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Can you save a video off Marco Polo?

Yes, you can save video messages from Marco Polo. To do this, open the video message you’d like to save, tap on the upper right corner, then tap ‘Export’ and choose either ‘Save to Camera Roll’ or ‘Share’.

For Android users, tap the three dots in the upper right corner and then tap ‘Export’ to save your video. Additionally, Marco Polo allows you to save more than just video messages. You can also save pictures and voices messages, as well as save individual Marco Polo conversations.

To save a conversation, swipe left a conversation and tap the ‘Save’ button. This will save the conversation and the conversation will be marked friendly until it’s removed.

How do you save Marco Polo videos on iPhone?

You can save Marco Polo videos on your iPhone by following these steps:

1. Open the Marco Polo app on your iPhone and tap the video you want to save.

2. Tap the three dots in the bottom left corner of the video.

3. Select the “Save to iPhone” option.

4. The video will be saved to your Photos app. You will find it in the “Videos” album.

You can also save videos from other users if you tap the “Send” option from the video, then select “Save to Camera Roll. ” This will allow you to save other people’s Marco Polo videos to your Photos app.

How can I watch old Marco Polo videos?

If you are looking to watch old Marco Polo videos, the best way to do so is to check some of the streaming services or purchase physical copies of the DVD. Depending on the specific video you are looking to watch, there are many different services you can use.

If you are interested in watching Marco Polo on Netflix, the Marco Polo series is currently available on the streaming platform. Additionally, the Marco Polo movie can also be watched on Netflix.

If you are looking for the movie, it is available to rent or purchase on Amazon Books, iTunes, Google Play and other online retailers.

Finally, if you are looking to purchase physical copies of Marco Polo DVDs, they are available on various websites, including Amazon.

By taking these steps and researching the different streaming services or retailers where you can purchase physical copies of the Marco Polo videos, you should be able to find the specific video you are looking for.

Can you use Marco Polo offline?

No, Marco Polo is a real-time video messaging app and requires an internet connection to function properly. You will need an active connection with enough bandwidth to ensure that your messages are received quickly and clear.

However, you may be able to connect to a cellular network to send messages if your device is within Wi-Fi range. Marco Polo does have the capability for users to save a video for about 30 days, which can be accessed later if the user remains offline.

If you do have the service, you can record your message for 30 days and then send it when you return to an area with an internet connection.

What app is better than Marco Polo?

It ultimately depends on what you are looking for. Marco Polo is a video messaging app that allows people to send quick, casual messages with a personalized touch, so if that is what you’re looking for, then Marco Polo is a great option.

However, there are other apps that offer more features such as more interactive elements and more advanced privacy options, like Viber and Telegram. Both Viber and Telegram allow you to send messages, make video calls, join group conversations, and much more.

In addition, Telegram offers end-to-end encryption, making it a great option if you want to share high-security content. So if you’re looking for an app with more features than Marco Polo, then consider Viber or Telegram.

Can you tell if someone has watched your Marco Polo?

Not unless the person who watched it notifies you they have done so. The Marco Polo app is end-to-end encrypted, so the sender and receiver of a video message have no way of knowing who else has watched it.

However, users can choose to share a link to the video message with other people, so it’s possible to know if someone has watched the message if you get a notification that someone else has viewed it.

Additionally, if you’re a moderator in a group Marco Polo, you can keep track of who has watched the video by going to the Members tab on the group video message.

Does Marco Polo use phone data?

No, Marco Polo does not use phone data. Marco Polo is a messaging app that allows users to communicate with each other through video, audio, text, or picture messages. It does not collect or store any phone data or personal information from its users, nor does it use phone data in order to provide functionality within the app.

It is solely used for communication. All communication made within the app is encrypted, meaning that it is secure and private.

Does Marco Polo App drain battery?

No, Marco Polo App does not drain battery significantly. In fact, Marco Polo App utilizes the most efficient data and power usage techniques. For example, Marco Polo App uses Google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) to efficiently keep users connected and the app in sync, which helps to minimize the power usage of the device.

Additionally, the app is optimized to use only minimal power when users are not actively using the app, reducing the impact on battery life. Finally, Marco Polo App employs a policy of releasing regular updates that reduce errors and increase battery efficiency.

Can Marco Polo be used without a phone number?

Yes, Marco Polo can be used without a phone number. By signing up with an email address or by using the guest access feature, users can access Marco Polo without providing their phone number. Once logged in, users can add contacts through their username, email address, or a shareable link.

With the guest access feature, users can create a public link that can be sent to people via email or text to let them join Marco Polo without being added as a contact.

Can I send a Marco Polo video to someone else?

Yes, you can absolutely send a Marco Polo video to someone else. To do so, open the Marco Polo app and tap the blue plus icon that reads “Create New Polo”. From here, you can search for contacts in your address book or manually type in a phone number or email of the person you’re trying to reach.

Select the contact and hit “Send” and the recipient will receive a link to the video. You can also choose to send a “Polo Loop” to repeat-send the video in a loop to the same contact multiple times. There are also other ways to share the video with social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Are Marco Polo videos stored on your phone?

