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Did RuneScape wipe accounts?

No, RuneScape does not wipe accounts. While RuneScape has had occasional account resets, usually due to bugs or exploits, these have been few and far between. Generally, players are allowed to keep their accounts and progress in RuneScape.

It’s possible Jagex (the makers of RuneScape) may wipe an account if it has been exploited or abused, but these incidents are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Ultimately, the accuracy of each player’s account is of utmost importance and no mass-wiping of accounts is done.

Why can’t I recover my RuneScape account?

There could be a few reasons why you’re not able to recover your RuneScape account. One of the more common reasons is that the account authentication details you are using (such as your username, password, email address, and recovery questions) may no longer match the account due to changes that were made by you.

To make sure it’s your account, Jagex will require you to prove ownership of the account before it can be recovered. If you cannot prove ownership, Jagex cannot recover your account.

Another reason why you may not be able to recover your RuneScape account is if the account has been permanently banned. Jagex has a variety of rules and policies in place to try and keep their game safe and enjoyable for everyone.

If an account is found to be in violation of these rules, they may be permanently banned, and you will no longer be able to access or recover the account.

Finally, it’s also possible that your RuneScape account is no longer accessible because it has been hacked or stolen. In this case, Jagex can help you try to recover your account, but they cannot guarantee its return since it is out of their control.

If the hackers changed your authentication details and recovery questions, then you may not be able to recover your account.

How long before RuneScape deletes your account?

Once an account is inactive for a period of two years, Jagex will take action to permanently delete the account. This means that all of the associated game information, including bank balances, items, and quest progress, will permanently be removed from the game.

If a player wishes to preserve their account, they must log in to their inactive account before the two year period has passed; otherwise, the account will be permanently deleted.

Why has my RuneScape account been disabled?

Your RuneScape account may have been disabled for several different reasons. The most common reason is the violation of the RuneScape rules and guidelines. This could include such things as cheating, account theft, bug abuse or the purchase and sale of RuneScape gold.

Other reasons for an account being disabled include the account being associated with a payment issue, account phishing or contact with Jagex Support.

If your account has been disabled, you may be able to appeal the decision and have your account reinstated. To do so, please contact Jagex Support at

It is important to note that any accounts found to be in breach of the RuneScape rules and guidelines are not typically reinstated and may cause suspension, banning or the closure of any and all associated accounts.

How do I get my RuneScape account back?

Recovering a lost RuneScape account can be a difficult and time consuming process, but it is possible. The first step is to try to remember your login details, or contact customer service if you have them saved somewhere.

If they cannot be located, then there is still a chance your account can be recovered. Here are the steps to accomplish this goal:

1. Visit the RuneScape Account Recovery page and select the “I don’t know my account name” option. Enter the email address associated with your account in the form provided.

2. Fill out the account verification process, which can require knowledge about the account such as the date created, the names of characters on the account, the email address or other information.

3. Once you have successfully verified your account, you will be given a code to access the account which you can use to reset your password.

4. Log in to your account using the new password, and check to make sure everything looks right. Your account may take a few days to restore back to its full state.

5. If you run into any issues recovering your account, contact the RuneScape customer service team. They should be able to assist you with any requirements needed in order to gain access to your account.

By following these steps you may be able to recover your account, but it can still be a difficult process. If you are unable to recover the account on your own, the customer service team will be able to help.

Can you get a permanently banned RuneScape account back?

No, RuneScape accounts that have been permanently banned cannot be recovered or retrieved. The reasoning behind this is that permanent bans indicate that the user has violated certain terms of service and/or has been using the game dishonestly.

Per the RuneScape Terms of Service (TOS) states users who are found to be cheating or using the game to be malicious or hurtful in any way will be completely banned. Furthermore, the new RuneScape account management system makes it so that any account that are discovered to have cheated in-game or have violated other TOS will be automatically banned without any notification or warning.

Therefore, if an account was permanently banned, there is no way to retrieve the account or lift the ban.

Is my account banned RuneScape?

No, unless you have done something that is considered to be against the game’s rules and terms of service. Even then, your account will usually not be banned unless you have done something that is against the game’s terms of service and code of conduct for a prolonged period of time.

If you have done something that breaches the rules, it is possible that your account may be temporarily suspended or permanently banned. If you are worried that your account may have been banned, you should check your account status on the RuneScape website to make sure it is still active and operational.

