20 DIY Shelves Ideas to Beautifying Your House

A shelf is essential in any house. I know you do not wish to store your stuff just anywhere. Creating shelves for your stuff will show how organized and careful you are.

Below are several DIY shelving ideas. Have a look and give any of your rooms that gorgeous look it should have.

1. DIY Floating Shelves

DIY Floating Shelves

If you desire frugal shelves, then these floating shelves are the best you can have. They are not only functional but also add décor to your room.

They are rustic and simple to make. All you need is wood. You can get the wood from your previous woodworking project or buy it since they are cheap.

The boards are from pine wood. The plywood lies on top of the boards and makes the shelves very sturdy. This make is what enhances the floating look.

However, you will need to ensure that you secure the shelves with studs. And you can put even heavy stuff on top. Any need to worry about them falling? Not really!

Check tutorials if you wish to know how to make these shelves.

2. DIY Plastic Crates Shelves

DIY Plastic Crates Shelves

If you do not have the time to make wooden or metal shelves, this is an option for you. These plastic shelves look beautiful and unique.

The crates are also lightweight, and their versatility is outstanding. What you will need to mount them are screws and a drill.

Mount these crates on your kitchen or bathroom wall and see the uniqueness in your house.

3. DIY Wine Shelf

DIY Wine Shelf

Are you a wine lover? If so, then you should not negotiate about having a wine rack. This idea will make you adore your drink all through.

It is not expensive. Pallet woods are readily available and are very affordable. Display your best Vino on this shelf, and your appetite will increase all the more.

You will need pallet woods and some screws to tie them in place. They are strong and sturdy. You will not worry about your drink pouring or your bottle breaking due to the woods coming off.

This shelf can be perfect for displaying different wines to your prospective buyers if you have a bar.

4. DIY Bathroom Shelves

DIY Bathroom Shelves

Just like any other place, your bathroom deserves attention. You can beautify this essential room with these rustic shelves.

They are easy to make and look gorgeous. If your toilet has an old storage system, it could be ideal for mounting this shelf.

You will need to install them in the same way as the floating shelves. However, you will have to reinforce them for extra strength.

They need few materials. And they occupy very little space. Hence you can copy the idea to any other place with little storage.

Click here to see how you can make one.

5. DIY Headboard Shelf

DIY Headboard Shelf

While making your bed, do not forget that its headboard can be a perfect shelf. You do not need to crowd your bedroom with lots of tables or other drawers. A bed alone can serve its function and offer a storage space too.

Adding color brightens your home and adds life to your room.

6. DIY Branch Shelf

DIY Branch Shelf

If you want a shelf that will get everyone gazing, then this is it. A branch shelf is an idea that not everyone can think about.

What you will need to do is to find some branches. These strong branches will act as your shelving units.

The main branches are four units. There are smaller branches to help you hold the shelves and add firmness to your units.

While choosing your shelves, you have various options. You can make them out of plywood, light stones, or some pieces of stumps. What matters is your creativity. You can explore as much as you wish.

7. DIY Leather Belts

DIY Leather Belts

Are you not using your belts anymore? Do not think of throwing them away. There is something particular you can do with them.

You can repurpose these belts by making them hold your shelf on the wall. Yes, it is funny, but this can add a luxurious vibe to your room.

You will have to screw the belt on the wall then insert your wooden shelf in them.

Is this not a great way to save some money? Yes, without a doubt, it is. And actually, it may not cost a coin since you can easily find wood then refine it.

This shelf saves on space. And you can make a number of them depending on your needs. Also, you can easily move them to any other place of your choice.

8. DIY Reclaimed Wood Shelf

DIY Reclaimed Wood Shelf

What if you do not have money to buy new wood? You do not have to panic. A plank of reclaimed wood can give you a great shelf. And after making it, you will actually never waste wood after you are through with your woodworking.

The advantage of these shelves is that they have drawers. However, you may not easily see them. You can store some of your stuff that you do not want to display.

The shelves are cute. They are also easy to create. And several of them can indeed give you enormous storage space. Click here to see how you can create one.

9. DIY Rope Shelf

DIY Rope Shelf

Using a rope for your shelf is one of the best ways to jazz up your interiors. This shelf looks incredible, and of course, anyone will desire to have a look at it not once.

It is also cheap to create. You will not need an expert to come and fix it for you. If you have a rope and a piece of wood, you are good to go.

The wood has two holes at both ends. You will then insert your rope into the holes then tie a knot at the bottom to secure it.

You will hang the rope on a hook and display your beautiful planters or anything of your choice. And look, from nothing, you have a unique shelf.

10. DIY Kids Book Shelf

DIY Kids Book Shelf

Do you have kids in your house? You can choose to cultivate a reading culture in them by making for them this beautiful bookshelf.

The shelves are many enough to hold all the books you will need the children to have. Also, they will help the kids to be more organized. A child can easily pick a book and return it without any struggle.

