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Do funeral homes cut hair?

No, in general, funeral homes do not engage in hair cutting. However, some may offer services related to hairstyling and grooming as a part of their overall funeral arrangement packages. Typically, the hairstyling and grooming services provided by funeral homes are performed on the deceased, as part of the embalming process.

The services offered by the funeral homes are mainly related to the after-death arrangements and conducting the funeral ceremonies. For instance, funeral homes offer services like embalming, preparing the body for viewing, and managing the procession to the burial site or crematorium. They can also help with the arrangement of floral and memorial tributes, as well as providing grief support services for those in need.

In some cases, funeral homes may also provide hairstyling services for living clients who wish to have their hair styled for their funeral, such as pre-planning their funeral services. However, this varies from funeral home to funeral home and is not a common practice. If an individual needs hair cutting or styling services, they should seek the assistance of a hair salon. The primary focus of funeral homes is to manage the services related to the afterlife and help the family of the deceased cope with their loss.

So, while funeral homes typically do not cut hair as a regular service, many offer styling and grooming services for the deceased as part of their overall offerings. If an individual needs hair cutting or styling services for themselves, they should look to a hair salon or stylist rather than a funeral home.