DIY Christmas Decor Ideas

Christmas is going to arrive in a month. But we are sure most of you have already put up your garlands and soon will get the tree as well. While you decide the decor for this holiday season, here are some crafts and decorations you can try.

A Repurposed Picture Frame Christmas Wreath Idea

Repurposed Picture Frame Christmas Wreath Idea

There are many things that you can recycle for creating a decor. One such thing is a picture frame. Grab a picture frame that has retired from your room’s wall. Paint it red, green, white or any other color you like. Then collect a few Christmas baubles. Tie all the Christmas ornaments to fancy trims. Collect all the ribbons, and fasten them to the top part of the painted frame. Embellish the picture frame further with a large ribbon bow. You can choose any color for the fancy ribbons and Christmas baubles. You can be an artist, and let your creativity soar.

Here is a tutorial you might like to watch

Snowy Christmas Lanterns


To make this, you will need a mason jar, some Epsom salt, a sponge brush, and decoupage glue. For embellishment, you will require faux greenery picks, faux mixed berries, and twine. First of all, apply glue to the outer surface of the jar with a sponge applicator. Dust Epsom salt over the glue. At this point, you can leave it one layer. Or wait for the first layer of salt to dry, and then repeat the step. This way, you will get a dense layer of the snow. You can also mix silver or white glitter with the salt. That will make it look even more charming. Once the glue has dried, fasten the greenery picks and berries to the jar with twine. You can try miniature pinecones too. Decorate with anything that strikes your fancy. Once ready, put a candle in the snowy mason jar. You can throw in a battery-operated tealight as well if you have kids around. Use these jar luminaries to decorate your porch staircase. Or use the luminaries as centerpieces for your holiday dinner table.

DIY Glitter Foam Christmas Ornaments

Wine Glass Snow Globe Candlesticks


Collect wine glasses in assorted sizes. Draw along the rims of glasses on a cardboard sheet. Cut the disks. Then hot glue Christmas trinkets to the cardboard disks. You can glue houses, trees, Santa, reindeer, or any other thing. Then fill the glasses till two thirds with fake snow. Use a hot glue gun to fix the upside-down cardboard disk trinkets on the wine glasses. Invert the glasses. Perch white and red candles on top of each candlestick. Use them to decorate your fireplace mantle. You can also put them on your coffee table or the dining table. Make as many as you like and turn your home into a winter wonderland.

Wood Slice Snowman Ornaments



To make this ornament, arrange three sizes of wood slices in a row. Then use a popsicle stick and E6000 glue to join the wood rounds. Also, glue a loop of twine to the back for hanging. Then use the same glue to stick buttons to the snowman. Then make a scarf of the snowman with felt fabric. You can recycle an old sock for this too. Make the eyes, nose, and mouth of the snowman with sharpie markers. Make fringe of the scarf by making small cuts. Voila! Make lots of them and hang them on your Christmas tree. They would make an adorable garland too for your fireplace.

A Wintery Yarn Wreath


This one is an easy Christmas wreath idea. You will need white loop yarn, a styrofoam donut, and miniature bottle brush trees. Start by wrapping the yarn around the foam donut. As you do this use pins every one or two inches to keep the wool in place. Then stick the trees in the middle bottom of the wreath. You can add more embellishments too. Such as small baubles, pinecones, and snowflakes. Though, in its basic form, the wreath still looks impressive. If you make this wreath in a small size, you can give it a black backdrop too. It will look like a wintery night. To make the backdrop, you have to put black cardstock inside a picture frame. Add fairy lights if you want to make it even more festive.

A Christmas Pom Pom Wreath

A Christmas Pom Pom Wreath

Here is another easy project. You can make it in a couple of hours. Make yarn pom-poms in different sizes. Use red, white, and green yarn. Then stick the pom-poms to a foam wreath base. Use a hot glue gun or a heavy adhesive for this purpose. Keep gluing until the whole wreath is covered. Glue a satin ribbon loop to the wreath. While traditional colors will look Christmasy, you can experiment with other colors too. Or use tinsel with yarn in Christmas colors. Other decorations you can use can be small ornaments, jingle bells, or ribbon bows. Fairy lights will take it up a notch.

Rustic Twine Ball Christmas Ornaments



Soak some length of jute twine in white glue. Wrap the glue soaked twine around a water balloon. If you want, you can wrap a white string, as well. Hang the twine water balloon in the open air, until the glue is completely dry. Make as many as you need. Pop the balloons. Tie two ends of a piece of twine to two jingle bells. It will create a loop for hanging. Make more loops according to the number of the Christmas ornaments. Pop them in the twine ball ornaments. Add a tartan ribbon bow to each ornament. Hang them on your Christmas tree. You can make a garland or a wreath with these twine balls too.

