21 Easy and Popular DIY TV Stand Ideas You Can Try at Home

DIY TV Stand Ideas

As it is said, “Home is not just a place, it’s a feeling,” this quote sum up the definition of a home beautifully. When we talk about the house, the most important room is the living room or TV lounge. Your TV lounge must be elegantly designed so that you may feel comfortable while watching your favorite show. For this purpose, we’re here with some cool homemade DIY TV stand ideas to make your living room look graceful.

We’re about to share DIY ideas with you that are simple, cheap, and graceful enough to give your house a relaxed and stylish look.

1. DIY TV Stand Ideas with Old CratesTV Stand Ideas with Old Crates

This is one of the simplest ways to redesign your TV stand to give your lounge a beautiful makeover. This Do it yourself idea is easy to create at home in no time. Here are something you need to for your TV stand making.

  • Old Wooden Crates
  • Timber
  • Drill Machine
  • Router
  • Measuring Tape
  • Wood Glue
  • Screws
  • Roller Wheels
  • Paint

Let’s get through you to the procedure. Assemble three to four wooden crates in a horizontal line on a plywood sheet at the bottom to ensure strength (Use glue to stick these components together). Attach Roller wheels at the bottom with screws using a drill machine.

Now, take a wooden timber at the upper part of the assembly to make your plan smooth for a TV. In the end, you can also use pain wax to give a shine to your creative TV stand.

2. DIY Corner TV Stand Ideas

If you have less space in your lounge to adjust your TV station, this idea is best for maximizing your home’s space and beauty at the same time.

To create this type of TV stand yourself, you need to do a little more work in measurements while cutting plywood into a proper shape. However, these styles vary from really simple to very complicated based on the design.

The key is simple, take measurements of your living room corner, cut your wooden objects according to sizes, and join them with the wall using screws.

3. TV Stand Ideas with Wooden PalletsTV Stand Ideas with Wooden Pallets

This DIY design is similar to the Wooden crates TV stand style. You don’t have to buy components for assembly in this design. You will like this design because it’s easy to customize, like if you want to increase the TV stand’s height, add one more pallet.

Take two or three wooden pallets, vertically combine them using glue or screws, or you can use both to strengthen your TV stand. You can attach your frame with the wall using screws, or if you want to make it portable, you don’t have to link with the wall.

4. Wood and Pipes DIY TV stand assembly

Wood and Pipes DIY TV stand assembly

This TV Stand idea is also best for small spaces. To create this type of TV stand, you need industrial pipes and old wooden pieces for the TV’s upper surface and the lower space for your valuables, such as play station, books, and music records.

The first step for creating this TV stand design is to gather industrial pipes joined together to form a proper TV stand. The next or final step is to attach upper and lower wood pieces with pipe skeleton using screws and glue.

5. DIY TV Stand Cum Fireplace

DIY TV Stand Cum Fireplace

DIY Pallet with Fireplace TV stand is a unique idea to give a cool look to your house. Fireplace TV stands you to spend quality time with your family. It will help you to keep warm while enjoying TV shows. You need some wooden pallets, and you can join them with glue.

You can also paint these wooden pallets to give a more decorative look to your house. DIY Pallet Fireplace TV stand is also a unique way of styling your living room as it is cost-effective, and you don’t need to spend much on it.

6. Wall Mounted TV Stand Idea

Wall Mounted TV Stand Idea

DIY Wall Mounted Corner TV Stand is also one way you can style and decorate your living room and lounge. You don’t need to spend too much on it. Also, you can easily make it at home by merely watching a tutorial on YouTube.

Another benefit you can get with the DIY Wall Mounted Corner TV stand is that it helps cover the corners and provide a decorative look. You can build a small shelf below it to place some books or small plants that give it a more appealing look.

7. Creative Floating TV Stand Idea

Creative Floating TV Stand Idea

If you are looking to give a simple and elegant look to your living room, you should go for a DIY floating TV stand. It is easy and straightforward to make. To make this, you need some wooden pallets to make a stand on the wall for your TV. It gives an elegant look and style to your living room.

You can build a shelf just below the TV along the wall’s width to place some decoration pieces or other stuff that will provide an appealing look to your living room. The DIY Floating TV stand is a simple idea for your living room or bedroom as well.

8. Wooden Wall TV Stand DIY

Wooden Wall TV Stand DIY

Decorating your walls with wood is an elegant and unique idea to decorate your walls. You need some wood, a hammer, and a nail, and you are ready to make your own DIY Wooden Wall TV stand.

For this, you can take some wood according to the texture that you like and fix it on your wall. On this wooden wall, make a stand for your TV, and it is ready. If you want to add some more additions, you can hang some paintings on the wooden wall to make it more decorative.

9. Window Frame TV Stand Style

Window Frame TV Stand Style

Making DIY things for your home is a cool idea because it is an exciting activity and saves a lot of your money. You can recycle a lot of your stuff in your home. Similarly, you can also make a DIY Window Frame TV stand. You can design your TV stand, just like a window.

This type of TV stand is very convenient if you storage something. You can place your books and other valuables on the TV stand while placing your TV above it. The things placed inside the stand are visible to put some elegant decoration pieces in it. An old window frame can also be converted into a TV stand.

10. DIY TV Stand Farmhouse Style

DIY TV Stand Farmhouse Style

A farmhouse Style TV console is another simple and elegant way to decorate your living room. This style is somehow similar to the above-mentioned DIY idea. This style is best for storing your electronics, and you can use this idea for your dining room. Farmhouse Style TV console helps you to give a farmhouse touch to your home.

