Can you put a deck over a pool?

Depending on the type of pool, you may be able to put a deck over the pool. For example, if you have an above ground pool, you may be able to put a deck over the pool.

Can you cover an inground pool with a deck?

Yes, you can cover an inground pool with a deck. However, you will need to make sure that the deck is properly ventilated to prevent any condensation from building up and damaging the pool.

What can you do with an inground pool you don’t want?

One option for an inground pool that is no longer wanted is to fill it in. This can be a difficult and costly process, however, so it is important to be sure of the decision before taking action. Another option is to donation the pool to a local school or community center.

How do you permanently cover a pool?

The only way to permanently cover a pool is to build a structure around it, such as a deck or enclosure.

How do you close a pool for years?

But one approach is to lower the water level, remove all of the furniture and accessories, clean the pool thoroughly, and then cover the pool with a tarp or other sturdy cover.

How do you get rid of an inground concrete pool?

You need to contact a licensed contractor who specializes in pool removal.

How do I cover my inground pool?

You can use a pool cover, a tarp, or a pool dome.

How much does it cost to break down a pool?

The cost to break down a pool depends on the size and type of pool.

How do you drain a pool cover without draining the pool?

You can drain a pool cover without draining the pool by using a cover pump.

How can I cover my pool by myself?

If you have a rectangular pool, you can cover it by yourself by buying a pool cover that is sized for your pool. To cover a round pool, you will need to buy a round pool cover and attach it to the pool using a pool cover clips.

How do you secure a winter pool cover to a deck?

The most common way to secure a winter pool cover to a deck is to use ratchet straps.

Is there a pool cover you can walk on?

There are multiple types of pool covers that you can walk on, such as mesh covers and solid covers.

What type of decking is around a pool?

Including composite, wood, and stone. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it is important to choose the right one for your needs.

Can you cover pool so you can walk on it?

You can! There are companies that make pool covers specifically for this purpose. They are often made of sturdy plastic or rubber and can support the weight of people and furniture.

How much weight can a pool cover take?

A pool cover can take the weight of multiple adults depending on the type of cover. Mesh covers are not as strong as solid covers, so adults should be careful when walking on them.

What kind of pool cover can you walk on?

A solar cover can be walked on.

How long does a pool cover last?

A pool cover should last anywhere from two to six years, depending on the quality of the cover and how often it is used.

Should you cover your pool at night?

It is not necessary to cover your pool at night.

Are pool covers worth it?

A pool cover can be worth it in terms of safety and being able to keep your pool clean. Pool covers also come with a variety of other benefits, such as the ability to heat your pool and keep debris out.

How safe are automatic pool covers?

Most automatic pool covers are very safe, but there have been some reports of children and animals becoming trapped underneath them. Make sure to keep your cover in good working order and to always supervise children and pets around the pool.

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