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22 Best Elegant Indoor & Outdoor DIY Plant Stand Ideas for Your Trial

Plants are the best form of natural beauty you can use to add glamour to your home. Though other beauty mechanisms are there, plants are the best.

Giving these plants the best display will determine how great you are in creativity. Below are different DIY plant stand ideas. All are ideal for your home, whether outside or inside. Have a look and give a number some trials.

1. DIY wheeled plant stand

DIY wheeled plant stand

Sometimes it can be tedious to carry your plant pots by yourself. What if they are many? I believe it can not be fun going and coming back for each plant jar.

This plant stand is your ultimate solution. It has wheels which make it easy to move it around. Whether you want to put your plants indoors or outdoor for some sunshine, you can comfortably move it.

Furthermore, the racks allow more room to carry more plant pots. What else do you need? If not this adorable stand?

All the parts are joined using nails. And getting wood and the small wheels is not a problem at all.

I think you should try this out and add elegance and class to your home.

2. DIY Hanging/standing Plant Stand

DIY Hanging standing Plant Stand

This plant stand gives a unique look to your plants. If you do not want to place your plants on the floor, you can let them enjoy the floating in the air.

This hack favors you if you want your plant garden to be in one place. The frame makes the plants look compact.

You only need strong ropes and a stable frame, and there you go. Besides, this plant stand has a base where you can store something to add more beauty to your surroundings.

3. DIY Cardboard Plant Stand

DIY Cardboard Plant Stand

Even if all the other ideas may be hard to try, this must be the simplest. With very few materials-and your plant stand is ready.

This plant stand is simple but very unique. It shows how creative you are. And how you take advantage of every little thing but bring out excellent results.

This YouTuber shows how you can come up with this cardboard plant stand. Watch and learn.

4. DIY Wood and Copper Plant Stand

DIY Wood and Copper Plant Stand

Putting creativity at its best works wonders. Just a simple combination of copper and wood, but the results are excellent.

This plant stand has woods as the legs. The base of each leg is copper, as well as the top and the clamps.

This stand adds variety to your home décor. Making your home look unique and classic.

5. DIY Ceramic Plant Stand

DIY Ceramic Plant Stand

Do you love quality stuff? And unique ones? Quality results need one to spend time on what you do.

You do not need an artist or much money to come up with this beautiful stand. They add magic and style to your home.

Whether outside or inside, they look great. Watch this YouTuber explaining how to make these ceramic stands.

6. DIY Metal Plant Stand

DIY Metal Plant Stand

This rustic plant stand gives your home the best looks. The rectangular base gives it the stability to hold even the heavy plant containers.

The circular metals allow you to insert your containers. This look is so fantastic and looks like no other.

It looks great at the corner of your wall. Especially being black, it matches adorably with your green and color of the plant holders.

7. DIY Mini Plant Stand

DIY Mini Plant Stand

Not most of us are fond of big stuff. After all, small stuff looks good when used in a big way.

This mini plant stand will make your house look smaller and compact. But not in a wrong way. When things are so much apart, they do not look beautiful. Hence, something that can reduce the spacing will do good.

This YouTuber explains well how you can make this mini plant stand. It is simple but adorable. With just a thread and small pieces of wood and you are good to go.

8. Multipurpose Plant Stand

Multipurpose Plant Stand

What if your plant stand served you more than its intended purpose? This will be great. It will represent uniqueness and beauty well packed.

This wooden plant stand is incredible. Very spacious and unique. At the base, as you can see, are toys and some books. The middle deck as well as other different stuff. While the top displays the plant stand executively.

This idea is simple but very luxurious. If you want to extend its functionality, use it indoors.

9. DIY Open 4-legged stool plant stand

DIY Open 4-legged stool plant stand

Probably you do not have a lot of time to make a complicated plant stand. What about this? Very simple, but beautiful.

With only four wooden sticks and the middle woods for the middle, you are good to go.

This simple plant stand displays not only your plants but also your gorgeous container.

Hello, Lidy explains the simple instruction to come up with one. Check out this blog and learn more.

10. Copper and Cement Plant Stand

Copper and Cement Plant Stand

Indeed, you cannot limit cement to only building construction. And copper, it is not for electric wires only. These two can combine and make a unique plant stand.

The legs are copper. The top surface is cement. You may think the stand is heavy, but actually not.

You can use this plant stand for both outdoor and indoor plants. It presents a calm atmosphere. Also, it is long-lasting and can serve you for a longer time.

11. DIY Colored Books Stand Plant Ideas

DIY Colored Books Stand Plant Ideas

Did you ever think that books can make a great plant stand? Indeed it is unique and funny in a way.

But it is possible. If you have your colored books, do not just put them on a bookshelf. By this, you will be hiding a beauty that should be exposed.

Let people see your creativity and tap your back. Try different colors, and you will see the result. And, of course, this hack will only fit indoors.

This hack’s beauty is that you can rearrange the books daily to taste the beauty each color brings out.

12. DIY wired Plant Stand

DIY wired Plant Stand

A rustic plant stand made only from wires. It is simple but displays your planters perfectly.

Thumbs up to The Merrythought, who sat to think about this great idea.

If you are a minimalist who only wishes to focus on simple things, you should try it.