No, Marco Polo videos are not stored on your phone. Marco Polo is a video messaging app that allows you to communicate with your friends and family through video messages and recordings. When you send a Marco Polo video message, it’s sent through the app’s secure server and stored there.

The recipient can view the video directly from the server, or can save it to their own device for later viewing. However, no videos are stored directly on your phone. To ensure that your messages stay secure, Marco Polo does not allow downloading or saving any messages directly from the app.

Can I gift Marco Polo Plus?

Yes, you can absolutely gift Marco Polo Plus! Marco Polo Plus is a subscription service that can be used to unlock many of the features of the popular Marco Polo app, such as unlimited video chats, replays, and no ads.

To gift Marco Polo Plus, open the Marco Polo app and select the “Plus” option from the bottom menu. From there, you can choose to send a gift to someone, including their name, email address and an optional personalized message.

They’ll then receive a gift link via email and if they don’t already have Marco Polo, they’ll be prompted to download it.

How much is Marco Polo plus family?

The cost of Marco Polo Plus for a family of four is $149.99 per month. This is a great value for families because not only does it come with unlimited talk and text for up to four lines, but it also includes 10 GB of high-speed data to share amongst the family.

It also comes with international calling to landlines in over 70 countries plus unlimited international text and data. Lastly, it comes with the ability to access the Nationwide Sprint Network, giving your family the power to stay connected.

How do I go back to the old version of Marco Polo?

If you want to go back to an older version of the Marco Polo app, you’ll need to uninstall the current version and install the version that you want. Depending on which device you are using, the method for uninstalling an app may slightly differ.

For iOS users, the easiest way to uninstall is to tap and hold the app icon until it gets an “X” sign in the corner and then select “Delete” from the pop-up menu that appears. Once the app has been deleted, you’ll need to locate the version that you want and download it from the App Store.

For Android users, go to Google Play and select “My Apps & Games” option. Find the icon of the app that you want to delete and then select “Uninstall”. After the uninstallation is complete, use the Play Store to locate and download the older version that you want.

Once you have downloaded the specific version, you will be able to use the Marco Polo app on your device.

What is Marco Polo legacy?

Marco Polo’s legacy is one of exploration and discovery. He is remembered primarily for his 24-year journey across Central Asia, during which he visited present-day China, Mongolia, Persia, and many other places.

His journey, detailed in his classic book, The Travels of Marco Polo, opened the eyes of Europeans to the wonders of the Far East. He helped bridge the cultural divide between East and West by bringing home not only tales of high adventure, but also descriptions of unknown peoples and their customs.

His journey inspired many other explorers and missionaries—including Christopher Columbus—to take more daring journeys in pursuit of greater knowledge about the world. He also provided a catalyst for the flowering of trans-Eurasian trade.

Merchants and adventurers alike were inspired by his tales of the riches to be found in the Far East and were stimulated to try their own ventures.

Marco Polo has become a symbol of daring and exploration, of cultural exchange and understanding. His journey was the beginning of a new Age of Discovery, and many regard him as the “Father of Modern Exploration”.

His legacy continues to be honored today, and he stands as a testament to the power of knowledge, partnership, and open-mindedness.

What happens when you delete the Marco Polo app?

When you delete the Marco Polo app, it will remove the app and data associated with it from your device. The contacts you communicate with on the platform will no longer be able to find you, send you messages, or access any of the content that was shared with or by you.

If you sync your contacts with Marco Polo, it will also remove all Marco Polo contacts from your device, but other contacts will remain. You will no longer be able to access any messages that were previously sent to you, or any videos that were created by or shared with you.

All Playlists will also be deleted and cannot be recovered. Deleting the app does not automatically delete your account or any messages or videos sent to others, however, others will no longer be able to access any messages that were sent by you.

If you choose to reinstall the app and sign in with the same account, your messages should still be in your account.

Is there a free version of Marco Polo?

Yes, there is a free version of Marco Polo, the social video messaging app. The free version allows you to exchange text and video messages with friends, family, and other contacts on the app. You can also create Group Chats to communicate with multiple people at once, and can save your Chats for later.

Additionally, you can make Voice Calls with other users and leave audio messages, even if they are not online. However, the free version does not include some of the more advanced features of the app such as Notebooks, Location Tracking, and Invite Codes.

If you are looking for additional features, you can upgrade to the paid version of Marco Polo.

How long are videos saved on Marco Polo?

Videos sent through the Marco Polo app are saved for 30 days from the time they were last viewed. This means that any videos you send to someone that they haven’t opened yet will remain in the app for up to 30 days.

However, after a video has been opened by the recipient, it will be stored in the app for seven days, after which it will be permanently deleted. You can also delete videos manually before the auto-deletion time by simply swiping left on the message to delete it.

When you delete a Marco Polo can the other person see it?

No, when you delete a Marco Polo, the other person won’t be able to see it. The only person who can see the message is you. When you delete a message, it will no longer be visible or accessible to the other person.

However, once a message is deleted, it can’t be retrieved or undeleted and the other person will be notified that you have deleted the message. Also, any replies the other person has sent to the message will be deleted along with it.

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