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Can I view my Lorex cameras on my phone?

Yes, you can view your Lorex cameras on your phone. With Lorex’s Smart+ app, you can access your security cameras, stream live feeds, and receive alerts on any compatible iOS and Android mobile device.

To use the app, you’ll need the model of your Lorex security system, a username and password, and Internet access. Additionally, if you are subscribed to soLIVE video services, you can control your connected cameras remotely, and set up motion-activated alerts.

To get started, download the Smart+ App from your app store and follow the steps to get connected to your Lorex security system.

What app do you use for Lorex?

The app that is used for Lorex is called the Lorex Home App. This app can be used to connect and manage any Lorex security device, including security cameras, NVRs (Network Video Recorders) and DVRs (Digital Video Recorders).

With the Lorex Home App, you can easily monitor your home or business from anywhere, at any time and on any device. With the app, you can easily access your security cameras, live stream, playback and export recordings, plus receive motion alerts, notifications, adjust camera settings and so much more.

The app is available for free download on both iOS and Android devices.

How do you use Lorex cloud?

Using Lorex cloud is quite straightforward. All you need to do is download the Lorex Cloud app on your iOS or Android device, and sign up for an account. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to set up your system with Lorex Cloud.

The first step is to ensure that your system is properly connected to your router. This will be done through either a direct active connection to the router with an Ethernet cable, or through the secure wireless connection.

Once that’s plugged in and you’ve logged into your Lorex account, go to the “Manage Devices” section and select “Add a Device”.

If adding a camera, it will give you a QR code to scan with the mobile device to add the camera. Once your camera is identified, the Lorex Cloud app will take you through the necessary steps to connect it to your account.

After that, you’ll be able to monitor your camera feed from the mobile device as well as change any desired settings.

Not only can you monitor your camera’s feed with the Lorex Cloud app, but it will also allow you to playback recorded footage, record videos and photos, receive notifications, and even share your camera’s feed with other people.

Can you use Lorex Home app on PC?

Yes, you can use the Lorex Home app on PC. This app is available for Windows 10 PCs and tablets from the Windows Store. You can also download a desktop version of the Lorex Home app by visiting lorex.

com/downloads/lorex-home. With this app, you can monitor your camera feeds, store recordings, and access your Lorex Cloud account from your PC. The app also includes audio detection capabilities and motion detection notifications, allowing you to keep an eye on your home or business even if you’re away.

What’s the difference between Lorex Cloud and Lorex Home?

Lorex Cloud is an advanced cloud-based recording, storage and access platform from Lorex which allows users to manage and monitor their security cameras and video surveillance systems from anywhere in the world using a web browser or Lorex mobile app.

The platform provides users with an intuitive administration panel, remote viewing, 24/7 recording, encryption and secure archiving, backup options, and effective access control.

Lorex Home is a home surveillance system with a wide range of features, such as two-way audio, automatic recording, and live streaming. It includes a complete system of cameras and a monitoring device, allowing users to monitor their property from anywhere.

Users can also access their cameras with their home security app from their smartphone or tablet, giving them the ability to track activity while they’re away. It also has motion detection and customizable alerts to alert homeowners of any suspicious activity.

How do I add a device to Lorex Home app?

To add a device to Lorex Home app, you will need to first log in to your Lorex Home account. Once you have logged in, go to the menu option labeled ‘Devices’. Here, you will see a list of all the devices connected to your Lorex Home account.

Click on the option titled ‘Add Device’ located in the bottom right-hand corner of the page. You will be prompted to enter the device’s activation code. Once the activation code is entered and accepted, you will then need to follow the onscreen instructions to add the device to your account.

Once the device is successfully added, it will appear in the list of connected devices on the ‘Devices’ tab.

How many cameras can Lorex Home app have?

The Lorex Home app can support up to eight cameras at once. It’s designed for customers to be able to easily view, record and manage their security surveillance, cameras, and home automation devices.

With Lorex Home, you can monitor your entire home, change settings, receive motion alerts, and much more. Each account can connect to up to eight cameras, providing you with a comprehensive view of your entire home.

