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Can I return an item I ordered online?

Yes, you can return an item you ordered online! Depending on the company’s return policy, you may be able to return the item in its original packaging and receive a full refund, or you may be asked to pay a restocking fee.

It’s always best to contact the seller directly to find out their return policy and learn the best way to make a return. Certain items, such as perishable foods or items with a limited shelf life, may not be eligible for returns.

Can you return Petco orders?

Yes, you can return Petco orders. Customers have 30 days from the date of purchase to return their item for an exchange, refund or store credit. Items must be unused and in their original packaging with all tags attached to be eligible for return.

To start a return, please visit the Petco website and log into your account. Then navigate to the My Account tab and click on the Returns Program button. Enter the order number, pick the item you want to return, and follow the rest of the prompts.

You can also visit a Petco store with the original receipt and exchange, return or receive store credit.

Does Petco let you return animals?

Yes, Petco does allow you to return animals in certain situations. If an animal you purchased from Petco became ill within 14 days after the purchase and can be verified by a veterinarian, Petco may provide store credit or an exchange for another animal within 14 days of the diagnosis.

They also allow exchanges and replacements if the animal does not match the description or is not fit for sale due to illness or injury. Exchanges for other animals of equal value, or a refund for Petco’s current selling price, may be allowed up to 30 days from the date of purchase with proof of the original Petco receipt.

No cash refunds are available. Petco’s return policy is subject to local store exceptions, which may vary by location. Be sure to check with your local store to get details about their return policies.

Can I return a dog I bought?

Yes, in many states, you can return a dog that you purchased. The exact rules depend on your state, but in general, if a dog is deemed not fit for sale, you can usually return the dog for a refund. That said, you often need to act quickly to make the return, as most states limit the window for returning a dog to between three and seven days after the purchase date.

Before returning a dog that you purchased, you should make sure to research the laws in your state. Additionally, you should keep any documents related to the sale, including the purchase receipt, as you may need them to prove the purchase.

In some cases, the seller may also require that you return the dog’s registration papers along with proof of their current vaccinations. You should also make sure to get any vet bills reimbursed, as some sellers may have a policy of reimbursing vet bills if the dog is returned due to a health issue.

Finally, you should make sure to get a full refund and not just store credit, as some sellers may try to give you a less desirable option.

Can you return animals to PetSmart?

Yes, depending on the circumstances and the store’s policy, you may be able to return animals purchased from PetSmart. It’s generally a good idea to check the store’s return policy and make sure you have the original receipt when you bring the animal back to the store.

It’s important to keep in mind that some animals cannot be returned, such as fish and other aquatic life, but you may be able to get a credit or exchange if you purchased the wrong type of pet, or one that was unhealthy or not a good fit for you.

PetSmart offers “Happiness Guarantees” on select items, which may include returning the animal for an exchange or store credit within 30 days of purchase. However, it’s best to check with the store regarding their return policy before you make your purchase.

Does Petco take fish back?

Yes, Petco does occasionally accept return fish. Depending on their store policy, Petco may require customers to bring in their original receipt and the fish in question for return. Stores that are unable to do this will typically refer customers to a different Petco store.

Most stores recommend research on the types of fish and their respective habitats in order to avoid any future returns. Additionally, Petco offers customers a 14-day Health Guarantee on freshwater and saltwater fish.

If the customer is not satisfied with their purchase for any reason, they can contact their local Petco within 14 days for a full refund or exchange as long as the fish is still alive.

What is PetSmart return policy?

The PetSmart return policy allows customers to return or exchange a product purchased in-store or online up to 45 days from their purchase. Most items can be returned for an exchange or refund by presenting the original receipt and credit card used for the purchase.

However, there are a few exceptions, such as for personalized and clearance items, which cannot be returned. Customers have the option to receive a gift card or exchange for the same item when returning a product.

All returns are subject to approval. If a product is damaged, it must be returned with the original packaging in order to be eligible for a free exchange or refund. Shipping and handling costs are non-refundable.

Some items must be returned within 15 days of purchase. If an item is past the return period, it may be eligible for PetSmart’s product warranty, which covers any damage, malfunction or defect.

Can I return an opened bag of dog food to PetSmart?

