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Can you use Genie Plus for a ride multiple times?

Yes, you can use Genie Plus for a ride multiple times! You can save Genie Plus as a private ride option on the app and have a convenient way to access shared rides for up to 8 people or even just for yourself when you need to get around.

Genie Plus makes it easy to save multiple ride choices, so you don’t have to enter a destination each time you order a ride. You can also keep your saved ride options private and manage them while you’re on the go.

Can you ride a ride twice with Genie Plus?

Yes, you can ride a ride twice with Genie Plus. When you book your ride with Genie Plus, you will be able to select the number of rides you need and the times for each ride. After you book your reservation, you can add more rides for your reservation as long as the times for the rides do not overlap with each other.

For example, if you originally booked a ride from 9am to 11am, you can add a ride from 12pm to 2pm. This will give you the opportunity to take the ride twice, as long as you do not go past the expiration time for your reservation.

What is the 120 minute rule at Disney World?

The 120 minute rule at Disney World is a measure put in place by Disney World to manage the number of visitors to a particular attraction or ride. It is also known as the Virtual Queue System. The rule dictates that guests must stay within a 2-hour period at any attraction or ride, meaning that a group of guests cannot stay for more than 120 minutes.

When arriving at a ride or attraction, a group of guests must pick the desired time to return and submit the request at the kiosk. Then, they will receive a receipt confirming their return time. Guests who exceed the 2-hour rule will be subject to restrictions or closure of the ride.

The rule helps to manage wait times, allowing guests with the same ticket to visit more than one attraction in the same given period.

Is Lightning Lane unlimited with Genie Plus?

No, Lightning Lane is not unlimited with Genie Plus. With Genie Plus, you will have access to your selected programs to watch, but you will still need to purchase individual programs for streaming, as well as any additional shows you’d like to watch.

You will also need to purchase a subscription to see the special content in the Lightning Lane section. However, when you purchase Lightning Lane, you will have access to content beyond what is normally available, such as movies and TV shows which are not available as part of Genie Plus.

How do I maximize my Genie Plus?

To maximize your Genie Plus, there are several things you can do. First, take advantage of the Genie Plus benefits like Chase Street and the Grocery Cash Back Program. These can help you save money and make the most of your loyalty program.

Second, be sure to enroll in the Genie Plus rewards program for even more savings. This way, you can start to accumulate points and redeem them for rewards like gift cards, airline miles and more. Third, use the Genie Plus app to take advantage of discounts and exclusive offers.

Finally, look out for promotional deals and discounts online to earn even more points and discounts. Doing these things will help you maximize your Genie Plus rewards and get the most out of the program.

Can you walk the 5k at Disney?

Yes, absolutely! Walking a 5k at Disney is a great way to see the park and get some exercise at the same time. Walking a 5k is generally a very doable activity and Disney has several park areas that are perfect for a long walk.

You can start off near one of the theme park gates and make your way to the path along the lagoon by Disney’s BoardWalk Inn. This walk is peaceful and scenic. Be sure to take a break and take in the views of the sunsets and the properties along the lagoon – including the Contemporary, Polynesian, and Swan and Dolphin hotels.

If you want a longer walk, you could make your way through the World Showcase at Epcot or walk around the lakes at the Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Additionally, Disney offers a 5k Fun Run through Epcot each year known as the Walt Disney World Marathon.

The marathon is held in January and runners travel through all four Disney parks as they complete their distance.

A 5k is generally considered an easy to moderate exercise and walking is great for overall health and well-being. Even though the 5k at Disney might be more challenging with the hills and inclines, it’s still manageable and plenty of fun.

So if you’re up for a challenge, get those walking shoes ready and head to Disney for a 5k adventure!