If your account has been banned you will be able to view the reason why and what you can do to resolve it.

Is Macroing in Osrs Bannable?

Yes, macroing in Old School Runescape is bannable. Jagex, the developers of Old School Runescape, take macroing seriously and take action against any accounts found to be using macros. This includes permanently banning them from the game.

To combat macroing, Jagex has set up macro detection systems that monitor players’ behavior and detect any suspicious activity, such as large numbers of actions being completed too quickly or account logs indicating regular identical gameplay activities over a short period of time.

If a player is found to be macroing, they may face a world-wide ban, a IP address ban, or any number of other punishments.

It is important to note that Jagex does not take action after a single instance of macroing, but rather requires evidence. Therefore, players should be careful to avoid using any kind of macros or scripts, as it could ultimately lead to an account being banned from the game.

Do Jagex unban accounts?

Yes, Jagex does unban accounts in certain situations. This process is known as an appeal and is available to any player who feels they have been banned in error. In order to appeal the ban, you will need to submit a detailed form explaining why you think you have been wrongfully banned.

If accepted, your account will be unbanned and all associated details will be restored.

In order to increase your success rate in appeals, it is important to put together a well written, detailed and honest statement of your case along with any relevant screenshots or video clips. Jagex take into consideration a number of factors when deciding to approve or deny an appeal including the length of time since the ban was issued, the severity of the offense, and the player’s previous history.

Ultimately, appealing a ban is always a risk. Since Jagex cannot verify individual cases, the decision is left to their own discretion. As such, there is no guarantee that a ban will be lifted and any attempt to appeal should only be used if you are confident in the details you are providing.

How do I appeal a permanent ban Osrs?

If you’ve been permanently banned from Old School RuneScape (OSRS), you can submit an appeal with Jagex, the game’s publisher and developer. You will need your account username, ban message, and any supporting evidence in order to make an appeal.

To make an appeal, visit the Jagex Support Centre website at www. jagex. com/support. Once you are on the page, scroll down to the “Appealing Actions” section underneath the Contact Us section. From there, select the “More info” option, and then select the “Submit an Appeal” option.

Once you are at the Submit an Appeal page, you will need to provide the information requested. Make sure to include all details regarding your banning incident. You will also need to provide the game account name, game world, ban message, and approximate time of your permanent ban.

It is important to be as detailed and accurate as possible while submitting your appeal. Once you have accurately filled out the appeal form, click the Submit button.

The Jagex Customer Support team will review your appeal and issue a response within two weeks. Unfortunately, not all appeals are successful, and Jagex does not guarantee an overturned ban. Good luck with your appeal, and best wishes for your OSRS gaming future.

How long do ban appeals take RuneScape?

The amount of time for a RuneScape ban appeal to be processed can vary depending on the specific appeal. Generally speaking, it can take up to 48 hours for a response to be given, though in some cases it may take longer.

This is primarily due to the need to thoroughly review the evidence and make an informed decision. To ensure the best chance of a successful appeal, players should ensure they provide all pertinent information and milestones to support their claims.

Additionally, if a response is not received within a reasonable amount of time, players are encouraged to reach out to the RuneScape support team to ensure their appeal has been received and is being processed.

Does RuneScape delete accounts for inactivity?

RuneScape does not delete accounts for inactivity directly, however, users will become inactive at certain points in time, often due to external factors. Typically, RuneScape does not delete accounts that are inactive for extended periods of time.

In many cases, an account will become inactivated if a user is absent from the game for 3-6 months or longer. Accounts that become inactivated due to extended inactivity will remain inactive and no longer be accessible unless they are reactivated by the player.

That being said, Jagex, the developer behind RuneScape, does reserve the right to delete accounts in certain circumstances when it is deemed necessary. These include but are not limited to cases where the player is found in breach of the game’s rules and policies, the user is suspected of being involved in activities of fraud, account sharing or abuse and so on.

Accounts that are deleted due to infractions of the game’s terms of service and policies are usually deleted without warning and includes all items stored in that account.

How long does it take to delete a RuneScape account?

The amount of time it takes to delete a RuneScape account varies, depending on the type of account you have and the steps you take to delete it. If you have a Limited or Standard account, you can delete it in a matter of minutes by logging in to your account and navigating to the Account Management section.

