15 Popular DIY Speaker Stands Ideas for You Try to Homemade Easily

DIY Speaker Stands Ideas

Are you careful when it comes to the quality of sound speakers produce? Then, a speaker stand is not an option but a necessity for you.

Instead of spending lots of cash purchasing a speaker stand, you can use the already available resources to build your own. There are many simple ways you can develop your speaker stand and enjoy the best sound. See some of the DIY speaker stands ideas below.

Dual function speaker stand

Dual function speaker stand

No one likes a crowded room. Making something that will serve at least two purposes can be ideal for reducing overcrowding.

This multifunctional speaker will hold your speaker, and you can store your stuff such as books and files on the shelves.

The shelves are made of wooden slabs. The back, the left, and the right side also are wooden slabs. The surface too is large and can hold a more comprehensive speaker or at least two, depending on the number of speakers you have.

This speaker stand is so simple and easy to build. Wood glue holds all these pieces together in place.

Look-Alike Wooden Speaker Stand

Look-Alike Wooden Speaker Stand

Do you have twin speakers? Stereophonic sound is excellent, especially if the speakers are placed on a good quality stand. What if these stands are a twin? Will they not be remarkable and worthy to glance at? Yes, I know you see how lovely they will be!

These speaker stands are entirely wooden. The middle wood is attached to the bottom and the base using small nails.

These twin speaker stands have the same height, for the straight middle wood. The base and the stake also have twin dimensions.

These classic stands are black and can easily blend with your room décor and the speakers. Though you can stain or paint with any colour of your choice.

You can use the stands for more oversized speakers. But while building them, you will consider the size of your speaker. This vlog shows simple steps. Have fun watching the steps.

Minimalist PVC Speaker Stand

Minimalist PVC Speaker Stand

Sometimes speakers look more appealing when placed on smaller speaker stands. What about affordability? Yes, the cost is a factor when we need to purchase or build anything.

You should not limit PVC pipes to plumbing only. These pipes can make simple, but great speaker stands.

Each speaker’s layer has three PVC tubes and two wooden boards at the top and two at the base. For balancing, you will place two speakers on top of this PVC and boards. Meaning, the stand needs eight wooden boards and six tubes of  PVC.

The advantage of this stand is its ability to support even heavy speakers. It is also cheap and straightforward. You can as well disassemble it any time, hence portable.

Steel Pipe Speaker Stand

Steel Pipe Speaker Stand

We use metals mostly in electricity. If your speakers are heavier, you will need stable and robust materials that can handle their weight. The metal stand can be a great deal.

The framework joins the base and the top using T-joints. The bottom is rectangular wood to support the stand.

The advantage of this speaker stand is that it does not occupy a lot of space. It is rustic and marvellous to look at.

Pallet crate speaker stand

Pallet crate speaker stand

Do you have those crates that you do not know how you can utilize? Here is what you can think about. The wooden crates can make a great speaker stand. They are very stable and durable.

If your speaker is bigger, then the crate should be shorter to support the weight. Creating a crate is also easy. See how you can make a wooden crate if you do not have one.

This crate has holes on both sides to hold it while carrying it. The nails keep the three pieces of frame intact and make the box sturdy.

The beauty of this speaker stand is that you can paint it according to your desired colour to match your room’s décor.

Speaker Stand Bookshelf

Speaker Stand Bookshelf

A bookshelf speaker stand will genuinely save you space. If you do not want an overcrowded room, you can try out this idea. This idea is simple and very affordable.

This stand has panels as the base, top, and sides as well. The side and back panels act as legs, and the bottom and top panels support them. All the boards have holes at the top and at the base to insert screws for support.

You can place your speaker on top of this bookshelf. In between the two side panels is your space that you can arrange your favourite books neatly.

Beautiful Periscopic Speaker Stand

Beautiful Periscopic Speaker Stand

It is not difficult to add décor to your room using available resources. If you have been looking for a speaker stand that not only serves its functionality but adds some ambience to your room, try this DIY speaker stand.

The primary material is PVC pipes of different sizes. The top bends to form a periscopic shape. You then integrate your speaker at the top of the tube.

This DIY comes out beautifully and uniquely. Especially the white PVC and the black speakers combine so well. The colours blend well with your home décor to add oomph and beauty.

The bases are rectangular to provide support and stability to these speaker stands.

Let me hang Speaker Stands

Let me hang Speaker Stands

Having a limited space should not limit you from listening to quality sound. You have an option of a hanging speaker stand.

The frame and the stand are solid metals joined by screws. Hanging these speaker stands on the wall gives a floating appearance that no eye can miss to give a glance.

Also, the wooden wall and the black stands merge so well to give a striking look. Hence, they decorate your room in a way. You can check out how you can make simple speaker wall mounts from this video.

Portable Speaker Stand

Portable Speaker Stand

Getting used to your sound system may somehow be addictive. Hence, you find yourself wanting to move along with what satisfies you. A portable speaker stand can favour you in this case. If your speaker stand is too big, you are difficult to carry it along with you.

This portable speaker stand is light enough for you to carry. The middle frame is a painted cinderblock, and the top and the base are wooden boards. Small nails join the wooden boards to strengthen them.

