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DIY Hose Holder to Make Your Garden More Tidy Quickly

Working outdoors is a great recreational and fun activity. A lot of people prefer working outside rather than indoors. The reason behind this preference is the tranquil environment, which offers great peace. Alongside this, working outside expands the creative horizons as well. But a hose lying in the garden would indeed look very unattractive. If you are someone who is always up to do something creative, here is a plan.

The next innovative thing that you should do is creating a DIY hose holder. This way, you will be able to conceal your outdoor tools quite well. Alongside this, you will also have a delightful thing decorating your garden.

DIY hose holder

Some Popular DIY Hose Holder Ideas

If you have a garden, it is a sure thing that you will have a hose as well. It is necessary to keep one if you need to maintain your garden squeaky clean and tidy at all times. However, placing the hose at the right place is a source of great annoyance. You want to keep it handy, but at the same time, you need to keep it away from the eyes of your visitors and guests. There are several ways to store those creatively. A homemade garden hose storage would serve the purpose conveniently.

If you are still confused and have no idea how to make your DIY garden hose holder, here are a few ideas for you.

1. A Painter’s Pallet DIY Hose Holder

Pallet Hose Holder

If you, or someone in your home, love to paint, you would surely be able to get your hands on a painting pallet. A useless pallet that you might have put aside would help you greatly in making your hose holder. It can turn into a great storage area for your hose, and you can also place other items in the left-over area. All you will have to do is to fix the shovels and spades at the right places and hang your items from there.

2. Old Metal Stand DIY Hose Holder

Old Metal Stand DIY Hose Holder

Old metal stands keep lying around in the house uselessly. If you have one in your home it can be used for the DIY garden hose holder free standing. Fix it where you need to keep your hose, and you will be able to take it off from there whenever needed. This stand would be challenging to paint, and you will have to manage with the current shade of the holder.

3. The Storage Tub DIY Hose Holder

Storage Tub DIY Hose Holder

If you are not comfortable with others having even a glimpse of your hose holder, there is no need to worry. A storage hub is a perfect solution to this problem. For this, you need to take an old chest and decorate in whatever manner you would like to see it. Once done, place the hose inside it, and along with it, add the extra tools you use in the garden. Be it rain or storm, your hose will stay protected and shielded. This is sure quite a simple homemade hose reel, which you can make in a few hours, easily.

4. The Wooden Stand DIY Hose Holder

Wooden Stand DIY Hose Holder

If you are not at ease with using metal or other hard items, you can opt for a slab of wood to make your hose storage. You can mount the slab directly on the wall, and your hose can be hung from there. All you would need for this to happen are a few nails and a hammer. Find an appropriate place and hook the wooden stand in it. Hang the hose, and keep it there for as long as you want. If required, you can paint it in whichever color you like. You would need merely a few hours to complete this DIY garden hose hanger.

5. The Reel Out Storage DIY Hose Holder

Reel Out Storage DIY Hose Holder

Okay, so this one would require some extra time and effort from you, but once completed, you would be amazed at how pleasant it would appear to you. The reel out storage for the garden hose is quite a popular idea amongst garden hose owners. DIY hose reel adds to the ease with which you can take the hose out from the wheel and utilize it for your task.

Either made with metal, wood, or plastic, you would love the final looks of this DIY hose hanger.

6. Hose Storage Pot

Hose Storage Pot

Now, this is a fantastic idea, which would add vibrancy to your garden. Along with this, it will also keep your hose safe and secure. Rather than opting for a storage box, choose a storage pot and place your hose in it. You can make this pot either with plastic or wood, according to your convenience. However, while making it, make sure that you add extra space in it for placing more items along with the hose.

7. Wooden Spools DIY Hose Holder

Wooden Spools DIY Hose Holder

Another easy and quick-to-make hose holder is the one made with wooden spools. As wood is easier to work with, a lot of people opt for this particular manner to keep their hose stored for a long time. Three smalls to medium-sized spools, attached to the wall at equal distances, make a good circle. You can wrap the hose around them, and it will turn out to be the most convenient DIY garden hose reel.

8. Washtub Storage

Washtub Storage Hose

An old washtub offers convenience in assembling a homemade garden hose storage. The old tub can be used as a storage, which keeps the hose protected for a long time. By drilling a hole behind the washtub, one can take the long hose out in a much efficient manner. You will be able to take out the hose from the rear side, and use it in whichever style you want to use it.