Once there, you will have the option to delete your account by confirming your request. If you have a Member account, however, the process may take up to 14 days. To delete a Member account, you must send an email to Jagex support requesting they delete your account.

They will then confirm your request and the account will be deleted in up to 14 days.

Can you use the same email for multiple RuneScape accounts?

No, it is not possible to use the same email address for multiple RuneScape accounts. Players are required to register unique accounts for each RuneScape character that they play. Each account must have a unique email address that is assigned specifically for it.

When registering and setting up a RuneScape account, players must input their own personal email address. This email address must not have been used to set up another RuneScape account or it will be rejected.

Additionally, users are not allowed to sell, transfer or share their account or offer bonus items or in-game currencies to other players in exchange for their accounts. These actions will result in the account being disabled by the RuneScape moderators.

What is Jagex support email?

Jagex support’s email address is [email protected]. All customer service queries can be emailed to this address and will be answered as soon as possible.

It is important to note that not all queries sent to this email address can be answered. If you are experiencing a technical issue or require assistance with an account issue, please make sure to provide as much information as possible in your email as this will help Jagex to help you as quickly as possible.

Many of the common problems can be resolved through the on-site FAQs, so it’s worth double checking here before raising an issue with Jagex support.

Can you have multiple characters in RuneScape?

Yes, you can have multiple characters in RuneScape. Players can create up to three additional characters on a single account to play simultaneously. Upon creating a second and third character, players must complete more of the tutorial before playing, and will have limits placed on the skills they can access as a reward for having additional characters.

Players are also able to select different looks and genders for their additional characters. Having multiple characters can give players the opportunity to experience many different aspects of the game, including different activities, quests, and group events.

With additional characters, players can also explore a variety of professions. For example, one account can have a character specializing in gathering resources, another in creating items, and a third in combat.

Can you transfer your RuneScape account to old school?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer a RuneScape account to Old School RuneScape (OSRS). Entirely separate accounts must be created for both games in order to play them. It is not possible to transfer your progress with items, levels, or stats when creating a new account.

However, if you own membership on either game, you can use it to access both games. Additionally, Bond payments and purchases are shared between accounts. Along with that, both accounts can use the same e-mail address.

If you choose to connect your RuneScape and OSRS accounts, you can do so through the RuneScape account settings. By connecting them, you will be able to manage both accounts from one place. Additionally, you will also receive a monthly loyalty reward for every month that you are subscribed to both games.

Why did my old school RuneScape account get reset?

Old school RuneScape accounts can be reset due to a variety of reasons, including inactivity, a breach of the game’s terms and conditions, and a variety of other reasons. If your account was reset, it is most likely due to inactivity.

If an account hasn’t been accessed in six months or more, it is automatically reset for security reasons. This may mean that you’ve unknowingly shared your login details with someone, or that perhaps you used a system that provided your old school RuneScape account with an automatic login, which is against the game’s rules and can lead to your account being reset.

If the reset was due to an account breach, the game’s authorities will likely have notified you or provided more information on why they reset your account. In either case, creating a new account is the only way to resolve this issue and get back to playing the game.

How do I recover my Osrs account on Reddit?

Recovering an Osrs account on Reddit can be done through the Old School RuneScape subreddit. First, you will need to create a request post with your account information such as username and date of birth.

It is best to include the information in the post title for ease of reference. Make sure to include enough clear information to prove your identity and ownership of the account.

Once your post is live, a user who is familiar with account recovery will contact you. They will typically ask for additional information such as account details, or a picture of ID. Do not provide them with any sensitive information until you are certain they are legitimate.

Once you have established that the user is legitimate, they will guide you through the process of regaining access to your account. This process can involve resetting your account password, restoring your game progress, or otherwise recovering the account in a secure manner.

You may also want to consider securing your account with two-factor authentication (2FA). This will help prevent unauthorized access in the future. To do this, head to the Old School RuneScape website, select the account settings and click the “Security & Privacy” tab.

Here you can follow the instructions to enable two-factor authentication. Ensure that any device(s) you use to access your account have the latest version of the game software.

Once you have regained access to your account, it is necessary to secure it further by changing the password and updating any other account details. Additionally, to ensure your account remains safe and secure, you should always follow RuneScape’s terms of service.

By following these steps, you should be able to recover your Osrs account on Reddit.