You can join by downloading the Mercari app, creating an account, and then opting in to the loyalty program.

Finally, you can sometimes get free shipping by checking in with the Mercari coupon page. This page features a variety of coupons and discounts that can help you save money on shipping. This is a great option to make sure you don’t miss out on any great deals!.

Is it cheaper to ship on your own Mercari?

The cost of shipping your items on Mercari depends on a variety of factors such as the item size, weight and shipping location. In general, however, shipping items on Mercari is likely to be cheaper than other shipping options due to Mercari’s discounted offers and discounts for buying postage within the platform.

Furthermore, Mercari offers free in-app shipping labels and they give sellers access to discounted ‘Buyer Protection’ shipping rates. This means that sellers can ship items quicker, more cheaply and with more protection then with other carriers.

Additionally, all sellers can access another discounted option, ‘Economy Shipping’, which provides a flat rate for each item shipped, regardless of weight or size. This option is perfect for sellers who want to ship multiple items in one package and can save them a considerable amount in the long run.

Ultimately, shipping on Mercari can be very economical when taking these offers into account.

Which app is better poshmark or Mercari?

It really depends on your individual needs and preferences. Poshmark and Mercari are both popular apps for buying and selling second-hand items, so it is difficult to determine which one is definitively ‘better. ‘.

Poshmark is the more social of the two platforms, with users able to post their favorite looks and follow one another. It is also known for its speedy delivery and wide selection of items, while still offering a more curated, boutique-like experience.

Mercari, on the other hand, is known for its more cost-effective deals and plethora of clothing items (used and new). Despite its larger selection, it lacks the personal touch that Poshmark offers and has a more traditional marketplace experience.

Ultimately, the decision to go with one over the other should come down to your individual needs and preferences. For example, if you are looking for a large selection of items, then Mercari might be right for you.

But if you are looking for a more personalized, petite shopping experience, then Poshmark might be the better fit.

How trustworthy is Mercari?

Mercari is a very trustworthy ecommerce platform. It has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, meaning they have an established track record of providing reliable customer service. The platform employs a variety of security measures that ensure both buyers and sellers are protected.

All purchases and payments are made securely by a third party online payment system, PayPal. Additionally, Mercari has an authentication system that verifies the legitimacy of items being listed on the platform.

All items are inspected and the authenticity is verified, providing buyers with an extra layer of security. Lastly, Mercari offers buyer and seller protection, to help resolve any issues that may arise.

All of these measures help to make Mercari a secure and reliable platform for users.

How do I report a buyer on Mercari?

If you need to report a buyer on Mercari, you can do so by following these steps:

1. Log in to the Mercari mobile app.

2. Go to the “Orders” section.

3. Select the order you need to report.

4. Tap the “Report” button on the conversation page.

5. Select a category that’s most appropriate for your reported buyer.

6. Enter a brief description of why you are reporting the buyer.

7. Tap “Submit.”

Once you submit the report, Mercari will investigate the buyer’s behavior and take the appropriate action based on their terms and conditions. Please be sure to read the Mercari Terms and Conditions, as some reported buyer behaviors may not be considered violations and will not result in action taken.

How does Mercari work for buyers?

Mercari is an online marketplace that makes it easy for buyers to purchase new and used items. When you visit Mercari, you’ll see items for sale in a range of categories, including clothing, electronics, home and garden, hobbies, makeup, and more.

You can search for items directly, or filter by specific criteria including price, category, and condition of the item.

Once you find an item you like, you can click on it to read a detailed description from the seller, including listed features, buyer ratings, and condition notes. If you have any questions about the item, you can also contact the seller directly for more information.

After you decide to purchase, Mercari handles all payment processing, including secure credit and debit card payments, as well as PayPal.

When you buy an item on Mercari, you have the option of getting it shipped to you, or picking it up locally. If you choose the shipping option, Mercari will provide tracking information to follow the item until it arrives.

When the item arrives, you can mark it as received and Mercari will send payment to the seller. You’ll also have access to Mercari’s customer support team if you have any questions or issues throughout the purchase process.