9. The ‘No Fuss’ Hose Holder

modern hose holder

In case there is a lack of space in your house, opt for this idea. When one doesn’t have enough area to keep the hose in the garden, the modern hose holder comes in handy. All you need to do is to simply install the bracket on the wall, and hang your hose on it. This DIY hose hanger will not only look extremely neat and clean but will also turn out to be modern and chic. If you have chosen a wooden holder, you can color them in whichever manner you want.

10. The Tire Pot DIY Hose Holder

Tire Pot Hose Holder

For those having budget constraints, the fire pit is the most fantastic idea to opt for. This do-it-yourself plan will take merely an hour. In the end, you will end up with an extremely good looking and convenient way to keep your hose in one place. All you need to do is to take a big sized wheel made of tube and cut it half from upside down. Along the tube, place the hose and keep it there for as long as you want. To add some flavor to it, you can color it peculiarly.

DIY Hose Holder Blueprint

Your hose holder made by yourself should be easy to make and have pleasant results. For that matter, opt for those material items which you can work with, efficiently. This means that if you are new in the DIY creativity, choose wood over metal as the primary material. This is because wood is easier to work with, you can mold it in whichever manner you want the hose holder to look like.

Choosing wood as the primary ingredient of your do-it-yourself project, you will be able to paint it easily. Placing a quirky hose holder in the garden would make the garden appear pleasant.

How to Build Your DIY Hose Holder?

In case you are still confused about how to create your DIY hose holder, do not worry. This space will let you know about the kind of items you need for this project. All the steps are well aware of the way you need to go about it. Following this project will offer you an easy and convenient way to create your hose holder and place it in the garden.

1. Things You Need for This DIY Project

  • A Wooden Post
  • Wood glue
  • Pencil
  • Shovel
  • Spray paint
  • Drill
  • Circular saw
  • Wall mount
  • Wood square 4′ and 5′

You will be able to have most of these items without any kind of annoyance or vexation. A lot of them will already be available in the house, and you won’t have to get them from the market.

2. Steps to Follow

Step 1:

Take the wooden post and cut it in half. As the original post is 8 feet long, cutting it in half will leave it in two pieces, with each having a length of 4 feet.

Step 2:

Keep the wooden post straight and brace it. This will keep it stationary at one place, without causing the nuisance of it moving while you are working.

Step 3:

You need to attach the stacked wooden pieces using the glue. However, make sure to go ahead with the next step only when this glue is dried up well.


gorilla wood glue

Step 4:

Now you need to drill a hole right in the middle of the stacked wooden pieces. Place the screw in this hole using your right hand.


drill a hole

Step 5:

The face of the wood that needs to be kept in front of the viewer is what you need to decide now. On the backside of it, attach the mount and adjust it on the wall.


wall mount hose hanger

Step 6:

Use your pencil to mark a position on the wood to ensure that the screws are placed in the right places.


pencil to mark a position

Step 7:

Now comes the most exciting part: painting. Take the spray paint, preferably rust in color, and paint the entire item with it.

Step 8:

Make a hole of around 18 inches for the hose now, and make sure it is close to the water spigot.

Step 9:

Attach the newly made garden hose holder on it tightly. No matter how much pressure is exerted on it while taking the hose off, it shouldn’t move from its place.

Step 10:

Wrap the hose around the newly made hose holder. Make sure that the paint of the hose holder has dried up completely before you put the hose around it.


modern hose holder

DIY Hose Holder FAQs:

1. How Can I Hide My Garden Hose?

There are many ways to hide the garden hose, but the most convenient one is sure to create a DIY hose box. As you will be able to close the box quickly, the hose will not be visible, and no one will be able to see it.

2. What Is A Hose Holder Called?

A hose holder can also be called a hose storage box or the hose reel, depending on the kind of holder on is using. Mostly it is a cylindrical spindle and made in the shape of a reel. Metal, wood, or plastic can be used to create it.

3. How Do You Store A Coil Hose?

A coiled hose can easily be stored simply by taking a PVC pipe and sticking it on the ground. Now, you need to slide these coils around this pipe, and the hose will be stored for a long duration. If not plastic, you can also use wood to keep the coil hose.


Keeping the garden neat and clean is necessary for your overall outlook of the house to appear pleasant. For that, stacking the hose well-secured is a much-needed act. If you do not want to buy anything from the market, simple DIY projects can help you in securing your hose, quickly.

A DIY hose holder is easy to make and is significantly cost-effective when it comes to its overall price. Nonetheless, the project made clear above is surely one of the easiest ones ever.

So, what are you waiting for? Give that garden hose of yours a storage space and keep it in good working conditions for many years to come!