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20 Best DIY Valance Ideas to Treat Your Window

One of the easiest ways to transfer your space is via window treatment. Instead of spending hundreds on custom window valance at a store, you can make them by yourself with some inexpensive and simple materials.

We have the 20 best DIY valance ideas to inspire you. These simple, handmade, ultra-functional window valances will go with many décor styles.

1. DIY No-Sew Window Valance

DIY No-Sew Window Valance

This is a free DIY window valance idea for those who don’t like sewing. It is super easy to make because you can make this simple DIY valence without the need for any stitching.

It only cost a few simple materials to make – some fabric, 2 angle brackets, installation hardware, measuring tape, hook and loop tape, etc.

Remember to add two inches to each side when measuring the width of the window frame. This way you can have a nice edge on both sides.

2. DIY Napkins Window Valance

DIY Napkins Window Valance

What more creative ideas you can think of than make your old napkins into a beautiful window valance?

This napkin window valance is easy to make. You just need to take out some nice napkins and then hung them from a rod with some curtain ring clips.

It will make things easier if you have enough cloth napkins and the existing rod.

3. DIY Beaded Window Valance

DIY Beaded Window Valance

Made out of bright bead, this DIY project is not only an easy and cheerful alternative to a traditional valance but also a great window decoration idea to lighten your house.

The effort is only to cut the bead garland at different lengths and hung it onto a tension rod. Once you completed, you will immediately love how your windows go dazzled.

4. Diy Window Valance For A Polished Look

Diy Window Valance For A Polished Look

Although there are many DIY window valance ideas, there is nothing more easy and simple than one made out of foam.

Foam window valance is very delicate. You can customize it to your taste. It can be easily held together with straight pins and command strips. You can have it completed in 10 minutes.

5. DIY Wooden Valance

DIY Wooden Valance

This beautiful valance shared by Sasha was made from a salvaged wood board with a stenciled design.

What makes this valance more interesting is that Sasha had painted and stenciled a piece of old barn wood with the lyrics – You are my sunshine.

Sasha loves the light it brought in, and you will if you have made one similar. Follow this guide to make a DIY wooden Valance yourself.

6. Easy DIY No Sew Window Valance

Easy DIY No Sew Window Valance

You will not believe how super simple instructions are for how to make an easy DIY no-sew window valance like this!

It is a perfect valance that will work as a nice window treatment, especially for a bathroom or kitchen window treatment!

It is also pretty nice to hear this valance costs less than $5.

7. DIY Window Valance

DIY Window Valance

This window valance has been popular for a quite long time. Window valance that comes with the same style and touches with the curtain is the best choice for your window treatment.

The cheery color and prints will give you the perfect sunshine in a house. You will be surprised how it brings the light in and brighten up your whole space.

And even better, you can make it on your own by following the guides at

8. Make A Window Valance With Foam Insulation

Make A Window Valance With Foam Insulation

Here, we have one more great plan for a foam window valance. if you’re looking for an easy valance you can make very soon, this valance is a great option for you.

This easy DIY window valance requires no skills to make. You do not need to pull out the tools to bring all the materials together. What matters is to find a large foam that can go with your window and then make some decorations.

9. Wood Window Valance

Wood Window Valance

Looking for ways to have more natural light in your house? Then why not give this wood window valance a try?

It will dress up your windows with the original natural look and style. You can make it with a case for as little as $20!

Not to mention that, If you are interested in it, then read this wood window valance tutorial and make it. The tutorial will guide you through all the steps, from finding the wood to the final. Everything you need to do is clear.

10. DIY Rolled Valance

DIY Rolled Valance

This is a very nice DIY window valance that just about anyone should try. Materials needed are lumber, fabric, natural linen ribbon, and rustic buttons. All are easy to get and inexpensive.

With a hiding practical roller shade underneath, this valance is rollable. What makes it special and smart is how it can enhance privacy and darkness in a room with a simple shade when it was rolled up.

11. No Sew Box Style Window Valance

No Sew Box Style Window Valance

You can make this easy no-sew box style window valance using foam and fabric at inmyownstyle. It is super simple to make and no power tools are needed.

One of the best benefits to use a liner fabric instead of batting is that fabric can soften the edges of the valance. Not to mention that it is very lightweight than wood valance.

12. DIY A Window Valance

DIY A Window Valance

This is a tutorial to show you how to DIY a window valance quickly and easily. By making a valance like this, it will help the room feel more complete.

It is hanged on a curtain rod. This way the valance will match the other window treatments throughout a lower level.

You can take your first step by measuring your window and cut out the curtain and lining fabrics. Then follow this DIY window valance guide for the next.

13. DIY Paper Flowers valance

DIY Paper Flowers valance

You won’t believe how wonderful the difference that a handmade rainbow of giant paper flower valance can bring to your window.

It is simple to make those big, bold, and beautiful paper flowers. All you need is paper, scissors and hot glue. Once you complete, just hang them around the window.

Paper flowers are so fun to make. There are endless options for color combinations to match your decor style.

14. DIY Picket Fence Valance

DIY Picket Fence Valance

This is a great idea that can help to save your old sections of picket fences! You can create an interesting upcycled valence from an old fence section.

If you have a garden-theme bedroom, then this valance will work perfectly with your space.

Just remember to place a board behind the top edge to secure the picket fence piece against the wall.

15. Rustic DIY Window Valance

Rustic DIY Window Valance

This is a special kind of rustic chic valance that can give you amazing window treatment. You’d best start by cutting three 1×4 boards to size. No need to deal with a needle. It is simple to make.

If you feel like something that can hide unsightly hardware as well as add your space some rustic vibe, this free plan is well worth checking out.

16. DIY Foam Board Window Valance

Foam Board Window Valance

This is a very budget-friendly DIY valance you shouldn’t miss out on. Not only it is a pretty attractive window valance but also it makes a cost for only around $7. You can follow this Youtube tutorial to make a foam board window valance.

17. Easy Affordable DIY Kitchen Window Valances

Easy Affordable DIY Kitchen Window Valances

If you are planning to upgrade your kitchen space, then these easy affordable DIY kitchen window valances will be a big inspiration for you!

There are only two things you will need to make this valance. The first is an affordable curtain rod set; the second is some beautiful fabric.

18. Rustic Rope DIY Valance

Rustic Rope DIY Valance

We all know that ropes are versatile for many DIY projects. So why not make this rope-inspired DIY window valance?

This project does take some effort to make, but still, you can make this valance in only half a day.

Just cut down a piece of wood, drill six holes along the edge, attach ropes through the holes, then knot them on both sides.

19. Make A No-Sew Valance

Make A No-Sew Valance

This amazing DIY valance tutorial is for those who don’t like sewing but want to make something special and beautiful.

Supplies you need for this valance are drapery fabric, 1/4″ Dritz stitch witchery, scissors, ruler, fabric marker, hot glue gun, a piece of wood or plywood, l brackets, and iron.

You see there is no need for a sewing machine and the necessary skills.

20. DIY Distressed Wood Valance

DIY Distressed Wood Valance

How about adding some rustic look for your window?

If you have those pretty and shiny silk curtains, you will be surprised how this distressed wood valance can match with the silk.

To save more budget you can even use your old barn boards. You can use 2×4 scraps in three places and screw them in because screws hold better than nails.


How do you like the above 20 inspiring DIY valance ideas? If you want an attractive valance to treat your window but are unwilling to spend so much at the store, you should try one or more of the ideas out.

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