Can outdoor lanterns get wet?

Yes. Most outdoor lanterns are made to withstand the elements.

Can you leave string lights outside?

Yes, you can.

How do you protect string lights from rain?

You can protect string lights from the rain by enclosing them in a clear plastic tube or hanging them under an awning.

Can I leave outdoor lights out all winter?

It isn’t recommended to keep outdoor lights out all winter unless they are made to be left out in the cold weather. If you have regular indoor lights that you want to use for your outdoor holiday decoration, it is best to bring them in when you are done using them for the season.

Should you take down outdoor lights in winter?


Should I leave my front porch light on?

It is generally advisable to leave a porch light on when you are not home so that people know there is someone there.

Does leaving outside lights on deter burglars?

Leaving the lights on at night does deter burglars, but it also attracts other types of criminals, such as vandals.

Should I leave outdoor Christmas lights on all night?

It is not necessary to leave outdoor Christmas lights on all night. Many people choose to do this, however, in order to enjoy the lights throughout the evening and into the night.

How tall should outdoor lights be?

Outdoor light fixtures should generally be placed at a height of around eight feet.

How big should a hanging exterior lantern over a door be?

But most exterior lanterns are between 12 and 24 inches in size.

Should outside lights be left on at night?

The purpose of outdoor lighting is to improve safety and security around a home at night. Leaving lights on when no one is home wastes electricity and is not an effective security measure. Instead, consider using timer switches to automatically turn lights on and off when needed.

How do I block my neighbors floodlight?

You can block your neighbor’s floodlight by putting up a fence or planting trees or shrubs in front of it.

How far should porch lights be from a door?

But a general rule of thumb is that the porch light should be at least four feet away from the door.

What size are outdoor wall lights?

Outdoor wall lights range in size from 4 inches to 12 inches.

What wattage LED flood light do I need?

Most LED flood lights range in wattage from 10 watts to 150 watts. To determine the wattage you need, first identify the area you need to light and the desired light level. Once you know the area and light level, you can use the following equation: Wattage = (Light Level x Area) / Efficiency.

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