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Can I delete photos on phone after uploading to Amazon photos?

Yes, you can delete photos from your phone after they have been uploaded to Amazon Photos. When you upload a photo, Amazon will make a copy of it and store it in their cloud storage system. This means that your original photo will remain on your phone and you can delete it without affecting the copy in Amazon’s server.

However, if you want to remove the copy stored in Amazon Photos, you will need to delete it manually from the Amazon Photos app or website. After deleting it, the photo will remain in your Amazon Photos Trash folder until you clear it.

If you don’t want the original photo on your phone anymore, you can delete it at any time.

Does Amazon photos automatically sync from iPhone?

Yes, Amazon Photos can automatically sync photos from your iPhone. With the Amazon Photos app, you can easily upload photos and videos to Amazon Photos from your stationery computer or iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Your photos and videos will automatically sync from your device to the cloud, so you can access them anytime, anywhere. You can also set up auto-save to automatically upload newly taken photos and videos, so you can free up space on your device for more memories.

Additionally, you can share photos to family and friends and keep them up to date with your memories.

Is it safe to store photos in Amazon photos?

Yes, it is safe to store photos in Amazon Photos. Amazon Photos offers secure storage with end-to-end encryption, so your photos remain private and secure. It also allows you to access your photos from any device, including your phone, tablet, or computer.

With Amazon Photos, your photos are always backed up and protected in Amazon’s secure data centers, so you can be sure your precious memories are always safe. Additionally, Amazon Photos makes it easy to organize and find photos with its intuitive search and cloud-based tagging features.

You can even share photos and collaborate on albums with family and friends.

What happens to my Amazon photos if I cancel Prime?

If you decide to cancel your Amazon Prime subscription, you will still be able to access your Amazon photos. However, their accessibility will be limited. When you cancel your Prime membership, you will still be able to view and download any photos that are already stored in your Amazon Photos library.

However, you will no longer be able to upload additional photos to the service. If you have any photos that have not been uploaded yet, it is advisable to do so before cancelling your Prime membership.

It is also important to note that if you have shared albums, you will no longer be able to participate in these albums once your Prime subscription has ended. Additionally, if you have set up automated backups or if you have an Amazon Drive account connected to your Amazon Photos account, these backups and cloud storage options will be discontinued once you cancel your Prime subscription.

Who can see my Amazon photos?

The privacy settings for your Amazon photos are determined by the account used to upload them. If the photos were uploaded using your Amazon account, only you and anyone you have specifically shared the photos with will be able to see them.

If you’ve shared a photo album with another account, that user will be able to view photos contained in that album. If the photos were uploaded using an account associated with your Amazon Household, family members in that household will also be able to view them.

Amazon Prime Photos allows you to share photos with up to five people or devices affiliated with your Amazon Prime membership. Any user associated with those accounts will also be able to view them. You can change the privacy settings for photos uploaded to Amazon Prime Photos at any time by choosing to “make private” or “make public. ”.

Where is the safest place to store photos?

The safest place to store photos is in a cloud-based platform such as Google Photos, Dropbox, Apple iCloud, or Microsoft OneDrive. These services provide secure storage for your photos, with automatic backup and encryption for greater protection of your photos.

Cloud storage is also more convenient than other methods, as it can easily be accessed from any device with internet access. For added protection, you can also create additional layers of security, such as two-factor authentication or a password-protected access.

Additionally, all of these services offer free basic plans with limited storage, so they can be especially useful for those who need to store photos but have a limited budget.

Can photos be stolen from cloud?

Yes, it is possible for someone to steal photos from the cloud. The cloud is a great way to store photos and other data, but it also can put your data at risk for theft if it isn’t properly secured. Hackers and other malicious individuals may try to gain access to the cloud account by guessing or brute forcing login credentials, exploiting unpatched security vulnerabilities, or even social engineering.

Therefore, it is essential to secure the cloud account by using strong passwords, two-factor authentication, and regularly patching any security vulnerabilities. Additionally, using a reputable cloud provider with reliable security measures can help protect and safeguard your data from theft.

