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Can you see a deleted tweet?

Including using third-party applications and websites or searching for cached versions of the page.

Where can I find a deleted tweet?

All tweets are public, and deleted tweets are no exception. You can find a deleted tweet by searching for it on Twitter.

Is it possible to restore a deleted tweet?

No, it is not possible to restore a deleted tweet.

Can you archive tweets?

Yes, you can archive tweets. Here are some instructions on how to do so:

1.Go to Twitter and sign in.

2.Click on the Me tab.

3.Click on the three dots next to the edit profile button.

4.Click on View your archive.

5.Click on the download button.

6.Enter your password.

7.Click on the confirm button.

8.Your tweets will now be downloaded as a .zip file.

How do you use Pikaso on Twitter?

Pikaso is a Twitter tool that allows you to288 easily find and share interesting tweets with your followers. To use Pikaso, simply log in with your Twitter account and then search for tweets that contain links to interesting articles, videos, or photos. When you find a tweet that you want to share, simply click on the “Pikaso” button next to the tweet and then select the “Share” option. Pikaso will then automatically share the tweet with your followers.

How do I find my old bookmarks on Twitter?

If you’re looking for your old bookmarks on Twitter, the best place to start is by searching for the keyword “bookmarks.” You can also try looking in your Twitter settings, under the “Account” tab. If you still can’t find your old bookmarks, you may need to contact Twitter customer support.

How do you see Twitter history?

To see your Twitter history, log into your account and click on the “Me” tab. Then, click on the “More” option and select “Tweet.” Your history will be displayed in chronological order, with the most recent tweets at the top. You can also click on the “Search” tab and type in keywords to search for specific tweets.

Does deactivating Twitter delete tweets?

No, deactivating your Twitter account does not delete your tweets. However, if you delete your Twitter account, your tweets will be permanently deleted.

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