13. Wooden Crate Plant Stand

Wooden Crate Plant Stand

These rustic wooden pallets can make great plant stands. Wood is available and easy to find.

These crates are vast and can hold several plant pots. While you put some on the top, others can be inside with some more decorations.

Wooden crates are easy to make. See here how you can go about creating these gorgeous but straightforward crates.

14. DIY Stool Plant Stand Idea

DIY Stool Plant Stand Idea

A stool is a simple furniture. But if you can add something on top, it does not look that simple.

A flower planter sitting on this tool adds some greenery and nature’s beauty to your room.

This plant stand does not interfere with your stool’s functionality. You can remove the planter anytime you want to use the seat.

15. DIY Bench Plant Stand

DIY Bench Plant Stand

A simple bench can be a great plant stand around your compound. And, it is not only perfect outside; it can also look great indoors.

This bench can look great in your living room and fill an ample space next to a window. And anyone sitting there will indeed get the cooling effect of a green plant.

This bench plant is rustic but lavish. You only need a wooden panel and screws. And there you go- an excellent plant stand.

16. DIY Cinderblock plant stand

DIY Cinderblock plant stand

Does this idea not look great? Just from the look, it is very welcoming—a combination of cinder blocks, two boards, and plant containers.

The colored buckets add some attractiveness and beauty to your compound. The two boards acting as your bucket shelf are rustic but straightforward.

If you are not aware of how you can up with this type of idea, check out these simple steps. The blogger explains simply the way to go.

17. DIY Stair-Case Plant Stand

DIY Stair-Case Plant Stand

Did you think that a staircase is only for people to climb up? You can also give your plants that climbing appearance by trying this hack out.

This idea is simple but one of a kind. With only some woods, and there the plant stand is impressive.

Do you want to try out this idea? Click here and let your home look amazing than before.

18. DIY Frame Plant Stand

DIY Frame Plant Stand

We are used to only placing photos on frames. You can also transfer this idea to your precious plant stand.

Using it as an outdoor plant stand, it gets anyone gazing. It is only made of wood, an easy to find material.

Besides, this framed plant stand has three spaces. Here you can place your three medium-sized plant pots or six smaller ones.

19. DIY Cornered Plant Stand

DIY Cornered Plant Stand

Even your corner needs attention. A plant stand can exactly do that.

This cornered plant stand offers enough space for your planters. While the bottom is a bit small, the next decks compensate for the length.

Since it extends on two walls, you can place wider planters or several planters.

The idea is simple. The only thing you need is a corner around your home, and there you have your perfect plant stand.

20. DIY ladder Plant Stand

DIY ladder Plant Stand

Do you have many plant pots and a garden? How organized is your garden? A garden will look more appealing if you arrange it in an organized manner.

Have you ever thought of a ladder as a solution for this? Yes, this idea is simple but stylish and cute.

It can hold several pots without congestion. And since it is vertical, it does not occupy a lot of your space.

The primary material is wood, an affordable and easy-to-find material.

21. DIY Bike plant stand

DIY Bike plant stand

Do you have a bicycle that you are not using? I think it is time to utilize it now. Instead of throwing it away, throw your plants on top of it. But stylishly, of course!

The way to go is to utilize the frame to be your plant holder. If you want it unique, tie wires on various spokes stylishly. Then, insert your pots. Add some colors that blend with your jars. You will indeed appreciate your creativity.

22. Hanging Pallet Pot Stand

Hanging Pallet Pot Stand

Hanging a pallet on your wall can be a great idea of giving your planters a place to stay.

What you will need to do is to have planters that have hooks. Attaching these plant holders on the pallet using the clips will give them the best look.

Anyone can see your plants and get nature’s comfort.

How to Build a DIY Plant Stand

Since plant stand ideas are many, let us focus on building this simple plant stand for now.

For best results, use the measurements you are comfortable with, giving you the right size.

Tools and materials

  • Wood (for the legs, shelves, and mainboard)
  • Jigsaw
  • Drill
  • Miter saw
  • Wood glue
  • Wood filler
  • Screws

Step by step guide


Make the cuts for the mainboard—measure 2.5 inches from the corner. Mark with a pencil, then cut using a jigsaw.

Using your miter saw, cut the legs’ boards’ ends at 30 degrees each.

Join the board and the legs

Use woodworking glue to attach the legs to the board. Join from the angled end. Hold the legs tightly using nails. Also, place the screws on a thicker spot; this will enable stability and sturdiness.

Attaching the shelves

Make a dual pocket on your shelves using a Kreg jig. You can then attach the shelves to the board. Use screws to tighten.

The first and second shelves can be 8 inches apart from each other.


Use wood filler to fill the pocket holes. Sand then paint or stain your plant stand. If you will be painting, ensure you prime first. Let your paint dry.

And there, your beautiful and sleek tiered plant stand is. You can then put your planters on the shelves. Gaze at your creativity! 

scrap wood plant stands


In conclusion, no beauty surpasses the beauty of natural plants. Plants have the power to add life and aesthetics to your home.

It is not enough to have a garden or plants in a pot. The way you display them is what matters most. The DIY plant stand ideas we have mentioned above are simple. Why don’t you pick one, two, or three and try out these hacks?

Try more DIY planter ideas out and make your home a place to be admired.