Can I put a fire pit under a covered patio?

It is not advisable to put a fire pit under a covered patio. A fire pit produces sparks that could land on the roof and start a fire.

How much overhead clearance do you need for a fire pit?

The recommended overhead clearance for a fire pit is 10 feet.

Is it safe to have a fire pit under a gazebo?

It is safe to have a fire pit under a gazebo if the gazebo is made of metal or another fire-resistant material. The gazebo should also be placed on a level surface away from any flammable materials.

Where should you not put a fire pit?

A fire pit should not be placed on a wooden deck.

How far away from house should a fire pit be?

A fire pit should be 30 feet away from any house or other buildings.

Is it OK to leave fire pit burning overnight?

If you have a fire, monitor it and make sure it is safe before you go sleep. Often strong winds can kick up, causing embers and sparks to shoot out of the fire pit and potentially start a fire. … If your fire pit is burning properly, it typically is safe to leave it unattended all night.

How close can an outdoor fireplace be to a house?

There is no definitive answer, but typically an outdoor fireplace should be at least 10 feet away from a house.

Will a fire pit damage my patio?

A fire pit will not damage your patio unless it is not used properly. If you do not build a fire properly or do not put out the fire properly, then the fire pit can damage your patio.

Can you put a canopy over a fire pit?

It is not recommended to put a canopy over a fire pit.

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