Cinderblock Stacks Speaker Stand

Cinderblock Stacks Speaker Stand

A sturdy and robust speaker stand is no longer difficult to have. Concrete speakers somehow take a lot of time to build. But with cinder blocks, you can get develop your speaker stand with little effort but great results.

The cinder blocks are stack one by one to a level of your choice. These stacks may not be strong by themselves. Hence you will need to strengthen by applying mortar cement on the two sides of the piles.

The top and bottom are wooden panels attached to the stack using small nails. The base is wider to provide enough support to the pile.

Wooden Log Speaker Stand

Wooden Log Speaker Stand

Nothing beats nature when it comes to splendour and beauty. Did you know that you can use a log as your speaker stand? This hack is so simple, affordable, and readily available.

These wooden logs are what remain when a tree is cut. Mostly they are the bottom part of a tree.

The advantage of these speaker stands is that they are durable. They can also hold a larger speaker and are very sturdy. The grains of the wood add natural beauty and gives your speaker stand a unique character.

Sand + PVC speaker stand

Sand + PVC speaker stand

PVC hacks are adorable. What if you combine these pipes with sand? The results are a fantastic speaker stand.

The PVC pipe is filled with sand. Why? To give it steadiness and enable it to support the weight of the speaker.

The sand ensures that the vibrations from the speaker do not transfer to the floor. When vibrations reach the ground, they produce the wrong frequency. The amplified frequencies then move to the stand hence the awful sound.

Both the base and the top surface are wooden boards. The boards are joined to the PVC using screws.

This speaker stand hack is very cost-effective. It is Unique and robust. Also, they save on space because they are not wide nor too big.

Wheeled Speaker Stand

Wheeled Speaker Stand

What if you got a movable speaker stand. I believe you will like it. It simplifies your activities. If you want to move the speaker while doing the house chores, it is effortlessly.

The surfaces are wooden boards. The wheels are on the four corners of the crate for movement.

You can also make it larger so that you can store your stuff inside.

The surface can also be large enough to hold even two speakers or one speaker and other stuff.

Letter-Z Speaker Stand

Letter-Z Speaker Stand

This speaker stand is unique on its own. Straight speaker stands are common, and people are used to them. But in case you need something different, this Z-shaped speaker will do you good.

The base of this speaker extends backwards. The top surface extends to the front. The middle stand joins the top and the bottom at an angle using nails.

This design is so unique and straightforward. The design does not look upright. Hence, it would be better if you were skilful while making it. Though, the speakers do not need to be heavy to enhance stability.

Desktop + Metal Pipes Speaker Stand

Desktop + Metal Pipes Speaker Stand

Life is easy when we employ creativity and use the available resources to make what we need.

This speaker stand has two desktops. Meaning, you can place your speaker on the top deck and other stuff on the lower deck.

The legs are metal while the desktops are wooden boards. It is very sturdy and robust to support even heavier speakers.

How to build a DIY speaker stand

It is easy to build a DIY speaker stand. What you will need to consider as you undertake this project is the height. For a good and quality sound, the speaker should be relative to a sitting person’s ear. See other requirements for a good speaker stand.

There are different simple speaker stand ideas. You can check out this video for the step-by-step guide. Though, in this project, we shall be making a Z-shaped speaker stand. You can take the measurements according to your preferences.

Tools and materials


Woodworking glue

Circular saw

Miter saw


Utility knife






Cutting the Materials

Cut the plywood into two pieces and the boards into four parts. The plywood will foam the bottom and top surfaces while the panels will form the legs.

Glueing the Boards

Spread the woodworking glue on two surface boards. Ensure the bond spreads to the edges to strengthen it. Place the other wooden board on top of the one you had spread glue so that they face each other.

Do the same with the other board to make a pair of wooden stands then clamp.

Let the glue dry. To remove glue stains, sand the edges of the boards. Sanding makes the wood flush and neat.

Cutting the plywood

Measure and cut the plywood into specific sizes. These woods will make the base and the stake.

Finding the Angle for The Legs

Choose the height and depth of your base then mark it on your plywood. Place the clamped wooden board on top of the plywood. Ensure the board aligns with the depth and the corner of the plywood.

Remove the boards then mark the place with a pencil. Take an angle using a protractor then cut that angle from one end of the board.

Repeat the same process to make the second angle. Make pilot holes on both ends of the boards, top and bottom plywoods then drill the holes using a drill.

Insert screws in the holes of the base before attaching the bottom to the board. Also, attach the screws in the top plywood holes before attaching them to the board.

Attach the base to the legs using the pilot holes then fix the screws.

Edge Banding and Finishing

To have a nice finish, edge-band the bottom, and top plywoods. Apply your favourite paint or stain to look neat and beautiful. Click here and know how to apply edge-banding.

This Youtuber explains each step well too


If you have been wondering how you have those beautiful speaker stands, I believe you have now gotten the answer. DIY speaker stands are the way to go. These hacks make life affordable and straightforward.

All these ideas we have mentioned above are easy and very simple.

Choose one idea among them and see how creative you are. You can be sure you will enjoy life with that right and quality sound you have been longing for.

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