Yes, you can return an opened bag of dog food to PetSmart for a refund or exchange. PetSmart has a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all products sold in stores and online, which means that customers can return opened bags of dog food for a full refund or exchange.

To return or exchange a product, bring the original receipt as well as the opened bag of dog food to any PetSmart store. Alternatively, you can place an online return or exchange from the PetSmart website.

You may also be able to return products by mail, so be sure to check out the PetSmart return policy for more information about your specific situation. All returns must be made within 60 days of purchase.

Are Petco and PetSmart the same?

No, Petco and PetSmart are not the same. Petco is an international pet supply retailer, while PetSmart is North America’s largest specialty pet retailer. Petco has 1,400 stores in the U. S. , Mexico, and Puerto Rico, while PetSmart has 1,650 stores in the U. S.

and Canada. Both retailers carry a wide range of pet supplies, including things such as food, toys, grooming products, and health care items. PetSmart also has in-store services like pet grooming, training classes, and pet daycare.

In addition, Petco and PetSmart have different loyalty programs and discount offerings.

Can u return a hamster?

Yes, it is possible to return a hamster if they are purchased from a pet store. Many pet stores have return policies in place that allow you to return a hamster within a given period of time if they are not healthy or simply not a good fit for your family.

It is important to read the return policy of any store where you purchase a hamster in order to understand the specific terms and conditions. Additionally, it is important to keep the original receipt in case you need to return the hamster.

When returning a hamster, it is important to make sure that it is returned in its original cage and with all supplies that were included in the purchase. It is also important to handle the hamster gently and securely to make sure it stays safe and is not injured during the return process.

This can also help ensure that the pet store is willing to accept the return.

Is chewy owned by PetSmart?

No, Chewy is not owned by PetSmart. Chewy is a stand-alone company that primarily operates an online retail platform for pet-related products. While PetSmart does have its own online shopping platform, Chewy is an independent and separate business that specializes in selling pet products online.

Chewy was founded by Ryan Cohen and Michael Day in 2011 and has grown to become one of the largest online retailers of pet products in the United States. Chewy has raised over $550 million in venture capital funding since its founding and was acquired by PetSmart in 2017.

Even though PetSmart owns Chewy, the company continues to operate independently and provide its services directly to customers.

Why are my fish dying?

There could be a number of reasons why your fish are dying. A few possibilities to consider are water temperature, water quality, and the amount of space in the tank.

Water temperature is one of the most important factors in keeping healthy fish. Most tropical fish require a water temperature between 72-78°F. If the temperature gets too high or too low, this can stress out the fish and cause them to become sick and die.

Water quality is also important. Always make sure the water you add to the tank has been properly treated to remove chemicals, chloramine and ammonia, which are harmful to fish. Additionally, the pH, nitrate and nitrite levels in the water need to be monitored and kept at a proper level.

If these levels get too high, your fish can become sick and die.

Tank size is another important factor. Make sure the tank is large enough for the fish you put in it. If the fish can’t move around, if the tank is too small, or if the fish are overcrowded, this will put them under stress and can lead to disease and death.

It’s also a good idea to check for signs of parasites, such as white spots on the skin, as well as any other signs of illness, such as discoloration of the fins or body, cloudy eyes, or clamped fins.

If you’re still not sure why your fish are dying, it may be helpful to seek advice from an expert at a local pet store or Aquarium Society.

Can PetSmart look up receipts?

Yes, PetSmart can look up receipts. This service is typically done in store, but customers may be able to do it online as well. When customers come into the store, they can bring their receipt and speak to the customer service representatives at the store counter.

They can then look up the receipt and provide the customer with a copy. Alternatively, customers may be able to look up their receipts online. Customers should visit the PetSmart website and sign in with their information.

Once they are signed in, they should be able to access their order history and find their receipt from there.

What do you do with fish you don’t want?

One is to offer it to a family member or friend who may be interested in owning it. If that isn’t an option, you could also check to see if a local pet store is willing to take it – many pet stores have a rehoming program that can provide a new home for fish they wouldn’t otherwise be able to sell.

You could also look into local aquarium clubs or societies who may be willing to take the fish off your hands – they may even be willing to trade it for something else if that would be of interest to you.

Finally, if none of these options are available, then the most humane way to rehome the fish would be to donate it to a public aquarium or research facility – these organizations may be better equipped to provide it with a suitable home.