Lorex makes it easy to manage multiple cameras and home automation devices to give you complete control of your home security. Through the app, you can customize and program unique settings for each camera, set up motion detection zones, view multiple cameras simultaneously and receive motion alerts on your phone.

Do Lorex cameras record all the time?

Lorex cameras can be set up to record all the time, but they do not by default. Whether or not a Lorex camera is recording depends on the type of camera and the settings applied to it. For example, some Lorex cameras are set to record only when motion is detected, which means that they do not record all the time.

On the other hand, some higher-end Lorex cameras feature advanced motion detection that can be set up to detect motion and record constantly or only when certain criteria are met. Additionally, some Lorex cameras are setup to record only when an alarm is triggered or when a certain input is received.

In either case, recording scheduling can be tailored to each individual Lorex camera. In any case, Lorex cameras do not record all the time unless they are manually set up to do so.

How long do Lorex cameras keep footage?

The exact length of time that Lorex cameras keep footage can depend on the amount of storage on the security system, the compression rate of the video, and other factors. Generally, Lorex cameras can store footage for up to 30 days.

Depending on the model and configuration, footage may be stored on a hard drive, online storage, or other mass-storage device. With the use of a NVR (network video recorder) and/or cloud network and storage, footage can be stored for much longer than 30 days and even indefinitely.

How do I transfer videos from Lorex camera?

Transferring videos from your Lorex camera is relatively straightforward. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Connect your Lorex camera to your computer using the provided USB cable.

2. Once connected, open the Lorex Security Video Recording (Lorex-LVR) software and log in.

3. Select the ‘My Lorex’ tab on the upper left corner, and then select ‘Playback’ from the drop-down menu.

4. Choose the date and time range of the video recordings you would like to transfer from the calendar.

5. Select the camera from which to download videos from the selection list.

6. Click on the ‘Download’ button located at the top toolbar of the screen.

7. Choose the folder to which you want to save the videos and click on the ‘Save’ button to begin the download process.

Once the download is complete, you can disconnect the Lorex camera from your computer and enjoy the transferred videos.

How do I open a Lorex DAV file?

To open a Lorex DAV file, you will first need to download and install the Lorex Network Video Recorder (NVR) software from the Lorex Support website. Once installed, you can open the DAV file by clicking on the Folder icon in the lower-left corner of the main menu and then navigating to the desired file, which is often located in the Recordings folder.

Once the DAV file is selected, the video will automatically play in the video window. Alternatively, you can also open the Lorex NVR software, click on the Playback icon in the main menu, select the desired DAV file, and click the “Play” button to begin viewing the video file.

It’s also possible to right-click the file icon and select the “Open with Lorex Network Video Recorder” option to open the DAV file.

Does Lorex backup to cloud?

Yes, Lorex offers cloud storage with intelligent motion detection. As part of Lorex Secure cloud, users can view their recorded videos stored up to 30 days in the cloud and can back up, download, and manage their video recordings.

With Lorex Cameras, users can activate a cloud recording plan and enjoy 24/7 secure cloud recordings from their cameras.

With Lorex secure cloud, users can customize their recording plans based on their requirements and budget; this includes customized recording days and times. Users can also enable intelligent motion detection and configure advanced motion settings accordingly to back up only essential recordings in the cloud and save bandwidth.

Lorex’s intelligent motion detection feature enables users to differentiate between animals, vehicles, and humans and to receive more accurate motion detection alerts and notifications. Additionally, an encrypted microSD card can be added to cameras for additional storage space, ensuring that backed-up data is secure.

How do I view playback on Lorex cloud app?

To view playback on the Lorex cloud app, first, open the Lorex Cloud app and login using the assigned Lorex account email and password. Once logged in, tap on either the ‘My Cameras’ tab at the bottom of the screen, or the ‘Playback’ option in the navigation panel on the left.

On the ‘My Cameras’ tab, select the camera you wish to view playback for and then press the ‘Playback’ button at the top of the screen. On the ‘Playback’ tab, drag the timeline slider to the time and date of the desired recording.

If motion-detected recordings were recorded for the chosen camera and time period, the motion-triggered thumbnails will be displayed. Tap on any thumbnail to view the full recording.

To delete a recording select the check box next to the recording you would like to delete and then tap the ‘Delete’ option at the top of the screen.