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Can you completely reset Undertale?

Yes, it is possible to reset Undertale and start a new game from the beginning. To do so, the player needs to delete the game’s save file from their device or hard drive. For PC players, the save file is located in the Undertale folder and is called “file0” and for Mac players, the save file is located in their Applications folder and is named “Undertale. ini”.

Once the save file is removed, restart the game and the player will be brought back to the beginning of the game as if they had just started playing it for the first time.

How do I delete Undertale save files on Steam?

To delete Undertale save files on Steam, you need to locate and delete the folder titled “Undertale” within your Steam Game folder. To do this, navigate to the Steam library, right-click the game, select Properties, and then select “Local Files”.

This should open a new window, where you should select “Browse Local Files”. From there, you can locate the Undertale folder and delete it. Note however, that this will also permanently delete any progress you made in the game, so make sure that you are okay with that before you proceed.

Additionally, this will not remove the game from your Steam account but will only delete your Undertale save files.

Where are Undertale save files located?

Undertale save files are located in the %appdata% folder on Windows or in the ~/Library/Application Support/ folder in Mac OS X. You can find this folder by entering the directory into the file search.

Then, you will have access to the folder named “undertale” in the AppData Local folder or in the Library/Application Support/ folder in Mac OS X. In the folder, you will find the save files labeled as “file0”, “file1”, “file2”, etc.

Depending on the number of saves you have, the files will correspond to each save you have made. It’s worth noting that Undertale also creates a “Backup” folder in the same directory as the save files folder, so if you accidentally lose your save files, you can restore them from the backup folder.

What happens when you do a true reset in Undertale?

When a true reset is performed in Undertale, the player’s game is reset and the save files are deleted — thereby wiping out the player’s progress on their journey. This process can only be done when the player has finished the game and achieved one of the endings.

Upon resetting the game, all choices the player has made and all monsters they have befriended or fought will be forgotten, and the game will be completely reset. The player will have to start from the very beginning and go through the game’s entire storyline again in order to unlock another ending or to see the consequences of their decisions.

After a true reset, the player may also encounter character dialogue, battles, puzzles, and many other aspects of the game in a different order or with a different outcome to their previous playthrough — making the game unique each time.

What happens if you name yourself Chara?

If you name yourself Chara, it is likely that few people would recognize the name. Chara is not a common name, and it is not on any of the lists of most popular baby names. Depending on the country where you live, you may be required to go through certain legal processes if you want to officially change your name to Chara.

Once you have named yourself Chara, you may be asked to explain why you chose it. The name may be derived from the Latin word for “grace,” which could be an attractive meaning to you. Another possible origin for the name is the Greek word for “joy,” which could also make for an interesting backstory.

Naming yourself Chara could elicit looks of surprise from strangers, but it could also bring attention from those who appreciate its uniqueness. Ultimately, the choice is yours – whether you want to keep your old name or experiment with something new.

What happens if you reset Undertale after true pacifist?

If you reset Undertale after completing the True Pacifist ending, you will need to start the game from the beginning. All of your prior progress will be lost, including your stats, items, money, and all characters you have befriended so far.

You will have to go through the entire game again, which includes all of the puzzles, battles, and dialogues. Additionally, all of the relationships between the characters you have built in this playthrough will be reset, and you will have to start building them from scratch.

The True Pacifist ending will still be available as an ending, but it won’t be accessible until you completely finish the entire game again.

Can I do true pacifist after true reset?

Yes, you can do true pacifist after true reset. After a true reset of your game, you can opt to play a true pacifist route, where you try to resolve conflict peacefully instead of fighting. To play a true pacifist route, you must do the necessary actions to reach each character’s resolution and make sure that all conflicts are solved without violence.

Through this route, you will help all characters in the game to break themselves out of their prisons and gain access to their true inner potential. In the end, they choose to join you in the battlefield and defeat the villains themselves, enabling the restoration of the world.

Does sans know about the resets?

Yes, Sans is aware of the resets and has some understanding of the timeline and events that happen within each reset. As shown in one of the endings in the game, Sans has taken on the responsibility of recording some of the “changes” that occur during each reset and keeps tabs on them.

However, since Sans is an observer rather than an active participant, he is unable to control or alter the reset timeline in any way. As he states in the ending, “. I’m just watching it all happen. “.

What happens if you do a pacifist run after a genocide run?

If you do a pacifist run after a genocide run, it can be an extremely challenging and emotionally taxing experience. On a basic level, a pacifist run means that you must go through the entire game without engaging in any kind of violence.