A simple video tutorial can help you make the Farmhouse Style Console for your living room, dining room, and bedroom.

11. Tripod Style TV Stand Idea

Tripod Style TV Stand Idea

A DIY Tripod TV stand is one of the most straightforward ideas for making a DIY TV stands. If you don’t have enough places at your home, then it’s the best idea for you to make a DIY tripod TV stand. It is convenient because you can easily carry and move it around.

It can be placed anywhere in the house, or you can even set it in the corner of your bed room or TV lounge to give it a more elegant look. Tripod TV stands to provide a modern look to your home and it may seem complicated but easy to make.

12. Tall TV Stand For Living Room

Tall TV Stand For Living Room

A tall TV stand is perfect for a place with an awkward layout and a large spaced room. A DIY Tall TV stand can be placed in a corner that will give an elegant look to the corners of your room. You can make this stand for your bedroom as well.

A tall TV stand can be made in any form. You can make some cabinets as well to keep your electronics or your books. It will make the place look elegant that had an awkward look before.

13. TV Stand Shelves

TV Stand Shelves

DIY Stand Shelves have multiple benefits. They not only provide you a stand for your TV but also to store your stuff. Double shelves will offer you plenty of storage space with glass indoors in front.

You can place elegant-looking decoration pieces inside or on top of the shelf. DIY Stand Shelves give a nice and sturdy look to your living room. You don’t have to spend much on it, and it can be made.

14. TV Stage With Storage Space

TV Stage With Storage Space

A TV stand, along with storage space, allows you to create something of your own choice. The TV can be placed on the stand, while stand drawers and sides will give you multiple storage spaces. You need to cut the woods, creating the frame, and add walls to it.

For filling any hole in the frame, you can use sawdust to fill the holes with wooden glue. Make drawers according to the storage space that you want, and at the end, you can use metal clamps for making the handles of drawers.

15. DIY TV Stand With Cabinets

DIY TV Stand With Cabinets

A DIY TV cabinet can be made for the living room as well as your bedroom. If you don’t have enough cabinets to store your things, this idea is the best for you. The cabinets will provide you enough storage space to keep your extra stuff in there. Make sure to measure the exact length and width of the place before creating a cabinet.

You can create any design that you like. But make sure to make some holes on the top for TV wires. And at last, you can paint the cabinet to match the inner style of your room.

16. Bookshelves Style TV Stand

Bookshelves Style TV Stand

A bookshelf with a TV stand is a multipurpose design that you can create for a large room. Start by selecting the design that you want for the bookshelf along with the TV. Cut the wood into right-sized pieces with proper measurements.

After that, assemble the pieces, and for this, you can either use nails or wooden glue. Some plastic brackets can also be used for separating shelves. It provides you enough space where you can keep all your books.

17. Farmhouse Style TV Stand

A farmhouse TV cabinet can be made using rustic wood to give a more rustic touch to your room. It is one of DIY TV stands’ unique ideas that give an elegant look and stylish look to your room.

Cabinets provide you storage space. You can use glass to make the cabinets. The cabinets can be used to keep decorative items. Make sure to make some holes on top for the management of TV wires. Farmhouse TV Cabinet gives a nice and sturdy look.

18. Sliding Door DIY Tv Stand Ideas

Sliding Door DIY Tv Stand Ideas

Sliding Door TV Cabinet is another idea for DIY TV cabinets. These cabinets are just like any other cabinet, but instead of simple doors, you can use sliding doors for cabinets. Sliding doors keep the front covered and are easier to open and close the cabinets.

The sliding door is just a small change that you can make in any ordinary cabinet, but even this tiny change makes the look completely changed.

19. Barn Door TV Stand

Barn Door TV Stand

Barn door DIY TV stands are a unique way of DIY TV stand. You can use a rustic wood or the one that gives a barn feel to your room for making it. It is perfect to use in a room with a wooden floor and perfect for your living room.

Take proper measurements before cutting the wood. Use nails or wood glue to attach the pieces. Also, make holes using a drill for TV wires. A barn door DIY TV stand will completely change the look of your room.

20. Rustic TV Stand

Rustic TV Stand

Another idea for a DIY TV stand is creating a rustic TV stand. It can be built in the form of shelves. It gives a simple but elegant look to your room. Moreover, it is also affordable, which means you don’t have to spend too much of your money.

A rustic TV stand also provides you storage space depending upon the design. You can use recycled wooden pallets as well. You can style the shelf without any door, so it can be easy to clean as well.

21. Homemade TV Stand Ideas

Homemade TV Stand Ideas

Watching TV or some series can be uncomfortable without a TV stand. Getting a new TV stand can be costly; therefore, there are many different homemade TV stand ideas that you can easily design yourself at home. For this purpose, you can use recycled material at your home.

Homemade TV stand ideas are simple and easy to make and provides you an exciting activity. Moreover, making a DIY TV stand at home can also save a lot of your money.


If you want to enjoy the comfortable and agile environment of your home, you must add something graceful to your home. There are several ways to do it, and the best way is to redesign your living room because that’s where most of your time is passed.

We’ve enlisted 21 homemade DIY TV stand ideas so that you may watch TV with the pleasant ambiance of your living room. These creative ideas are simple, best for small spaces, and are not too expensive.

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