Is prime photo storage safe?

Yes, Prime Photo Storage is a safe and secure way to store your photos online. Amazon stores your photos in a cloud-based secure storage system that protects your photos with the same industry-leading security protocols like Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier.

Prime Photo Storage also uses sophisticated encryption technology to protect your data during transmission, making sure your photos and videos stay safe while they’re stored securely in the cloud. Furthermore, Prime Photo Storage provides customers with easy-to-use tools to help manage their photos, including an intuitive search and file-sharing features, allowing customers to quickly and securely share and find photos from any internet-connected device.

All in all, Amazon Prime’s Photo Storage is a reliable and secure way to store your photos online.

Can Amazon see my photos?

No, Amazon cannot see your photos unless you give them explicit permission to do so. For example, if you upload photos to Amazon Photos, Amazon will have access to those images. However, other than that, Amazon likely cannot see your photos unless you have granted them permission.

Additionally, Amazon services may have access to image data that can be used to improve their products and services, such as facial recognition to improve dynamic product recommendations. However, this would be limited to data that does not directly identify you, such as the general shape of a face.

How do I delete photos from Amazon but not my phone?

If you want to delete photos from Amazon but not your phone, the best way to do so is by using Amazon’s Photos app. On the app, you can select the photos you would like to delete, then confirm that you want to delete them from the cloud but not from your phone.

This will ensure that the photos will be deleted from Amazon’s servers but still remain on your phone. To delete a single photo, go to it within the Photos app and select delete. For multiple photos, select the photos you would like to delete, then go to the options menu (usually on the top right of the screen) and select delete.

Confirm that you want to delete the photos from the cloud but not from your phone and the photos will be removed from Amazon Photos but retained on your phone.

What happens when I delete photos from Amazon photos?

When you delete photos from Amazon Photos, they will be permanently removed from your Amazon Photos account. However, it’s important to note that if the photo was shared with other people, those other people may still have copies of the photo in their own Amazon Photos accounts.

Also, the deleted photo may still exist in the cloud and in other third-party applications that have access to it. It may also exist on other devices that it has previously been uploaded to. In order to ensure the photo is truly gone from all sources, you should reach out to any other people that the photo was shared with, delete the photo from any other devices or applications it may have been uploaded to, and contact Amazon Photos for assistance with deleting the photo from the cloud.

How do I unlink my photos from my Amazon account?

It is possible to unlink photos from an Amazon account using the Photos app available on iOS, Android, and Amazon devices. To unlink your photos, follow these steps:

1. Open the Photos app on the device that you used to upload the photos to Amazon.

2. Select the “Albums” tab at the bottom of the app.

3. Scroll down and select the photo album that you uploaded to Amazon.

4. Select the Gear icon at the top of the album.

5. Select the “Unlink album” option.

6. Confirm the unlink by selecting the appropriate button.

Once you have unlinked the photo album from Amazon, the photos should be removed from the online account. You may also want to delete them from the app itself to ensure they are not synced with any other devices.

How do I erase pictures?

Erasing pictures can be done using various methods depending on the type of picture and where it is stored.

If you have a printed photo that you want to erase, you can try using an eraser or piece of sandpaper to physically erase the picture. However, this method can cause damage to the paper and should only be used for photos that you don’t want to keep.

If the picture is digital, meaning it’s stored on a computer, phone, or other device, erasing it can be done from the file folder where it’s stored. On a PC computer, you can open the folder that contains the photo and right click on it to delete it.

On a Mac, you can right click and select “Move to Trash. ” On an iPhone or Android device, you can locate the image in your photo app and select the “trash” or “erase” option.

Deleting an image from social media sites like Facebook or Twitter works similar to deleting it from a device. You can locate the image and select the “Delete” or “Erase” option. Depending on the site, there may also be a “Report/Hide” option that will remove the image without deleting it completely.

Finally, if the image is hosted on another website (such as a blog), you can contact that website to have the image removed. Website administrators may also be able to provide instructions on how to remove images from their site.

