Does Provence lavender come back every year?

Provence lavender typically blooms in early to mid summer. If the plant is kept well-watered, it will likely bloom again the following year.

Is Provence lavender cold hardy?

Provence lavender is cold hardy and can tolerate freezing temperatures.

What lavender comes back every year?

English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is a perennial plant.

Does Provence lavender spread?

Provence lavender will spread by seed and by suckering.

How do you winterize lavender?

You can winterize lavender by cutting the stems back to about 6 inches, then covering the plant with a layer of mulch.

How long does it take for lavender to grow big?

It takes lavender two to three years to reach its full size.

What time of year does the lavender bloom in Provence?

The lavender blooms in Provence in the summer.

Where do I plant lavender in Provence?

Lavender is traditionally planted in Provence in the spring.

What is the name of French lavender?

The name of French lavender is Lavandula stoechas.

What type of lavender is French lavender?

French lavender (Lavandula stoechas) is a type of lavender that is native to the Mediterranean region.

Is there a French lavender?

Yes, there is a French lavender.

What is the difference between French lavender?

French lavender is simply a variety of lavender that is grown in France.

Which lavender is the most fragrant?

Some people find that English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is the most fragrant, while others prefer French lavender (Lavandula stoechas).

Which lavender is evergreen?

The lavender species Lavandula angustifolia is evergreen.

Which variety of lavender is best?

The best variety of lavender is English lavender.

Does lavender survive winter?

Lavender is a tough plant that can survive in many different climates, but it is not frost-resistant. In areas with cold winters, it is best to plant lavender in a pot so that it can be brought indoors when the weather gets too cold.

How do you take care of lavender plants in the winter?

Lavender plants need to be taken care of in the winter by being pruned and fertilized.

How long does lavender flowers last?

Lavender flowers last for around two weeks.

Is English lavender a perennial or an annual?

English lavender is a perennial.

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