You will not take long to make these shelves. And you may decide they take the entire wall, or they can be as thin as you wish. The idea is to get your books organized.

Would you wish to learn how to make one? Click here for instructions.

11. DIY Bucket Shelves

DIY Bucket Shelves

Did we just say bucket shelves? Yes, they are. The truth is that this is crazy and funny, but what can we say? It is possible.

If you get durable buckets, they can be the best for this idea. Also, you can use paint tins. What you will need to do is to cut the top and clean them. You can then stick them on the wall using glue.

As you can see in the picture above, the buckets are on a rack. Still, it is ok. But what would you prefer? The choice is yours to either fix on the wall or rack them. Whether the buckets have a single color or several, they will still look elegant.

Place your dolls or books inside, and there you go. A storage shelf for you.

12. DIY Fruit Basket Shelf

DIY Fruit Basket Shelf

A fruit basket may look like an old version of shelving. But wait, it is possible to use this idea but in a better way.

If you do not use this basket in your kitchen, you can use it in the hallway. Then, once your kids or visitors come,  they can put their socks or gloves inside. You can instruct or put a notification on the basket.

Once you hang it on a hook, you will relieve yourself lots of stress. Let us make life simple by trying this hack out.

13. DIY Industrial Shelves

DIY Industrial Shelves

Metal and wood look great when combined. And what about this shelving unit? It will look elegant no matter where you place it.

You can create this cinch from elbows and old pipes that you are not using. And even if you will need to purchase any material, it will not be expensive.

This shelving unit can hold a variety of your stuff. You can as well put some drawers on the lower shelves, and this increases your storage space.

This project is easy to build. You can click here to check tutorials for more information.

14. DIY Corner Shelves

DIY Corner Shelves

A corner shelf can be a great idea to hold puzzles, games, or act as your TV stand.

This shelf occupies two walls. You can decide to be more creative with it. In the picture above, the lower boards are attached. But the other shelving boards alternate with each other. This gives the shelves a unique and admirable look.

This idea will look great in your sitting room though you are not limited. You can place it anywhere you feel it fits.

15. DIY Floating Baskets Shelves

DIY Floating Baskets Shelves

You can choose to revamp your floating shelves by adding baskets to them. This will increase your storage space and make them more admirable.

Once you have your baskets, add some ropes to them. Then, mount the ropes on the hooks below the floating shelves.

You can then add your stuff to the baskets or shelves. You can buy baskets of different colors to add aesthetics to your floating shelves.

16. DIY Pallet Shelf

DIY Pallet Shelf

Pallets are the least expensive materials you can get to build your rustic shelves. The idea is straightforward, and within hours you can be through with it.

If you use lots of wood, it may be too big and may not save you so much space. You can place it in your bathroom or kitchen. Adding color to these shelves makes them look prettier. But if you love natural wood, it can still do well.

To make the shelves, you will have to nail the planks on the wall. Then you will need to use screws to put the side woods in place. You can make as many units as you wish from pallets.

17. DIY Leaning Shelves

DIY Leaning Shelves

If you are a beginner and do not know where to start, here is an idea. You cannot take more than a day to finish this project.

You may only need five shelves that will hold your stuff like books etc. Then, with at least four boars, screws, and wood glue, you are good to go.

You do not have to worry about it falling over. The shelves are strong enough and lean whimsically; hence cannot fall.

18. DIY Wooden Crates Shelves

DIY Wooden Crates Shelves

You cannot limit the use of wooden crates. They are versatile and look gorgeous as well. What you will need to use is a couple of wooden crates. You can decide whatever number you wish based on your stuff to store.

Stacking these crates on the wall gives a compact and neat shelving unit. If you cannot make the shelves, then you can find them on the market. Putting them together will not cost even two hours.

To add more flavor to them, add color or stain.

19. DIY Ladder Shelf

DIY Ladder Shelf

Well, a ladder is the most straightforward unit you can make without the need of an expert. You can get wood from your previous activity and come up with one.

To make a shelving unit out of the ladder, you will need to add some boards on the rungs. And the boards will help you hold your things.

If you have a small room, then a smaller ladder will work better. Adding some color to the wood will make it appealing and will not look like the normally used ladders.

20. DIY Ceiling Shelves

DIY Ceiling Shelves

What if your wall does not have enough space, yet you need more shelves to keep your adorable stuff? The ceiling can do a great job for you.

You will need to ensure that your ceiling can hold the shelves’ weight and the stuff on it too.

You will then need to fix pipes on the ceiling. These pipes will hold the twines on your planks. And there you have your ceiling shelf.

To avoid swinging. You will need to place the shelf near the wall. Place your things on top and give your room that adorable look.


Being creative is not costly. And, as we have seen from the different DIY shelve  ideas above, you can come up with very beautiful but costless shelves.

What you need is just to spare some time. Pick the best idea and give it a try. You will love the look of things. And since it is the work of your hands, you will be a proud man or woman.

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