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Does PetSmart take returns without receipt?

Yes, PetSmart does allow returns without a receipt. Depending on the item being returned, customers may receive store credit, a replacement of the same item, or an eGift Card. For most items, customers will need to present a valid photo ID in order to receive store credit, a replacement of the same item, or an eGift card.

Additionally, for returns over $30, customers must provide a valid photo ID and confirmed credit card that was used for the original purchase. Returns without a receipt will generally require customers to show valid photo ID for verification purposes.

PetSmart also offers an Enhanced Returns Policy that allows customers to return select items even after the 90-day return window.

Can you return something if you don’t have the receipt?

Yes, you can return something without a receipt in many cases. Many stores have a return policy that allows for refunds for up to a certain number of days even without a receipt. However, you may not always receive the full amount back without a receipt.

The store may be able to look up your purchase if you provided them with the credit or debit card you used at the time of purchase. Some stores also offer store credit instead of a refund depending on the individual store policy.

If you purchased the item online, you may need to contact the online store directly and provide the order number or other details to have them process the return. Ultimately, it is best to always keep a record of your purchases, either by saving a receipt or other form of proof of purchase, to ensure a smoother return process.

What is PetSmart exchange policy?

PetSmart offers customers a 30 day return policy for most items purchased in-store or online. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it in its original packaging, with proof of purchase, to any PetSmart store or by mail.

Opened products must be in their original packaging, unused, undamaged, and with all relevant accessories, manuals, and components included. Refunds are granted using the same method of payment at purchase.

If you paid by credit or debit card, a refund will be issued to the original card. Some items may not be eligible for return, including open food, grooming supplies, and litter. Any personalized products or services, such as nail trims or vaccinations, cannot be returned.

PetSmart also offers an exchange program for defective or damaged items, or items that don’t fit. In order to exchange an item for the same item in a different size or color, the product must be in its original packaging, unused, and undamaged.

For defective items, proof of original purchase is required, and you may need to bring the item into a PetSmart store for inspection. Exchanges must be completed within 30 days from purchase, and at the discretion of PetSmart employees.

Can I return something opened to PetSmart?

Yes, PetSmart allows customers to return opened items in most cases. For certain products such as grooming supplies, pet food, over-the-counter medications, flea and tick treatments, and live animals however, returns are not allowed due to hygiene and safety reasons.

PetSmart also offers returns for products purchased in-store or online for up to 90 days after purchase with a valid receipt. If you have lost your receipt, you can still return the item as long as PetSmart has a record of your purchase.

You will be issued store credit for the product’s lowest selling price within the last 45 days. Before making a return, you should read PetSmart’s return policy and contact the store if you have any questions.

Can I return to Petco without a receipt?

Yes, you can return to Petco without a receipt. However, without the original receipt, you will only be able to receive an exchange or store credit if you return the item at a store. Petco will attempt to identify your purchase using other methods like your credit card number or phone number and you may also need to provide a valid ID.

If Petco is unable to identify your purchase, they may not accept the return. In that case, Petco reserves the right to deny the return and you will not be able to get a refund or exchange.

How long does it take for PetSmart refund?

The length of time it takes for PetSmart to process a refund depends on the method of payment you used for the original transaction. If you paid with a credit card, it may take up to 7-10 business days for the refund to be reflected on your credit card statement.

In the case of debit cards and digital wallets, the refund usually occurs within 2-3 business days of processing. If you paid with PayPal, the refund may take up to 48 hours. In instances where you paid with cash, PetSmart will issue a return merchandise voucher that you can use to redeem in-store.

What does PetSmart do with returned fish?

PetSmart has a policy that it does not accept returns on any live animals, including fish. If a customer has purchased a fish and it has died shortly after, PetSmart may provide a store credit, subject to verification.

Any fish returned to PetSmart will be carefully examined and properly taken care of by trained PetSmart team members. If they are healthy and able to be re-homed, they will be kept in the store’s fish tanks and will be adopted out to another customer.

If the fish is not in good health, it may be released into local waterways or adopted out to an aquarist. In some cases, the fish may be humanely euthanized to prevent suffering. The PetSmart team takes extraordinary precautionary steps to ensure the humane treatment of all animals, including all fish they sell.

PetSmart also works with suppliers, both in-store and online, to ensure the fish have been responsibly sourced and cared for in accordance with PetSmart’s standards.

Is chewy owned by PetSmart?

No, Chewy is not owned by PetSmart. Chewy was founded in 2011 by Ryan Cohen and Michael Day and was acquired by Walmart in 2019. Walmart is the current parent company of Chewy. Prior to the acquisition by Walmart, Chewy was owned by an independent investor group.

PetSmart, on the other hand, is a publicly traded pet specialty retailer in the United States that was founded in 1986 and acquired by private equity firms BC Partners and STGG Retail Partners in 2015.

Does PetSmart give cash refunds?

No, PetSmart does not give cash refunds. Depending on the item and the time of purchase, customers may be eligible to receive a refund in the form of store credit or an identical exchange if the item is returned within a certain period of time.

This timeframe will vary and can depend upon whether the item was purchased in-person or online. Additionally, pet food and medication may not qualify for a refund or exchange due to safety and health regulations.

PetSmart does not offer refunds for services such as grooming or training. As such, it is important for customers to read the return policy prior to making a purchase from the store.

Will PetSmart take back opened dog food?

Unfortunately, PetSmart does not typically take back opened dog food. Because there is the potential for contamination once dog food is opened and exposed to the environment, it is difficult to sell as new.

PetSmart is unable to guarantee that the food is safe for use and therefore may not accept returns for opened items. It is best to consult with your local PetSmart store before making a purchase to ensure that you have the right food for your dog and that it is safe to use.