This means that you must solve puzzles, avoid enemies, and talk your way out of any conflicts. After a genocide run, however, the stakes are much higher. Your previous run’s decisions will have permanent, irreversible consequences, and the game’s dialogue may have changed to reflect your prior playthrough.

NPCs may be angry with you and you’ll have to win them over in order to progress. Additionally, some puzzles or routes may be blocked off due to your prior playthrough, making the pacifist route significantly more difficult.

This can be especially hard if you have become emotionally attached to the characters and feel a moral obligation to make up for your prior actions. Ultimately, doing a pacifist run after a genocide run will require you to think outside the box to progress, but it can also be very rewarding, allowing you to truly change the narrative of the game and overcome a difficult challenge.

How do I delete data from my Switch?

If you want to delete data saved on your Switch system, there are a few different ways to do it. The two main methods are to remove the data from the System Memory or to delete it from the SD Card.

To remove the data from System Memory, you’ll need to go to the System Settings menu. Once you’re there, select “Data Management” and then “Delete Software. ” You can then select the software data or save data files that you want to delete and choose “delete.

” You’ll need to confirm the deletion before it’s complete.

To delete data from your SD Card, you’ll need to open up Album. Access the “all software” icon to view all the files saved on your card. Select the software that you want to delete and select the delete option.

You should be able to find and confirm your deletion without any problems.

The other option is to perform a System Reset. This will erase everything on your Switch and will return it to factory settings. This is useful if you’re selling your Switch or if you want to give it a fresh start.

Keep in mind that all of your data, games, software, save files, and user accounts would be lost if you do this.

Hopefully this helps in understanding how to delete data from your Switch.

How do you restart a game on a Switch?

To restart a game on a Nintendo Switch, you will need to close the game from the HOME Menu. To do this, press the Home button while in the game to bring up the HOME Menu. Select “Close Software” and then press “+” on the controller to confirm your selection.

This will close the game and take you back to the HOME Menu. From there, you can select the game you want to relaunch, and the game will start from the beginning. If you want to restart the same game, you may have the option to select “Continue” if you have previously saved data, or if the game feature allows it.

Where is Switch save data stored?

Save data for the Nintendo Switch is stored on the console itself. In the System Settings, users can go to the Data Management tab and then select Manage Save Data/Screenshots to manage the stored data.

This will show any save data associated with the profiles on the system. The save data can then be copied to a microSD card through the Save Data Options, allowing you to easily transfer it between consoles or back up the data in case of a system failure.

Nintendo also offers cloud storage for Nintendo Switch save data, which can be found in the System Settings under Nintendo Switch Online. This feature requires a Nintendo Switch Online membership, and users can choose to back up their saved data to the cloud.

Does deleting game data delete progress?

Yes, deleting a game’s data will delete any saved progress in the game. When you delete a game, any data associated with that game, including saved files, level progress, and high scores, will be erased.

It generally can not be recovered unless the game has online-saving capabilities that can be used to back up the game data to the cloud or another restore point. Be sure to back up your game progress before you delete the data, if possible.

What to do after Chara kills you?

After Chara kills you, there is no definitive answer as to what to do or how to proceed. Depending on the context in which Chara has killed you, your options may range from restarting the game, beginning a new playthrough, or simply walking away.

If the death occurred within a video game, restarting the game may be the most obvious choice in order to continue playing the game and attempting to reach a better ending. If you have saved the game previously, you can always revert to that point and try again.

Restarting the game may be difficult and frustrating, but it can also be a great opportunity to re-examine your decisions and attempt to make better ones.

In some storylines, a new playthrough might be necessary. A new playthrough involves beginning the storyline with all new choices, characters, settings and plot twists. This may be an appealing option for those who want the freedom to explore all the different aspects of a game or those who want to challenge themselves to a new experience.

Finally, sometimes the best thing to do may be to just walk away. You may want to take a break from the game, or even walk away from the series entirely, as it is up to your own discretion. Taking a break may help you restore balance in your life and give you perspective on the situation.

As long as you feel that it’s ok, don’t be afraid to take a step back!.

Can you replay Undertale after genocide?

Yes, you can replay Undertale after completing a genocide run. However, this time through the game will have different consequences. The NPCs will know what happened in your last playthrough and will remember that you were responsible for the deaths of many monsters.

Additionally, some of the story events from the genocide run will be integrated into the game’s story. For example, the characters may reference your past playthrough and make comments about your past choices.

It is also possible for the game to become unwinnable at certain points, as characters may refuse to interact with you due to your past decisions. Ultimately, replaying Undertale after completing a genocide run can be a completely different experience from a pacifist one.