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Does Meredith find out Derek cheated?

Yes, Meredith eventually finds out that Derek had cheated on her. It happens after she’s already moved on and is in a new relationship with Dr. Finn Dandridge, who is a resident of the hospital. Derek had told Meredith that he was working late one night when in reality he had gone to an area hotel for a one night stand with a nurse.

Derek’s nurse friend, who is acquainted with Meredith, proves to be the one to spill the beans by indirectly revealing to Meredith what happened.

Meredith is understandably upset when she finds out, especially since Derek had apologized previously for making mistakes and promised her that he would never make the same mistakes again. Despite the betrayal, Meredith’s love and commitment towards Derek still remain strong, leading her to stay with him, despite his indiscretion.

What episode does Derek tell Meredith about the kiss?

The episode in which Derek tells Meredith about the kiss is the Season 3 episode “Walk On Water”, which aired in April 2007. In this episode, Derek and Meredith’s relationship is put to the test when Derek gets the attention of a beautiful nurse named Rose, who is brought in to care for a baby that he is treating.

Derek and Meredith share a touching moment on the balcony of the hospital in which he finally confesses to his long-held secret – that he kissed another woman she believed to be her friend, Addison. Derek apologizes to Meredith, and they eventually reconcile, though the damage is already done and they soon break up in the following episode.

Does Derek cheat on Meredith in DC Season 11?

No, Derek does not cheat on Meredith in Season 11 of Grey’s Anatomy. Derek and Meredith have a difficult time dealing with the fact that Derek is temporarily staying in DC for a White House fellowship.

Despite their time apart, Derek and Meredith remain faithful to one another, and Derek even proposes that they marry in a third season episode. Ultimately, Derek and Meredith do get married, surrounded by family and friends, in the season finale.

The couple remain together throughout the rest of the series, and Derek tragically dies in the eleventh season.

Who kissed Derek in season 11?

In season 11 of “Grey’s Anatomy”, Meredith Grey (played by Ellen Pompeo) kisses Derek Shepherd (played by Patrick Dempsey) in the season finale. This brings to a close their years-long affair, with Derek having already moved on to a new relationship with cardiothoracic surgeon, Amelia Sheperd (played by Caterina Scorsone).

Meredith and Derek had been married since season 3, but after Derek suffered an accident and was rendered unconscious, he was left to remain in a vegetative state indefinitely. It was then that Meredith made the decision to let Derek go so he could find peace in the afterlife.

The heartfelt kiss serves as a goodbye and serves to remind viewers of their powerful bond.

What happens in Season 3 episode 26 of GREY’s anatomy?

Season 3 episode 26 of Grey’s Anatomy is titled ‘Didn’t we almost have it all.’ In this episode, Izzie and George learn a difficult lesson when they both have to choose sides in Alex and Rebecca’s fight for an attending’s position.

Izzie ends up standing with Alex, despite his abrasive behavior to both of them previously. This episode features a recurring theme of navigating friendship and career in the hospital that the team of doctors must face.

Meanwhile, the interns grow closer together and the male interns bond to protect their female intern friends from their harassment by a resident. Derek, Meredith and Addison all must make decisions regarding their personal relationships and how they will impact their professional relationships.

The episode culminates in the aftermath of a wedding that was interrupted. Derek and Meredith’s relationship is further explored and ultimately provides a resolution of sorts, while Addison’s feelings for Derek remain unresolved.

At the there is a bittersweet goodbye with Derek and Addison sharing a moment of closeness in the shadows.

Ultimately, the episode ends with a heartfelt speech from Izzie to the hospital team that hits close to home for the doctors, which lets them know that despite them having to make difficult decisions, they will always be closer than family.

It was an emotionally tumultuous episode that remains famous to this day.

What episode did Derek kiss another girl?

The episode in which Derek kisses another girl is Season 6 Episode 10 of Grey’s Anatomy, entitled “Holidaze”. In this episode, Derek is desperately trying to get back home to Seattle in time for Christmas, but his flight keeps getting delayed.

In a moment of frustration, he runs into a bar and begins talking to a woman named Rose, who eventually encourages him to go up and kiss her. The next morning, Derek is shocked to find himself in her home with no memory of what happened, and Rose informs him that they had a one-night stand.

He quickly leaves, feeling guilty for kissing someone other than his wife Meredith. This event serves as a turning point in their relationship and furthers the story line of Derek’s commitment to Meredith.

Did Kepner have a crush on Derek?

It seems like there were a lot of complex emotions between Kepner and Derek that grew over the course of the show. It wasn’t clear at first whether Kepner actually had a crush on Derek, but as the series went on, we saw that there was an undeniable spark between the two characters.

Kepner was clearly very affected by Derek— she often reacted to his comments in a very emotional way, and Derek was clearly drawn to her character. It’s possible that Kepner may have had feelings for Derek at some point, but she never acted on them— her relationship with Derek ultimately remained platonic.

We can only speculate as to what might have happened if Kepner had decided to pursue her feelings for Derek.

What episode do we hear Derek’s voicemail?

Derek’s voicemail can be heard in the 35th episode of Grey’s Anatomy, titled “Losing My Mind”. In the episode, Meredith visits Derek in Washington D.C., where he’s consulting on a brain mapping project.

During her visit, Meredith retrieves Derek’s voicemail from her phone and listens to his sweet message. It’s a tender reminder of the relationship that the two share and the love that still exists between them.

The episode also provides insight into Derek’s true feelings for Meredith and his commitment to their relationship.