Miniature Pinecone Christmas Trees

Miniature Pinecone Christmas Trees

Collect pinecones in similar sizes. Bring them home and bake them in the oven. It will make sure no insects are inside. Then remove some scales from the bottom of the pinecones. It will help the pinecones to be freestanding as trees. Then take pom poms in mixed colors. Glue them to the scales of the pinecones. They will look like Christmas ornaments. You can also paint the pinecones green. Acrylic craft paint will give the best results. Alternatively, coat the scales with white glue and then dust glitter over the trees. You can also use pearls, beads, or crystals in place of pom-poms. There are endless possibilities to design tabletop pinecone Christmas trees. To make the pinecones stable, you can hot glue a log disc at its base.

Mason Jar Lid Wreath Ornaments


Get a bag of mason jar lids from a craft store. Also, collect cotton string rope and jute twine. Wrap the twine or cotton rope around a mason jar lid. You can use a hot glue gun to keep it in its place. Fasten a loop of ribbon or twine around the wreath for hanging. You can embellish the wreaths with rick-rack trim, crystals, stickers, ribbons, Christmas card embellishments, and so much more. You can also recycle jewelry if you have some old unused ones. The cotton yarn wreaths will give a wintery look. And the jute twine wreaths will give rustic feels. Both mixed will look incredible.

Woodland Animals Ornaments


If you love painting, then this project is for you. Wipe clear Christmas ornaments with rubbing alcohol. It will make sure the surface is super clean to paint on. Then, you have to paint animal faces on the Christmas baubles with acrylic paint. Then paint felt sheet for making the ears. Cut the animal ears and hot glue them to the Christmas baubles. Put the lid of the ornaments back. Tie twine loops to each ornament. These ornaments are going to be your kids’ favorite. You can put more woodland themed decor items along with these ornaments.

An Embroidery Hoop Wreath


This one is a quick project. If you are a person with no or fundamental crafting abilities, you can still try this project. You will need an embroidery hoop, faux greenery picks, faux berries, pinecones, and a battery candle. Some shops have Christmas bouquets available too. You can use those bouquets to make this DIY project easier. Next comes the assembling. Grab a hot glue gun. Start gluing the decorations to the bottom part of the hoop. In the end, glue a battery candle to the wreath, and voila! The embroidery hoop is an ideal wreath base. You can use it with decorations of your own as well. You can glue ornaments or even pom-poms. Creativity has no limit. So, be confident and decorate to your heart’s content.

A Button Christmas Wreath


Here is a cute Christmas wreath idea. It is easy to make. You need some extra time and patience for this project. Collect buttons in green, red, and white color. You can choose a mixture of sizes and shades. Take a styrofoam donut. Start fixing the buttons over it one by one. Use pearl seed beads and pins for putting the buttons on the wreath. It might take some tries to fit the buttons completely. There shouldn’t be any foam visible once you finish it. In the end, add an oversized red ribbon bow to the wreath. Attach a silk ribbon loop for hanging. Hang this wreath at your front door.

Pasta Christmas Tree Craft



First, choose the pasta you want to use. You will need more pasta if the size is small. Longer pasta will fill up the tree faster. Put the pasta in a sandwich bag. Add a blob of acrylic paint in the sandwich bag. Coat all the noodles in the paint. Spread them out on a sheet of parchment paper to dry. Then cut a triangle template of cardboard. Start gluing dyed pasta to it. Top the tree with a felt foam sheet star. Glue a loop of twine at the back of the tree. You can hang these pasta Christmas trees on your Christmas tree as ornaments.

An Ombre Christmas Tree Garland


Take felt sheets in three shades of green. Cut them as shown according to the size of clothespins you have. Glue the pieces of felt sheets to the clothespins to make Christmas trees. Make a garland of white pom poms and these Christmas trees with thick cotton twine. You can try this with red and white pom poms too. If you want, add small gem stickers to the trees. It will seem like the trees have ornaments. Cut glitter foam stars, and use them as tree toppers. Hang the garland over your fireplace. You can add twinkle lights to your Christmas garland to make it festive.

Melted Bead Ornaments


Line a baking tray or a pan with aluminum foil. Put Christmas themed cookie cutters on the baking dish. Then arrange clear pony beads inside the cookie cutters. Melt the pony beads in the oven on low temperature. Make sure the oven is not too hot. Once you see the beads have melted and fused, take the baking dish out. Let the melted pony beads become solid. Remove them from the cookie cutters. Drill holes in each melted bead ornament. Use fishing line to hang them. They will make a joyful window display. You can also use them as ornaments or make a garland. Keep the cookie cutters in some containers. You can use them again next year.

Clothespin Snowmen


Paint natural wood clothespins with white acrylic paint. Then cut pieces of colorful yarn. Tie them around the clothespins to make snowmen scarves. Make the nose of the snowmen with mini orange pom poms. Detail them with a black marker. These clothespin snowmen are easy to make. You can involve your kids too in this craft. They will enjoy it for sure. Use these snowmen to make a garland or Christmas tree ornaments. You can later use these snowman clothespins to close the bags of party favors. Or save them in a plastic container to use the next holiday season.


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