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Can mobs see you if you’re invisible?

No, mobs cannot see you when you are invisible. The Invisibility effect in the game grants you truly invisible status and allows you to move undetected, just as a hidden player. This means that mobs cannot see you or detect you in any way, though some special mob abilities such as the Enderman can still detect and attack you if you’re too close.

In addition, any attack you make while invisible will still alert nearby mobs, so it’s important to be careful. The Invisibility effect will also be cancelled if you enter water or open a door, so make sure you always pay attention to your surroundings!.

Why can mobs see me with invisibility?

Mobs can see players using invisibility (and vice versa) in the game because of the way the mobs’ AI works. The AI is programmed to detect and target players, even if they’re invisible. When an invisible player enters the vicinity of a mob, the mob’s AI is triggered to search for the invisible player, and when it succeeds in detecting the player, it is able to see them and attack.

This is why mobs can sometimes track players down even when they’re trying to hide with invisibility, and why it is important to also have other methods of concealment, such as sneaking and hiding behind blocks, when trying to stay undetected in the game.

Can wither see invisible players?

No, it is not possible to see invisible players. In order to become invisible, players must use cheats, hacks, or mods that can be found on third-party websites. These cheats can make the player invisible to other players, but the player cannot see any of the other players that are invisible.

If the invisible player moves, they will produce sound and light, making them detectable, but they cannot be seen by other players. Additionally, many games do not allow the use of such cheats and hacks, so even if a player downloads the cheat, they may not be able to use it in their game.

Does invisibility work on Warden?

No, invisibility does not work on Warden. Warden is an advanced security system that is designed to detect any type of invisibility. Invisibility cloaking devices or spells would not work on Warden, as the system is designed to be able to detect any form of invisible activity.

Warden’s advanced sensors are able to detect even the slightest trace of any invisible force or object, making it almost impossible to cloak anything from it. Additionally, Warden has a sophisticated AI system that is trained to learn and recognize any type of invisible activity, making it difficult to fool.

As such, it is not possible to use invisibility to bypass Warden’s security measures.

Can Wither Skeletons see you when invisible?

No, Wither Skeletons cannot see a person if they are invisible. Invisibility in Minecraft is a status effect caused by potions or commands, and it prevents not only entities from being seen, but it also prevents those entities from being targeted by hostile mobs such as Wither Skeletons.

As a result, Wither Skeletons will be unable to see an invisible entity, regardless of the distance between them.

Can Withers break Obsidian?

Yes, Withers can break obsidian. Withers are able to use their powerful explosions to break blocks, including obsidian. While it usually takes several blasts for a Wither to break blocks, a single blast can break obsidian.

This makes Withers particularly effective at breaking through obsidian, especially when combined with their ability to fly. Additionally, the Wither can produce fireballs and wither skulls to break through obsidian.

These wither skulls have a larger blast radius and will break obsidian blocks much more quickly than a wither blast. The Withers can also use the wither skulls to destroy any blocks within the blast radius, making them especially useful for clearing paths of obsidian quickly and effectively.

How do you make invisible in Minecraft?

Making something invisible in Minecraft is not possible in the traditional sense. However, there are tricks to make an object appear invisible or nearly invisible. For example, you can use a block of glass, ice, or a slime block to make an item beneath it invisible.

Additionally, you can create an illusion of invisibility by using the schematica mod to place blocks in the same position of existing blocks. This will make the preexisting blocks look like they have become invisible.

You can also use Minecraft commands to make certain items invisible in your world by using the “/gamerule LogAdminCommands false” command to hide wireframes, entity holds and other entities.

How can I become invisible fast?

Unfortunately, becoming invisible is impossible; however, there are things people can do to temporarily disappear or become less noticeable. First and foremost, people should try to blend in with their surroundings and be aware of their physical presence.

Knowing one’s environment can also be extremely helpful. Try to find areas with a lot of people or places where people are least likely to pay attention. People should also try to minimize their noise and movements as much as possible.

It is also important to pay attention to one’s clothing; pick something that helps you blend in rather than stand out. Additionally, using shadows and objects like trees, walls, cars, and doorways can restrict people’s visibility.

It may not make someone completely invisible, but it can help to reduce the chances of being seen. Lastly, people should avoid looking directly at other people, as that can draw more attention to them.

How do you make an Enderman not see you?

To make an Enderman not see you, it is best to avoid looking directly at them. Endermen are very sensitive to direct eye contact and will become aggressive in response. You can also try to remain still, since they will move towards you if they sense movement.

Additionally, you can try to draw their attention away from you by placing blocks around you or throwing objects such as an egg at them and then running away. Doing this will cause them to focus on the object, or the blocks, instead of you.

Additionally, Endermen can’t see you when you are wearing a pumpkin on your head, so be sure to equip one if you are in an area with Endermen.

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