How do you edit photos on Amazon?

Editing photos on Amazon can be done using their photo editing tool, Prime Photos. To access this, login to your Amazon account and choose Prime Photos from the top navigation menu. Once you’re in the Prime Photos interface, simply choose the photo you would like to edit and click the edit button.

This will open the Prime Photos editor, which will allow you to make adjustments to your chosen photo, such as adjusting brightness and contrast, adding filters, and more. From here you can also add stickers, text, and other edits to your photo.

Once you are satisfied with your edits, click the save button and your edited photo will be saved to your Prime Photos library.

Are Amazon photos private?

Amazon Photos is a secure storage platform and all of your photos are private by default. You can choose who can see your photos and albums in your Prime Photos and Family Vault settings by selecting “Private” or “Protected” visibility.

Your photos can also be password protected when you share them with friends or family. To access private photos, Amazon requires photo recipients to log in to their own Amazon account or use a one-time password.

If you do share your photos publicly, Amazon also provides a copyright option that allows you to control how others use your photos. All photos backed up to Amazon Photos are stored locally on your device and in the cloud in encrypted form.

How do I stop Amazon from backing up my photos?

To stop Amazon from backing up your photos, you’ll need to delete the Amazon Photos app from your device. Depending on what device you used to upload your photos to Amazon Photos, you may be able to do this by heading to the settings app for your device, then finding and deleting the Amazon Photos app.

The exact steps to do this will vary depending on the kind of device you are using. Once the Amazon Photos app is deleted from your device, Amazon will no longer be able to back up any photos from that device.

If there are photos that you would like to keep in your Amazon Photos account, you can save them to another device or computer before deleting the app. If you delete the photos from your Amazon Photos account without downloading them first, they will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

Will Google Photos delete if deleted from phone?

Yes, if you delete items from Google Photos that were originally synced from your phone, they will be removed from the platform. However, if you delete items from your phone without first deleting them from Google Photos, they will remain on Google Photos.

Additionally, if you delete the photos permanently on your device, they will also be deleted from Google Photos. If you’re using the Pixel phone, you can use the ‘Free up space’ option in the Google Photos app settings to delete all photos and videos on your device that have been backed up in Google Photos.

How do you get pictures off Alexa?

Getting pictures off of Alexa can be a bit tricky as Alexa does not offer image downloading as a feature. However, there are a few ways to go about it.

The first option is to use a screen-mirroring device or app such as ApowerMirror or Screen Mirror for Fire TV. With screen mirroring, you can literally replicate the display of the Alexa on your computer or mobile device, which can then be captured with a screenshot or recording app.

The second option is to use an Alexa skill or app that allows you to access pictures or other photos stored on the device. For instance, the “Photos Skill” allows you to access photos stored in the Amazon Cloud, while others, like the “Gallery Skill” provide access to photo albums stored on the Alexa.

Lastly, if you are using a Bluetooth-enabled device, such as a smartphone or tablet, there is the option of using a file-transfer or sharing app to send the photos directly from the Alexa to the device.

As long as your Alexa has a good connection to the device, this should be relatively easy to set up and execute.

In conclusion, while Alexa does not offer image downloading, there are still a few ways to go about getting pictures from your Alexa device. With the use of screen mirroring, Alexa skills, and Bluetooth enabled devices, retrieving images from the Alexa is attainable and relatively hassle free.

How do you delete purchased videos on Amazon Prime?

Deleting purchased videos on Amazon Prime is easy! To do this, log into your Amazon Prime account. On the main page, click on Your Prime Video. This will take you to the Your Video Library page, which is where all of your purchased Prime content can be found.

Once you are on this page, click on Purchases at the top of the page. This will filter out the content and show only your purchases. Find the video you want to delete, then click on the menu button that appears to the right of the video (three vertical dots).

A menu will open, and you will see an option to Delete from Library. Click on this, and the video will be removed from your library. If you have any issues deleting the video, customer service at Amazon can help you resolve the issue.